Watch: ‘Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta’ Reunion Fight Footage

Published: Wednesday 16th Jul 2014 by Sam

With its wild theatrics and dynamite drama,‘Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta’ is used to making headlines on a weekly basis.

However, its reunion taping yesterday has sent the media into a frenzy – thanks largely to a brawl between the show’s boisterous cast-mates.

And while debate rages on about just who was on the receiving end of the series of jabs that saw weaves torn and cops called (Joseline? Tammy? Mimi?), our friends over at Hello Beautiful have obtained a video of the fights. Yes, plural.

Clearly, more than one scuffle took place. Peep the ratchetness below…

Click here to watch too


The muckier mess is the fact we’ll be watching when it airs. Will you?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Jdek July 16, 2014


    • alizadehxcb July 16, 2014

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  2. FAF July 16, 2014

    this s*** wack u can’t even see nothing

    • truth (icki is FLOPN every got damn ft she on chile..she FLOPN careers.. Kc, FM and CICI is proof) July 16, 2014


  3. Mother July 16, 2014

    Ghetto ass coons! F****** disgraces.

    • truth (icki is FLOPN every got damn ft she on chile..she FLOPN careers.. Kc, FM and CICI is proof) July 16, 2014

      Your mothers a whoore

  4. North West Bitchez July 16, 2014

    Between Mimi’s foray into geriatric p*** at the tender age of 45, Scrappy’s post rehab unflattering weight gain, Benzino’s managing to cry in just about every scene and the revelation that Joseline just wants some Deeek (she said it in the now infamous video, not me) LHHATL has managed to strike ratings gold this season. I’m disgusted and embarrassed by the behavior of my brothers and sisters, but….I’d be a damn fool to miss that reunion show!

  5. the voice July 16, 2014

    Of all the the TV programs with blacks that u can report on and you post this ratchet ghetto mess????

    I hate to see what this blog is turning into. Post something postive happening with REAL ACTORS

    I cant believe VH1… but people watch… just like they watch those fighting white trailer trash chicks over at TLC

    • Lana Tropicana July 17, 2014

      Excuse me. The only people that these fools are disgracing are themselves. They do NOT represent me as a black person so you can stop right there.
      Secondly, TGJ posts on a whole lot of tv shows. They put me onto Game of Thrones, Orange is the new Black and How to get away with Murder so what do you mean when you say “post something positive with real actors.”

    • MikeWillHitIt July 17, 2014

      You finna act like TGJ don’t write about Scandal and OITNB?

    • Anon July 17, 2014

      Sorry sis but I can’t agree with you there. Grape Juice is a good website because they do write about a lot of good s*** that I wouldn’t know about if I didn’t come here like movie trailers and how many views a tv show got and s*** so I don’tknow why your acting like they don’t do that.

  6. Mona Scott aint s*** July 16, 2014

    Damn. I can’t continue to watch this show. We continue to prove that thestereotypes against people of color are accurate. Yet, we continuously get angry with people who call us “ghettp” “monkies” and “ratchet”. TGJ, I’m disappointed in you guys for promoting this crap in the UK. I thought it is just the US that was a mess.

    • JanetXone July 17, 2014

      “We continue to prove that thestereotypes against people of color are accurate.”
      Speak for yourself dear. The stereotypes are not accurate and you are part of the problem seeing as you RUSHED to this thread just to comment which gives TGJ more hits on a thread you say you hate, basically giving everyone who writes about the show more of an incentive to write about it.

      If you’re REALLY concerned about black issues do you get just as upset with the rate of black men who abandon the children they help to make? Doubt it, it’s easier to mad at TV than reality/

  7. Molly July 16, 2014

    Ghetto ratchet mess… can’t wait to watch.

  8. Hmph . . . July 16, 2014

    Someone hit Deb? Now y’all know she the shug Knight of Atlanta, expect to here about one of them turning up in the ocean

  9. truth (icki is FLOPN every got damn ft she on chile..she FLOPN careers.. Kc, FM and CICI is proof) July 16, 2014

    DAMN SAM U FAST!!!!!

  10. truth (icki is FLOPN every got damn ft she on chile..she FLOPN careers.. Kc, FM and CICI is proof) July 16, 2014

    Chiiiile…MESS!!!! *sets dvr

  11. Yea ok July 16, 2014

    This show is a guilty pleasure of mine but I don’t tell people I watch. And I hate when people say one small group of people somehow represent an entire race. They do not. There are plenty of successful black people look at the White House. But like anything there is a spectrum. U take the good with the bad. Now while I do not have people like this in my life I won’t judge them for how they choose to live theirs. Although I think me and Rasheeda could be friends in real life.

  12. IStanForYourFav July 16, 2014

    I will be watching *covers face*

  13. Kayla July 17, 2014

    S*** I’m not ashamed to say I watch, I will continue to watch and be at my nursing job the following morning all smiles, thanks

  14. Brian310 July 17, 2014

    You can’t see much but I think Joseline may have tapped on Tammy or at least snatched her weave off and that’s probably why Deb was tryna get to her.

  15. tee July 17, 2014

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