Zoe Thompson, the disgraced woman who falsely accused a black man of sexual assault on a busy train, will have plenty of time to make full use of the public transport system now that she has been fired from her job.

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A St. Louis woman named Hilary Mueller has found herself faced with a wave of public shame, disgrace and embarrassment after she blocked an African-American man, D’Arreion Toles, from entering his own apartment building…because she didn’t believe he lived there.

Today, she has been fired from her job.

What went down?

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A wave of terror and confusion befell a group of black men in London, England yesterday when an irate young woman named Zoe Thompson falsely accused them of sexual assault following an argument on a busy train.

One of these men was Terroll Lewis, an online fitness guru.

Today, he speaks exclusively to That Grape Juice about the train ride from hell…and how quick-thinking saved him from facing a one-way ticket to trouble.

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Donna Brazile, Yolanda Caraway, Leah Daughtry & Minyon Moore are the authors of ‘For Black Girls Who Considered Politics’…the thrilling new book which pulls the world into their work as political heavyweights.

This month, as the Democratic superheroes celebrate its release (buy it here) , they have stunned supporters of their friend President Obama by revealing that he believed America was “past racism.”

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