Michelle Obama may no longer be a resident of White House, but she remains one of the world’s most revered women.

And now the former First Lady is inviting the masses to get to know her by way of new memoir, ‘Becoming Michelle Obama.’

Due in stores tomorrow (November 13th), the book sees the Harvard and Princeton graduate wax honest about her personal journey, her marriage to Barack Obama and the challenges they faced, her stint as First Lady, Donald Trump, and much more.

Already hailed as the year’s most compelling page-turner, the memoir is the subject of a rivetting feature in ELLE’s December issue – which Michelle covers.

Oprah Winfrey takes on interview duties and asks about…well…everything.

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A woman who discovered that her boyfriend had used her credit card to spoil his new girlfriend rotten has revealed how she got her own back with the help of her sleuthing friends.

Where she detailed her plan? The British TV show ‘This Morning.’



Meet the unscrupulous man who fooled the arts world into believing he was black to steal grants built to support real creatives of colour.

Anthony Lennon’s story below…



A 64-year-old music teacher was arrested and locked up after a shocking encounter with an unruly student.

The man in question, who has now been named as Marston Riley, was attempting to teach a class at Maywood alternative high school when he was confronted by the teen.

First hurling a torrent of verbal abuse, the student then stepped to to Riley who snapped in retaliation and beat the unnamed individual to the back of the classroom.

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A successful South African woman has skyrocketed to digital fame after she revealed how she snared her unscrupulous lover after learning he had stolen her money to wine and dine his girlfriend.

#FraudBae’s story below…



The beloved human rights activist Danye Jones is the latest African-American leader to have been found dead following the untimely deaths of Sandra Bland, Marielle Franco & Darren Seals.

Trigger warning.



Shame and disgrace has befallen the family of a young woman named Treasure now that they have been exposed as fraudsters.

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The seeds of self-hatred have borne ugly fruit in the life one of African-American lady who believes that she is really a white woman.

Disgusted by her own heritage and people (who she believes are ugly) Ms. Treasure is convinced that- despite the fact that she is black- is Caucasian and detests African-Americans so much that she is tempted to join the murderous Ku Klux Klan if they “offered me a hood.”

This sister is in serious need of deliverance.

Coming to the rescue? Dr. Phil.

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A number of Donald Trump‘s enemies have been targeted by bombs set to their home addresses weeks before the mid-term elections.

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David Mesher is the name of malodorous swine who verbally assaulted an innocent black woman on a Ryanair flight.

How his name surfaced? His disgusted friends and neighbours.

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As pressure mounts on Donald Trump to punish Saudi Arabia for its alleged ties to the murder of journalist Jamal Ahmad Khashoggi, his opponents have learned that he is arming himself with millions in preparation for the next Presidential election.

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Like a deer ripped to shreds by a pack of ravenous hyenas on cheat day, Brother Nature‘s career lies lifeless now that his fans have uncovered a string of disconcerting tweets he thought would never see the light of day again.

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