Retro Rewind: Tyra Banks & Naomi Campbell Settle Feud On ‘The Tyra Banks Show’

Published: Wednesday 11th Mar 2015 by David

At the height of her daytime TV tenure, Tyra Banks answered the prayers of many a fashion fanatic when she invited Naomi Campbell to join her for an interview on her hit series, ‘The Tyra Banks Show.’

There, the photogenic pair took a journey to the past to get to the bottom of the headline-grabbing feud that Banks said forced her to leave the modelling world and build what’s now known to be a very ‘Bankable’ empire.


Why we chose to make this conversation the latest in our ‘Retro Rewind’ series?

Cat walks and cattiness below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Stephy. March 11, 2015


    • FutureCIARA March 11, 2015

      This was ICONIC TV! I miss the Tyra show so much!

  2. Mark111 March 11, 2015

    It’s sad the black women can’t get along. Or at least tv have them fight ALL the time. I seen it on The Real World Challenge, you seen it on The apprentice with Foxx and that non house wife and you seen it on American Idol with Nicki and Mariah. And what even sadder is that the watchers loves it. We even put Bey and Rih up against each other, even after a decade of them showing each other love and support. It’s just sad.

    • TheElusiveLamb March 11, 2015

      Nicki and Mariah were paid to fight for ratings which didn’t help and made both lose fans from the opposing fan base. Rihanna and Beyoncé stans fight bc they have nothing better to do. You’re still right though. It’s sad that women have to be catty and fight for people’s amusement.

    • Sherry March 11, 2015

      Women are catty period, not just black women. I work around a bunch of white chicks and they are vicious….sneaky and conniving.

      • Mark111 March 11, 2015

        I agree, I wasn’t saying JUST black women. But on TV, I noticed it more.

    • hives scared of R8 March 11, 2015

      Mariah Carey isnt black but I agree

  3. TheElusiveLamb March 11, 2015

    They are so gorgeous.

  4. blue March 11, 2015

    isnt there a rumour going around about naomi and cara fighting over rihanna?

  5. Skyfall March 11, 2015


    I agree, but men are just are catty. They just have a better way of hiding it. Sadly some women are just to insecure to ever get along with a female.

    • Suicide Blonde March 11, 2015

      Naomi is a Goddess.

      • Skyfall March 11, 2015

        I was talking about Woman in general, but yes Naomi is everything and her walk gives me life. Do you watch Empire?

  6. BAM. March 11, 2015

    Tyra will forever slay Naomi point blank period ..Tyra still gets the last laugh! TUH

    • Sherry March 11, 2015

      Idk about all that! Modeling wise, Naomi SLAYS Tyra. And she’s the highest paid supermodel ever. Tyra may slay her business wise, but that about it! •in my jay z voice•

  7. That’s all March 11, 2015

    ive notice this blog focuses a lot on fueds and shade.

  8. Dossome March 11, 2015

    Men are more catty IMO but media won’t pit men against each other.The likes of 50Cent,Kanye,Drake,Chris Brown etc have been involved in more feuds than any female in recent times but the media would rather focus on non-existent feuds (see Bey/Rihanna,Mariah/Whitney)

  9. solange, the sponge. March 11, 2015

    RebelFart out now! 12,000 first week sales for sure.

  10. FutureCIARA March 11, 2015

    Naomi is still QUEEN of the Catwalk and Godmother of Fashion! Tyra is Legendary too!

  11. Stephy. March 11, 2015

    “It’s sad the black women can’t get along.”

    Girl Bye! White women catty as F*** too! You need to hang around different races more.

  12. LIL’ KIM IS THE G.O.A.T. March 11, 2015

    This is like Lil’ Kim and Nicki Minaj. Lil’ Kim is Naomi and Nicki Minaj is Tyra. Naomi is the ORIGINAL and THE QUEEN! Tyra Banks is the inspired copycat who had some success, but when we’re talking about legendary status, she will never ever match Queen Naomi.

    • LMAO March 11, 2015


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