‘Maleficent’ Shatters Competition With $70 Million Box Office Debut


All hail box office queen Angelina Jolie.

The actress’ much hyped movie ‘Maleficent’ has cast quite the spell on the masses and has blasted past early estimates to open with a US gross of $70 million.

Details below…

The refreshed take on Disney’s ‘Sleeping Beauty’ story exceeded expectations to win its opening weekend by a wide margin; it easily blazed past ‘X Men: Days Of Future’, which dropped to #2, as well as Seth McFarlane’s ‘A Million Ways To Die In The West’.

An impressive feat, the numbers serve as the biggest opening of Jolie’s career, and re-affirm her status as a major draw – four years on from her last effort 2010’s ‘The Tourist’

‘Maleficent’ tells the classic narrative from the magical villain’s perspective — one the masses are clearly keen to lap up.


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  1. NICKI IS QUEEN June 1, 2014

    The power of queen Angelina!

    • Gregg June 1, 2014

      More like the power of having DISNEY stamped on your movie.

    • blazerrdcvbxcb June 1, 2014

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  2. BEYFLAWLESS June 1, 2014

    #queen … and people said this would flop

    • JOHNVIDAL (Iconic chanteuse slayed) June 1, 2014

      We still don´t know. Wait for worldwide box office at the end of its jouney in theaters. Keep in mind these films start making profit once they cross $300-400 million.

      • BEYFLAWLESS June 1, 2014

        other country always do higher then usa sells

  3. Suicide Blonde June 1, 2014

    All hail the Queen!….Even with all that makeup to make her look evil and ugly, she still looks gorgeous, that woman is flawless in 3D, i don’t like Disney films but…Oh what Angie makes me do, good movie.

    • JOHNVIDAL (Iconic chanteuse slayed) June 1, 2014

      She looks better as Malificent than in reality right now to be honest 🙂 She´s a fighter though.

      • Suicide Blonde June 1, 2014

        That’s not true, she is the most beautiful woman in the world, Lopez comes second.

      • JOHNVIDAL (Iconic chanteuse slayed) June 1, 2014

        Right now, Jennifer is way more beautiful despite being older, the girl has no special talent but I can admit she´s so beautiful and especially how well she is ageing (till now at least), Angelina is too skinny now (I know it´s not her fault).

      • Suicide Blonde June 1, 2014

        I know, Angelina has no body but her face alone>>>>>>>>

  4. The truth hurts June 1, 2014

    Not another film with lana in the soundtrack dominating so effortlessly.

    • Suicide Blonde June 1, 2014

      Lana’s rendition of ‘Once Upon a Dream’ turned the song into a beautifully dark masterpiece.

      • BEYFLAWLESS June 1, 2014

        that song give me goose bumps all the time

      • Suicide Blonde June 1, 2014

        The power of Lana.

  5. freebreezy June 1, 2014

    Why do I feel like this film is bring shoved down our throats? Most people didnt even like it

    • FutureCIARA June 1, 2014

      Hollywood agenda….

      But you also don’t have to spend your money to see it if you choose.

  6. JOHNVIDAL (Iconic chanteuse slayed) June 1, 2014

    It´s a bit worrying that no film has crossed the $100 million mark (first 3 days) this year. The Amazing Spiderman 2, Captain America 2, X-Men and Godzilla have been near but couldn´t do it. The only lock is the next Hunger Games now. Maybe a surprise happens and another one does it but I doubt it.
    Taking inflation into account, films these days are not doing all that. For example, The Lion King or Snowwhite destroy Frozen at the box office (and overall impact of course) when adjusted by inflation. The same goes for all the super hero movies. Despite wanting to fool us, none of them makes it to the top 10 of most successful films of all time, probably not even to the top20.

    • Suicide Blonde June 1, 2014

      Hollywood is having a hard time, just like the music industry, sadly, i still go to the cinema every week, i love cinema as much as music.

      • FutureCIARA June 1, 2014

        Omg, me as well.

        Film & Music go hand in hand. I am such a movie buff and constantly stay on watch to see whats trending and up & coming!

        The third part to the Hunger Games trilogy will definitely pull in the numbers!! 100mill+ in 3 days will be nothing for that film, it has gained so many followers and faithful fans along its book & film journey. I have no doubt that will be one of the biggest block-buster films this year 2014.

      • JOHNVIDAL (Iconic chanteuse slayed) June 2, 2014

        Well, Hollywood is not having the same hard time music industry is having. It is still going strong despite everything. My point was more about people thinking all these recent films are real record breakers when they aren´t.
        And yes @suicide and @future, I love cinema and lately I´m even more into checking movie news and watching films than music news.
        Still, music will always be so important to me. The last albums I´ve purchased (physical copies) are Mariah Carey´s, Arcade Fire´s (I know it was released in 2013 but I purchased it recently) and Greatest Hits 2 by Queen (I don´t know where the hell my Queen albums are so I had to buy that one at least. At the of the day it only cost me 5 euros, you know, albums don´t sell anymore, so any old one you can find it really cheap.

  7. FutureCIARA June 1, 2014

    I saw it and I absolutely LOVED it!

    All of that promo helped it because X-Men DOFP is tough blockbuster competition to snatch 1st place from, But no doubt I feel like X-men will be back on top by next weekend!

    Both are great films, My year is now complete!

  8. FutureCIARA June 1, 2014

    And there haven’t been any GROUNDBREAKING films in Hollywood, for quite some time (The Lion Kings & Titanics) … The struggle real for them as well to have a film slay 100mill+ in 3days. Nothing has come along that has really changed the film game this year YET.

    The trend seems to be Animation movies dominating Hollywood, while they keep giving our black actors slavery and civil rights roles and biographies.

    Something fresh needs to come along and shake it all up, with well written scripts and amazing roles that aren’t stereotypical.

    It may happen thjis year, maybe not

  9. cocobutta June 1, 2014

    She totally ran that movie from HEAD TO TOE!

    Took godchildren and niece to see it and it surprised me.
    Angelina is so engaging on screen as an actress.

    Kudos because this didn’t fail the hype.

  10. StarXavi June 2, 2014

    I loved the movie. It was beautifully shot and beautifully acted by Angelina. She was funny, fierce, and ferocious. I loved it!

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