Watch: Wendy Williams Weighs In On Beyonce & Jay Z Stadium Tour

Published: Saturday 19th Apr 2014 by David


They’re the Pop power couple gearing up to launch a record shattering stadium tour set to blow many of their rivals well out of the water.

Who we’re referring to? Jay Z and Beyonce of course, the entertainers who caught the attention of television personality Wendy Williams after reports of said tour were published earlier this week.

What she has to say on the exciting matter?

Hit the play button to find out…below!

Your thoughts?

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  1. TRUTHTELLER April 19, 2014


  2. whut April 19, 2014

    I think it’s pretty presumptuous to say that this tour will be “record shattering”. Nobody knows what the future holds.

    • Yea ok April 19, 2014

      Girl was TMCWT not record breaking? Go find a seat. Knowin you gonna be the first one on ticketmaster spending your rent money to go.

  3. GILBERTO April 19, 2014

    It’s already making more press than that irrelevant microwave pop duo, and the Carters didn’t announce anything. They didn’t even need to go to an award show to promote the tour due low sales. LOL. Beyoncé keeps ruining the big forehead’s hopes and dreams. LOL.

    • Yousuck April 19, 2014

      No shade there right? And get your facts straight sweetie cause that “irrelevant duo” sold out pre sale and the first days of the tour within hours. And I’m not a hater but bey is over rated. She’s nothing special that someone else could do even better. What the hell is up with her latest crap? Is she the First Lady? Ghetto? The obamas? They are all over the place and just looks ratchet. You can take a girl out of the good but you can’t take the good out of the girl, right?

      • metzo April 19, 2014

        Whitney Houston could sing, Mariah could sing her Ass off. But neither can dance, let along sing and dance at the same time and sound amazing. Only Bey can do that. Only her can sing uptempo songs and dance like a f****** pro. And this is exactly what people mean by ” Nobody is gonna take her crown anytime soon”because there’s nobody like her. A great singer and an amazing entertainer!
        So how dare you say she’s overrated? But I understand tho. Only non-haters can see her greatness.

  4. Fran April 19, 2014

    No lies detected.

  5. Yea ok April 19, 2014

    I saw this when it aired and fell out when she said it’s hard to shine in a beyonce world lmao. I love Wendy for speaking her mind it rubs a lot of people the wrong way but I always appreciate it. I like people around me who speak their truth.

    This concert will be everything I def plan on attending I know there will be a date here in Los Angeles.

  6. Leon April 19, 2014

    Well said

  7. BOWTOBEY April 19, 2014

    I Am so TRIED of people saying she needs to take a break, she DOES NOT! She already took a year long break before 4. She took another one after 4 with Blue. Another they were just on vacation for a good month relaxing and enjoying their life for their wedding anniversary! NO MORE BREAKS! She just released an album which isnt being prompted! This is ABSOLUTELY the WORST time to take another year long break! LOVE YOU BEY!

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) April 19, 2014

      It’s just the Beyonce affect. She can take a year or two off and when she comes back, it feel like she never left because NO ONE can fill her shoes lol. They can’t hep it, Beyonce just fills so much of their world when she’s on the scene it’s overwhelming for them. I see it as a compliment when they say she needs to take a break after she just had a two year one lol

  8. SUPERPOWER April 19, 2014

    @loverbird come and sip some truth juice

  9. cake like lady gaga April 19, 2014

    But you girls are shady af!!!!

    I read the drag fest when y’all dragged @trollsie to hell and back. Why didn’t y’all invite me to the drag fest?

    • Rosie April 19, 2014

      But why are you so concerned about me? Go back to fetching water broke third world a**.

      • cake like lady gaga April 19, 2014

        ^ lol at the last kick of a dying horse.

        Sis they DRAGGED you, I can see why you mad 😀 😀 😀

    • FutureCIARA April 19, 2014

      LMFAO! Hunny it was a private dragg!

      You will have to get in on the next one

  10. BOWTOBEY April 19, 2014

    BTW Touring doesnt tire Bey out. She simply sees it as a fun thing to do! She LOVES performing for her fans and when shes not on tour, she is already thinking about the next one. And she does get breaks between shows and legs on tour too. TRUST ME, Bey knows when to take a break, shes the Queen of taking breaks!

  11. cake like lady gaga April 19, 2014

    These two thieves must owe a lot of people a lot of money.

    Why are they working like slaves?? Don’t they have a child to look after?

    Even with all this touring, Gay-Z is still $180m poorer than Diddy. King Diddy slaying Gay-Z effortlessly. MESS!!!!!!!

  12. Vee April 19, 2014

    Nothing but truth tea, other fan bases will seethe.

  13. Rosie April 19, 2014

    I’m excited. Hoping to go if they come to my city.

  14. cake like lady gaga April 19, 2014

    Why don’t you save that money and help Lana sell out a stadium 😀 😀 😀

  15. Rosie April 19, 2014

    Why don’t you stop worrying about Lana and go buy F.A.G. on iTunes? Don’t come for West Coast when Fadga had tons of promo and airplay and still can’t go top 400 on iTunes.

    • FutureCIARA April 19, 2014

      Flop Coast – #15 US iTunes ????

  16. Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez April 19, 2014

    It’s not a Beyoncé or JayZ world, not with those sales!
    This is why both artists a not AS popular around the world. They’ll only do well in the US but outside of North America? Did Beyoncé pass 3.2 million yet?

    • truth April 20, 2014

      Girl u R a self drag

  17. cake like lady gaga April 19, 2014

    LOL but @Lovebird and the other girls clocked you about that already.

    But my question is how many stadiums has Lana sold out?

    I will wait

    • Rosie April 19, 2014

      None, because she doesn’t want to. I already gave you this answer yesterday but since you’re from South Africa I dot expect you to be literate anyway.
      Now tell me why Fadga did all those stadiums and “slayed” yet can’t even sell out an 8K capacity arena anymore? The biggest drop off of all time.

      • Rosie April 19, 2014


  18. Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez April 19, 2014

    Death at Wendy clinging to Beyoncé now when she was speculating that Beyoncé was not pregnant with Blue and dragging her for flight. The hive must be desperate because they let in a shady t***** and plastic llama Stan into the group.

    Or before you say I am pressed then why is Gilberto ass licker talking bout Rihanna and Eminem tour? LOL

    *a message to all TGJ users, could you please send 1.29 to this account number 473465-2353368, it’s for body partition. Help me save this flop and bring it back on the charts. Thank you for contribution*

    • FutureCIARA April 19, 2014


  19. Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez April 19, 2014


  20. My Gums Tho(aka Teacher) April 19, 2014

    Lol I remember when Wendy said Beyoncé faked her pregnancy! Now THAT was the truth!

  21. LDN Chick April 19, 2014

    I PRAY they come to London it will be huge. Eminem and Rihanna who?

  22. Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez April 19, 2014

    ^^ girl remember who is selling more, that’s who! Isn’t Beyoncé like the 8th best selling artist in Uk, while Rihanna is number 2 or 3?

    So the better question.. Beyoncé who?

    • LDN Chick April 19, 2014

      And Rihanna got there with 7 albums while beyonce got there with just 4. Beyonce 196,000 tickets in London alone for her Tour. She is just as big and even more respected than Rihanna.

      • Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez April 19, 2014

        But doesn’t Beyoncé have 9 albums since y’all cling to DC sales so shouldn’t she be higher on the list? Bye b****.

      • LDN Chick April 19, 2014

        We’ll if you include DC she won’t be at #8.

  23. Rosie April 19, 2014

    If they do Wembley Stadium of Stade de France then poor everyone.

    Anyways my fave had a good run in the top ten of iTunes, no one even expected her to go that high and with no airplay and only internet hype. She’s already accomplished more than I wanted with this single, so I’ll jus stop caring about charts and sales like basic stans do until Ultraviolence’s first week.

    • Rosie April 19, 2014

      Why do I have so many typos in this comment. I’m so done with this phone keyboard.
      Wembley Stadium OR Stade de France, I meant.

      • D April 19, 2014

        I’m about to come across as bored and thirstyAF, but hit me up on what’s app @Rosie – your comments make my life haha.

    • H2O April 19, 2014

      I don’t think they can do Stade de France but yes for Wembley

  24. BOWTOBEY April 19, 2014

    Beyonce is WAY more International than RihHoe will EVER BE! Bey sells out everywhere, US, UK, Aus, New Zealand, South America, Asia, and Africa! Her latest ablum sold very weel across the globe too! BEYONCE is currently the 2nd highest best selling album of 2014! RihHoe could NEVER!

    • BOWTOBEY April 19, 2014


    • Rih Rox April 19, 2014

      She hasn’t toured asia , Africa or the middle Eastbut rihanna did….hahaha!!!! What rihanna did was actually a WORLD TOUR….unlike that over hyped obese elephant. Combining two tours and adding festivals.

      • Rih Rox April 19, 2014

        Or= and*

      • LDN Chick April 19, 2014

        You seem very upset about Beyonces Tour besting Rihanna’s.

      • Hadley April 19, 2014

        And Rihanna still couldn’t top her LOL

  25. D April 19, 2014

    +45 50 22 58 37

    I don’t normally comment, but I’m bored as hell and need some entertainment during this exam I have to finish for next week -__- feel free to message me lol // iMessage & whatsapp.

  26. fatusankoh April 19, 2014

    You go bey their is no one like our bey I wish bey and jay all the blessing more success with all they do and the tour

  27. fatusankoh April 19, 2014

    You go bey their is no one like our bey I wish bey and jay all the blessing in the world good luck with all they do

  28. H2O April 19, 2014

    If only she takes time to do a decent African and/or Asian leg instead of milking the sh*t out of the US and UK, that’d be very appreciated ..

  29. metzo April 19, 2014

    I swear Beyonce’s impact is undeniable! She hasn’t even confirmed or denied anything yet, yet she’s having more Buzz and hype than Em and Rih. That’s the power of Beyonce! All hail the Queen.the lessors can seethe now.. the truth has been aired out by Ms. Wendy.

  30. Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez April 19, 2014

    She’s such an international act when she had 19 non sold out shows outside of the US of A, probably even more. So you expect me to believe she is such a global force when she sells more albums and singles within the states? Lmfao bye

    • H2O April 19, 2014

      but $163 million+ from 93 dates on her last tour and 35 million+ solo and group albums since ’98 outside the US isn’t that bad, is it?

      • Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez April 19, 2014

        Oh yeah because when you add her DC sales to hers she actually looks more impressive

  31. metzo April 19, 2014

    “It’s a Beyonce world, and we’re living in it” – Anderson Cooper
    “It’s hard to thrive in a Beyonce world”- Wendy Wiliams.
    “What happened to our Divas? Singers including Rihanna, Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus may be dominating the Billboard charts, but they don’t seem to have the same effect Mariah Carey or Aretha Franklin had on their audiences. Lately, Queen Beyonce seems to be the only songstress keeping the diva torch alive”-Huffington post.
    And the list of praise goes on…

    Welp, I guess the hive doesn’t need to argue with the lessor about who the Queen is now, cause everybody else, inluding the
    critics(Unbiased) knows. 🙂

  32. GREEKGOD April 19, 2014

    They also were filming the Part II (On The Run) video yesterday.

    • Rih Rox April 19, 2014

      A camel and a humpback whale on a motorcycle… interesting.

  33. rowlandstones April 19, 2014

    she doesn’t need a long break, she will wake up everyday and do what? I think the show will be epic.

  34. whoiam April 19, 2014

    Come on Wendy get updated,Jay Z only #3 behind Diddy & Dr Dre on the Forbes richest Hip Hop artist. Also Beyonce or Jay Z are not the #1 global artist in the world right now.That distinction goes to One Direction, Wendy go & check how much Beyonce’s & Jay Z last albums sold globally compared to the #1 act One Direction last album. You would notice that One Direction have sold more. One Direction are headlining their own World Stadium Tour, only music act in history to have 3 consecutive show at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena & Gillette Stadium, New England. Beyonce & Jay Z are doing well but stop saying if their went away no one would take their #1 spot. The world moves on very quickly, 1D may have 1 or 2 years before their drop down the ladder.

    • Navy Commander April 19, 2014

      Chile dont nobody care about generic direction except the league of 10 year old girls that they call fans

      • whoiam April 19, 2014

        This is an idiotic comment, it does not matter the age of their fans. I will guess that Beyonce & Jay Z have fans that are 10 years old as well, and other artists too. I tell you Navy commander who cares about One Direction, your fave Rihanna, her album kept 1D off the UK #1 spot in Nov 2011. A year later Rihanna had to move her album date in the UK & USA so it would not clash with One Direction Take Me Home album in Nov 2012 because Rihanna knows she cannot compete & she would not of gotten a #1 album

    • metzo April 19, 2014

      Boy who cares about One Distraction? And it’s not about. Just the sales.. it’s about the impact. What impact has one d made tho? None. Get outta here.

      • whoiam April 20, 2014

        Ask Jason Derulo, what impact 1D have. His song Talk Dirty was sliding down the charts not going nowhere until 1D done a skit using the song in Nov 2013, where is it now. Ask 5SOS, their EP went in at #2 in the Billboard charts. Have a word with 1975,Train,Wheatus I can name more acts who have felt the impact of 1D in a positive way, but If you wish to say their have no impact that is your opinion.One of the biggest act in the world have no impact you just kidding yourself.

  35. Hadley April 19, 2014

    Damn they have not even confirmed it themselves yet. I’m excited though.

  36. ICANT April 19, 2014

    Oh please we are living in a “frozen” world where its outselling everyone craps that been released lately!

    • metzo April 19, 2014

      Girl Bye !Frozen will be forgotten soon.

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