Did You Miss It?: Arsenio Hall Cancelled After One Season

Published: Friday 30th May 2014 by Rashad

Despite February’s reports that the show had been renewed for a season 2, news circulated tonight that Arsenio Hall’s CBS rebooted talk show will not see it.

The show, which boasted impressive ratings upon the debut of its inaugural season, quickly saw a drop in viewership as the year progressed.  Not even a roster of high profile guests in the form of Eddie Murphy, Jay Leno, and more could save the late nite ship from sinking…

CBS issued a statement:

“While there are many loyal fans of the show, the series did not grow its audience enough to continue,” a CBSTD spokesperson said. “Arsenio is a tremendous talent and we’d like to thank him for all the hard work and energy he put into the show. We’d also like to thank Tribune and all our station group partners for their support of the show.”

Are you surprised?

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  1. Ashgino May 30, 2014

    Who is Arsenio Hall?

    • Mark111 May 30, 2014

      WOW, you must not be from the US.

  2. The Cat Speaks May 30, 2014

    Notice the haters and the negatives almost always comment first. -points up-

  3. Mark111 May 30, 2014

    Wow, he was the biggest thing in the 90’s and put some of the BIGGEST stars in black music on. But times as changed and I think he should’ve never took that 15 year break.

  4. FutureCIARA May 31, 2014

    BET might pick his show up…. But I hope this is a lesson learned, They need to let some things stay in the past!

  5. The releast May 31, 2014

    The real reason they cancelled This show because it was aimed too much at black People and black culture

    • Jamie May 31, 2014

      You betta speak on it! In a nutshell, that was the exact reason.

  6. Tisha May 31, 2014

    This was some real bullsht.

    How do you renew a man on National TV and then cancel him after the fact? CBS ain’t sht. Well, we all knew the talk show game is an old white man game – George Lopez,Arsenio Hall,even Chelsea Handler.

    If you ain’t white and got a d*** they’ll get rid of you eventually.

  7. musicMatters101 May 31, 2014

    Whats most sad about this being canceled is the fact that the re-boot of Ricki Lake got canceled after 1 season too.

    Neither show seemed terrible and very odd how some new talk shows can receive a 2nd season but beloved old talk shows cannot. Hmmmmm. Major disconnect.

  8. eric May 31, 2014

    It was messy from the start, not because of Arsenio, but because they assigned him a lousy team of writers and tried to mold him into someone he was not. I read that Arsenio and his manager were in the process of hiring a new show director and writing team. CBS should’ve allowed them that opportunity if they truly believed in Arsenio. I really hope he gets another shot somewhere else.

  9. Casual May 31, 2014

    I hope his show gets picked up by BET or TV One. His show filled the void created when Monique’s late night show went off the air.

  10. MISHKA June 1, 2014

    Yes, take it to BET

  11. musicMatters101 June 2, 2014

    If BET could not handle a night show like Mo’Nique…. what makes you believe they can handle Arsenio Hall? ? ?

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