Lupita Nyong’o Joins ‘Star Wars’

Published: Monday 2nd Jun 2014 by David



In 2013, CAA‘s Lupita Nyong’o delivered a history making performance in the Steve McQueen classic ‘12 Years a Slave.’

This year, she set her sights on an even bigger feat- taking a step in a game changing direction by signing on to star in ‘Star Wars: Episode VII.

Full story below…

Doing so alongside ‘Game of Thrones’ actress Gwendoline Christie, Nyong’o joined the movie, and now works towards it December 18th 2015 release, set to join its cast  and crew on its Abu Dhabi set, where principle photography back in May 2014.

On her addition to the movie, ‘Lucasfilm‘ president Kathleen Kennedy gushed:

”I could not be more excited about Lupita and Gwendoline joining the cast of Episode VII.It’s thrilling to see this extraordinarily talented ensemble taking shape.”

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  1. Matt_Phoenixx (kelly kelly) June 2, 2014

    Omg no. As a what?

  2. Stephy June 2, 2014

    Get that money pretty girl!

  3. 2bad2bme June 2, 2014

    she is gorgeous

  4. ozzy June 2, 2014

    YASSS Queen Lupita!!! You better get those roles LOL

  5. Molly June 2, 2014

    Lol bye.

  6. BEYFLAWLESS June 2, 2014


  7. Antonio June 2, 2014

    Yaaaassss bish… get that money. I’m glad she’s taking more diverse roles and isn’t being typecast in stereotypical Black roles…

  8. MariahIsMusic1 June 2, 2014

    Slay MA! Looking foward to this, African Goddess.

  9. K June 2, 2014

    Congratz to her, she is making mega moves, hem movie rolls is huge.

  10. eric June 3, 2014

    I will hold my excitement until I know that she will not be typecast like her role in Jungle Book. Lupita doesn’t get enough respect.

    • Liipooer June 3, 2014

      She obviously doesn’t mind being type cast. She took the damn role.

    • Liipooer June 3, 2014

      p.s she will be voicing a wolf…How in the hell is that type acting? lmao.

  11. XYZ June 3, 2014

    already tired of her. is she the only goddamn black actress around? no. what about the others?

    • oneway June 3, 2014

      That’s the game my brother or didn’t you know? there can be many of other’s but only 1 of…… who will be allowed entrance!

  12. oneway June 3, 2014

    It’s sad that people continue to celebrate the deliberate scripting and distorting of the African Holocaust. “12 Years as an American HOSTAGE” was one of the worst films ever made. It’s funny what Hollyweird praises and promotes and what those of African descent elect to accept. As for her starring role in a classic like Star Wars…..ummmmm *side-eye* no hate I just don’t understand her role or what foolishness they will have her doing on set. Her rise reminds me of “Precision” aka Gabby what’s her name??

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