Final Numbers: Lifetime’s Aaliyah Biopic Pulls In Over 3 Million Viewers / Becomes 2nd Most Watched TV Movie of the Year

Published: Monday 17th Nov 2014 by Rashad


As if the Lifetime-lent Aaliyah biopic that aired Saturday night didn’t ruffle enough feathers by itself, producer Wendy Williams’ response to the backlash didn’t exactly help.

Taking to her top-rated talk show this morning to scoff at naysayers who slammed the film’s casting and overall production, Williams was quoted saying:

“Everybody’s got an opinion.  Whether you loved or hated it, you watched [because] it was the second highest rated movie on all of cable this year so far.”

At the time Wendy made the statements, no receipts had surfaced to substantiate her claim.  This has since changed.  Tuck in below to see how the movie not only a win for Wendy, but for Lifetime as well as it dominated television, but Nielsen Twitter ratings as well:

Via THR:

Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B raked in an average 3.2 million viewers during its premiere telecast. That puts it as the No. 2 cable telepic of 2014, behind fellow Lifetime effort Flowers in the Attic.

The film was also a hit online. Nielsen Media’s mutable Twitter ratings put the pic at the top of its weekly chart, 997,000 tweets and a unique audience of 3.4 million.”


Bonus:  Read our interview with the film’s star Alexandra Shipp by clicking here.

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  1. nene November 17, 2014


      • rveexpresse November 18, 2014

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  2. jj November 17, 2014

    I’m sick and tired of loose rap

  3. tits mcgee November 17, 2014

    That 3milly views, is just a testament to the iconic draw of Aaliyah.

    Not a measure of that messy station, and Wendy..

    People are still fascinated by Baby Girl.

    • SMH November 17, 2014


  4. Iconic Cici November 17, 2014

    Well it did do better than HBO special 888k lol so get it Aaliyah #FuckBeyonce

    • Tyler November 17, 2014

      Haha says a member of the 67k club
      The Prince is here….

      • Iconic Cici November 17, 2014

        Yet Beyonce looks like Wendy Williams baby sister so stop.

      • Tyler November 17, 2014

        And Ciara has the same facial proportions as Floyd Mayweather…So you stop it 67k.

      • Oh, So we doing this today!? November 17, 2014

        DEAD @ baby sister you better clockT these ho’s with facts kii

    • DMWN November 17, 2014

      Meanwhile Ciara is still playing gas station parking lots with less than 5 people in attendance. She WISHES she could see “888k” in ANY capacity. #CIARAHASALREADYBEENFUCKEDBYCIRCUMSTANCELETTHETRANNYHEAL.

      • cici da baddest November 17, 2014

        b**** ciara is selling out shows in paris. b**** you pressed!

      • Iconic Cici November 17, 2014

        Y’all mad at Aaliyah for stealing the shine from Bey 13 years after her death? lol

      • Tyler November 17, 2014

        Well, at least The Queen Bey actually has some shine to “steal”. Prince HeHe stan.

  5. ~The Arcade~ November 17, 2014

    “Quality over Quantity” but that’s just me. Clearly that was not wendy’s agenda.

  6. Iconic Cici November 17, 2014

    888k- HBO flop special Camel z & Hoeyonce.

    3 million + Aaliyah b******* ass movie.

    Not Aaliyah slaying Beyonce from the grave.

    • Tyler November 17, 2014

      Has One Man…oops I mean One Woman Army even managed to sell 888k+ yet???? Never mind…dont answer that #67k

    • Ri November 17, 2014

      B*tch Aaliyah was pimped out by wendy williams for money. Ur disgusting for thinking Aaliyah would approve of this mess. #scumoftheearth

    • BeyRihLiyah November 17, 2014

      who cares this movie was disrespectful to her legacy so those 3.2 mill views is nothing gloat about because lifetime used a deceased person for ratings and who cares about beys HBO rating when her and jay z had a SOLD OUT TOUR p.s. Ciara will never have a movie like Aaliyah and she will never sell out a stadium tour with her husband because future left her flop ass

    • BeyRihLiyah November 17, 2014

      quit clinging to Aaliyah because either way I will drag you

  7. Molly November 17, 2014

    Faglyer is so bothered by the c squad its hilarious.

    Anyways I feel bad for the Aaliyah fans it’s no shade because if my fav died and had a movie done about her I’d want it to be done justice. This movie is a disgrace fuckkk the ratings.

    • Tyler November 17, 2014

      @Molly the Maid
      No, Im bothered by the fact that the HEara squad has the audacity to shade anybody’s tv special when Ciaraman cant even book an appearance on 106&park.

      • Molly November 17, 2014

        You’re way too pressed for me.

      • Tyler November 17, 2014

        @Molly the Maid
        Dont start no s***, wont be no s***. Plain and simple.

      • Molly November 17, 2014

        @Tyler wtf am I starting ? I didn’t come for bey in this post so you attacking me is pointless and tacky.

      • Tyler November 17, 2014

        No, you came for me. Why I do not know because the last time I checked, not one time did I say “Molly jump into this conversation”.
        Now instead of addressing me you should be talking to your fellow squad members since their the ones who felt the need to make Beyonce the topic of discussion FIRST. Not the other way around.

  8. Kendall November 17, 2014

    There was so much controversy in the lead up, I’m not surprised. People watched get their kii kiis. The movie was a disgrace.

  9. Mark111 November 17, 2014

    All week a pest been bugging me with “Why the Aaliyah movie have low ratings. ” A film that most didn’t support has 3 times more viewers than Oh The Flop Tour Special ED. Lol, didn’t even try, lol.

    • Special Delivery November 17, 2014

      You know people watched it for all the wrong reasons right? I wouldn’t be boasting.

      • Tyler November 17, 2014

        Exactly! similar to the reason why people tuned in to watch Rihanna’s night line interview about Fistopher.

      • Mark111 November 17, 2014

        Ya know the GP watched reruns of Sponge Bob and Big Bang Theory instead of Oh The Flop Tour, right?

      • Special Delivery November 17, 2014

        @Tyler Exactly, it’s no shade to Aaliyah but it’s no secret that a bigger spectacle was/still is made about all the ‘tea” surrounding her and this movie not purely because of the artist she was. Sad but true!

      • Molly November 17, 2014

        @Mark b**** you’re lying an old ass spongbob re run got more views than bey and jay ? I’m crying

      • Tyler November 17, 2014

        Didn’t Sponge Bob and the Big Bang Theory also have higher ratings than Styled To Flop…oops I mean Styled to Rock?????

  10. Tyler November 17, 2014

    The film also had more views than the 777 tour doc. The irony of it all lol #BasicCable

  11. Tyler November 17, 2014

    The film in and of itself was just down right disrespectful.

  12. Special Delivery November 17, 2014

    Clearly that was all wicked witchWendy was after. The year long change in actors,the family drama, the R Kelly stuff. All those are the main reasons people tuned in because most real Aaliyah fans would not have given it the time of the day. Just a shame Aaliyah’s memory was represented by this terrible movie.

  13. BeyRihLiyah November 17, 2014

    it’s a shame that lifetime used her for ratings/and for a pay check im disgusted babygirl didn’t deserve that

  14. BeyRihLiyah November 17, 2014

    and death at FLOPARA stans clinging to Aaliyah to diss the on the run tour hbo views when he-ara will never have a movie or a sold out stadium tour

  15. Molly November 17, 2014

    @Beyrihliyah calm tf down

    • Tyler November 17, 2014

      Ooooh you’re allowed to speak when LoveBird isn’t in close proximity, Molly the Maid??? Thats news worthy!

      • Molly November 17, 2014

        I’m sorry but didn’t you say this same b.s. last week? Bye Tyler! I’m clearly my own person GOODNIGHT B****!

      • Tyler November 17, 2014

        Ooops, my bad. I didnt know that 67k members could have minds of their own. Im used to them clinging to stans of relevant artist. Since your own faves career is such a damn failure.

      • Molly November 17, 2014

        Yawn you bore me idk what I did to you but you need to get over it. Having all this anger towards me and my fav seems very unhealthy.

      • Tyler November 17, 2014

        You felt the need to address me first. Thats what bothers me. Dont come for me unless my limo driver sends for you boo!

    • BeyRihLiyah November 17, 2014

      @molly check your fellow c-squad member because this hooker is gloating about lifetime using my fav for a paycheck and then your fellow c-squad member is also using that movie ratings to talk about my other favs hbo ratings

      • Molly November 17, 2014

        I understand where you’re coming from but I can’t check others for their opinions.

      • Tyler November 17, 2014

        You can check yourself though…or are you allowed to do that when your leader isnt present

  16. Mark111 November 17, 2014

    Just imagine if they had the family support and did it right. Wasn’t it Wendy that said “All money isn’t good money?” That clown need to take her own advice.

  17. BeautifulDisaster89 November 17, 2014

    Umm I only caught the ending of the movie but from what I saw it didn’t seem so great lol I mean then again they messed on pretty much on every biopic they’ve made lol the only tv movies i actually like (related to artist)are the temptations, the jackson five movie, and that’s about it lol TLC movie was okay it just seemed like the covered everything lol

    • BeautifulDisaster89 November 17, 2014

      my bad for the many typos lol

  18. Special Delivery November 17, 2014

    BeyRihLiyah says:


    who cares this movie was disrespectful to her legacy so those 3.2 mill views is nothing gloat about because lifetime used a deceased person for ratings and who cares about beys HBO rating when her and jay z had a SOLD OUT TOUR p.s. Ciara will never have a movie like Aaliyah and she will never sell out a stadium tour with her husband because future left her flop ass


  19. Mark111 November 17, 2014

    Icons lives forever.

    • BeyRihLiyah November 17, 2014

      this movie wasn’t the way to go

      • Mark111 November 17, 2014

        Not at all. But it does show that the GP still know, love, and remember her. And the backlash shows that don’t play with her legacy.

      • BeyRihLiyah November 17, 2014

        that’s true its nice to see that after 13 years people still go hard for her

  20. #TeamTinashe Stan November 17, 2014

    I am so LIVID about this that I could draggggg all these idiots that signed on to make a quick buck off of babygirl!
    Life Time should make a movie about Wilbert Williams and it’s alleged son, Kevin! I would LOVE if somebody did that since she disrespected someone elses child and not only that she made fun of Kelly Rowlands new born. SMH!

  21. Tyler November 17, 2014

    Didn’t Sponge Bob, the Big Bang Theory, On the Run, and the Aaliyah film all have higher ratings than Styled To Flop…oops I mean Styled to Rock? Or did that show ever even air?????

  22. Tyler November 17, 2014

    The TLC biopic was better than this damn film! It was a disgrace.

    • BeyRihLiyah November 17, 2014

      this isn’t a biopic this is a parody

  23. Mark111 November 17, 2014

    I still refuse to watch this film tho. Sad that people thought viewing and dragging would do something. Uh, no, you gave them money.

    • BeyRihLiyah November 17, 2014

      right I was twitter while the movie was on laughing at the draggings at the end of the day my heart goes out to ms.diane and Rashad because they have been through to much over these last 13 years first Aaliyah and then mr.haughton

      • Brian310 November 17, 2014

        Don’t forget her grandmother passing and Diane losing her relationship with her brother Barry and nephew.

  24. Molly November 17, 2014

    I really don’t get this Tyler b**** even mark isn’t seething over me in this post so why are you?

    • Tyler November 17, 2014

      B**** you addressed me first. Did you get amnesia??? Or are you lost because your Masta isnt here to give you direction????

      • Molly November 17, 2014

        B**** you’re over here attacking ciara so of course I’d address your b**** ass.

      • Tyler November 17, 2014

        Exactly! I was talking about HeHe. Not you, you’re the one who decided to get personal and address me first…that’s why I put your ass on blast.

      • Lolz November 17, 2014

        @Tyler. Just ignore Moley she’s stupid. Shes attacking you for attacking Ciara, yet you were only attacking because Beyonce was being attacked by a Ciara fan first.

      • Tyler November 17, 2014

        Thank you!

  25. Lolz November 17, 2014

    I didn’t watch it but all I know is Instagram was hilarious that night.

  26. Johnsondoe November 17, 2014

    You guys do know Ciara has nothing to do with this movie right. Shouldn’t have been even mentioned.

    • Jessica November 17, 2014

      Neither did On The Run for that matter.

    • Sass November 17, 2014

      So why did the stupid ciara troll and even one messy Aaliyah fan, need to mention Bey and Jays Tour? Last time I checked, they had nothing to do with Aaliyah’s movje either.

  27. Jessica November 17, 2014

    If you supported this movie you’re not a true Aaliyah fan.

    • Katy Cat November 18, 2014

      Tyler did u really have to comment on this post with two profiles?

  28. Marilyn Lu November 18, 2014


  29. Marilyn Lu November 18, 2014

    Were was y’all when Aaliyah needed a Parachute? ?

  30. Demmie November 18, 2014

    on one side i am pissed because Wendy did not represent Aaliyah the way it should have been.

    On the other side it shows what an impact QUEEN Aaliyah still has on people, had she been alive she would be slaying left right and centre

    Miss u Aaliyah!!!!!!

  31. Rihanna #1 fan t November 19, 2014

    Lol I don’t know why I see the 777 tour in comments on an Aaliyah post.. “pressed much” but anyways Aaliyah deserved way better than that b******* they put on tv.. I mean she has such a big impact on music and the R & B culture.. I expected much better and that gurl sucked in Drumline and now she f***** up Aaliyah’s legacy.. is that how the princess of R&B has to be remembered they better do another movie.. smfh..

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