Watch: Rihanna Visits ‘GMA’ / Promotes New Movie ‘Home’

Published: Friday 13th Mar 2015 by Sam

Jack of all trades, master of nothing?

As fans await Rihanna‘s new album with shrinking enthusiasm, the star has been juggling a growing list of other responsibilities.

One of the most notable has been her promo push for new movie ‘Home.’

The DreamWorks animation marches into theaters on March 27th and, with box office predications not looking great, the film’s stars are hitting the campaign trail hard.

Their latest stop was Good Morning America this AM.

Watch below as Rih, Steve Martin, and Jim Parsons plug the flick…

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  1. #TeamTinashe Stan (Kyndall’s “Playing Games” Music Video Is Out Now) March 13, 2015

    She looks absolutely stunning!

    • Ash March 13, 2015

      Her voice for animations sounds weird just like Beyonces speaking voice. I fell out my chair when the woman read Rihanna as sassy, and rihanna tried to say she is still sweet and innocent while stuttering

      • Teacher( AOTY My Ass) March 13, 2015

        B**** hush! The character IS sassy!!! Which is how she was in the book! Reaching for shade stfu!

      • butnut March 13, 2015

        the shade is that they chose Rihanna to play a “sassy” character. And Rihanna thinking “that although the character is sassy” she still is sweet and innocent.

  2. Barb-wire March 13, 2015

    “as fans awaits new album with shrinking enthusiasm” I can’t with you Sam.

  3. Lil Kim thee Only QB March 13, 2015

    She does not have the voice for animation. Wait she doesn’t have a voice at all. Non singing asz cumquat. She must’ve sucked d^ck to get that role. Sips Alizé.

    • TRUTH SERUM March 13, 2015

      @lilkim quarterback , you’re so bitter like your fave.

      • Lil Kim thee Only QB March 13, 2015

        @Bullshut Serum,
        Lil Kim thee ONLY Queen Bee. Have a seat cuz your faves wish they were her. Do I have to bring out the comparison photos? Nicki can’t even get a real movie role

      • TRUTH SERUM March 13, 2015

        So, more successful artist are aspiring to be mediocre or has beens… GTFOH

    • Uknowdakid March 13, 2015

      I agree her voice is horrible for the character it just sounds like Rihanna reading a script no emotion to bring the character to life

      • Lil Kim thee Only QB March 13, 2015

        They had to read that script to her so she could memorize. R****** coconut cannot read

    • (Rihyonce) March 14, 2015

      lol yea you would know about sucking d*** lmaoo thats all lil kim did in the 90s be a h** and suck d*** although i must say Hardcore was a great album….all she talked about was getting pregnant , dissing n***** and her favorite thing of all sucking d***!!!!!!!!!

  4. TheElusiveLamb March 13, 2015

    She looks so beautiful in that pink

    • Lil Kim thee Only QB March 13, 2015

      That’s the only thing I could agree with but Lil Kim wore that same one in yellow.

      • Sherry March 13, 2015

        I love Kim but c’mon now, she’s irrelevant and BROKE chasing a 25 year old who’s using her. Her stans can’t come for anyone.

      • Faf March 13, 2015

        Is he only 25?

  5. dd March 13, 2015

    The shade lol samantha

  6. Molly March 13, 2015

    The movie looks cute… idk how convincing Rihannas actin will be tho.

  7. The Beysus Impact March 13, 2015

    Cinderella’s gonna crush this film… It’s getting great reviews already…

  8. Skyfall March 13, 2015

    Exactly what box office predictions?

  9. truthtea March 13, 2015

    I’ve already read an article from a movie site and its predicted to flop and only pull in around 20 million in its opening weekend.

    • Skyfall March 13, 2015


  10. Blue Ivy Rod (SlayMaticThinksImSlayriah) March 13, 2015

    Look the lessers came in to hate. Maybe you should focus on getting your faves album a Grammy and lil kim out of nickis shadow shadow

    • Lil Kim thee Only QB March 13, 2015

      @ me b^tch. Other than that carry on stanning for one of Kimmy Blanco’s sons. We all saw them damn unretouched photos so I would be quiet if i were u

      • Blue Ivy Rod (SlayMaticThinksImSlayriah) March 13, 2015

        But you stan for chuckys bride ratchet black friend though

  11. dd March 13, 2015

    Think sam hates women liked the blog for years…at least act like she has fans that love her andlike hwr voice. Im not a ri fan at all. Its he dispises woman and there the greatest creation

  12. iSpeakTruthNoFallacy March 13, 2015

    I think every time Rihanna garners another notch of success Sam loses a little bit of her soul. It must be a daunting task for her to continually write about Rihanna winning. As Rihanna looks so elegant, graceful, and articulate, there’s an undeniable aura of refinement that encompasses her and is also infectious.

    • guess March 13, 2015

      Uhmmm.. Sam’s shade of her all the time is uncalled for but aside from that… its okay to be a fan but you sound pretty obsessed with her… in the most unhealthy, stalkerish kind of way.

  13. blue March 13, 2015

    really wanna see this predictions, have been looking but cant find any, so those claiming they are bad please post the proof

  14. blue March 13, 2015

    rihanna has mastered both the music scene, fashion scene and perfume scene…and she has just began with the film scene…


  15. Blue Ivy Rod (SlayMaticThinksImSlayriah) March 13, 2015

    Those receipts are located in the same place as lil Kim’s revelance

    • Lil Kim thee Only QB March 13, 2015

      Girl learn how to @ me cuz u just havin a convo with yourself. Kim put Beyoncé on to them good lacefronts. She might as well said she held the heifer for 8 months.

  16. Linda March 13, 2015

    It better open at the box office with $90 million or above. Anything below, the dragging will be lethal. After all it stars the biggest pop icon of our generation with 13 no1s among other things.

    • TRUTH SERUM March 13, 2015

      And how did you come up with that number? I guess you know how much it cost to make this movie. Psh

  17. Skyfall March 13, 2015

    Sam wants Rihanna to flop so bad, so he has to try and belittle and throw shade at Rihanna every chance he gets. I mean its one thing to stan bait for hits but its obviously true that he hates her and sees her as a threat. He nows resorting to posting false receipts, Exactly what movie box office predictions when the movie isnt even out and tickets cant even be bought? Also if you really think a DreamWorks Animated film will only gross $20 million you are seriously a troll.

    Out of all the 30 Dreamworks Animated movies from 1998 to 2014 only 11 have grossed under $300 million, and only 6 has grossed less than $200 million.

    An although Disney makes more money (obviously) Dreamworks animated movies on average gross more than Disneys.

  18. Keri Qween March 13, 2015

    The movie doesn’t come out for two more weeks how can there be predictions already kiii Sam is a h/I/v so his pressedness is expected

  19. FutureCIARA March 13, 2015

    Well Beyonce’s animated movie EPIC:

    Opening Weekend:
    $33,531,068 (USA) (24 May 2013)
    $107,515,297 (USA) (13 September 2013)

    Lets just see how this goes……. Because here is a receipt that ‘HOME’ will Flop and be ‘HOMELESS’… (Not sure how credible the site is…)

    “The website predicts that Home will pull in $26 million on its opening weekend, and earn a total of $89 million at the American box office.

    With a budget of approximately $132 million, that would make Home an undeniable flop”

    • Keri Qween March 13, 2015

      Shouldnt you be watching mama I want to sing kiiii that’s more your speed should be more concerned with I bet falling down the charts now in the 30s dropped ten spots in one day kiii

      • FutureCIARA March 13, 2015

        It doesnt matter, we accomplished what haters doubted. The song still is #1 on iTunes R&B, “I Bet” started to decline with no suprise, anyone with a brain knew it shot up because of the slay visual. It will still have a nice boost on Billboard next week!

      • Keri Qween March 13, 2015

        It will reach top 50 max bb hot 100, it’ll fall down the charts from there.

      • FutureCIARA March 13, 2015

        To even discuss chart positions with a Keri stan is blasphemy and a waste of time….

    • Skyfall March 13, 2015

      Are you an idiot? You do realize that HOME is being released internationally and not just in America.

      Also screams at you digging up receipts from Popdust.

      • FutureCIARA March 13, 2015

        Like I stated, I dont know how creditable that site was, But thats not the point. Whats weird is that they are the only ones to report an estimate opening weekend… Did you even read the article?? It states that it will probably do the same outside of US.

    • Rihboy March 13, 2015

      Epic? Does anyone even remember the storyline for that movie?

      • Tyler March 13, 2015

        It grossed more money than “Home” is predicted to…So evidently they do

      • Faf March 13, 2015

        Look at publicity for it, I’ve only seen 3 commercials

        Then again, I don’t watch American idol, but if that’s any indication it won’t be a blockbuster anyway

    • Anne March 13, 2015

      Wikipedia says Epic grossed 268 worldwide on a 93 million budget; and Beyonce was not the lead actress in that film nor did she promote it.

    • blue March 13, 2015

      peguins of madgascar did $82mil in the usa and made a total of $350mil

    • Rory March 14, 2015

      But EPIC had at $93 million budget. It only grosses $107 mill in the states….. Ummmm that’s not THAT good. Especially for an animated film.

  20. I STAN(D) FOR TALENT March 13, 2015

    The lessers faves could never.

  21. metzo March 13, 2015

    She looks hot

  22. P**** Juice March 13, 2015

    Looking good as always ms fenty!

  23. Anne March 13, 2015

    Beyonce was not the lead actress in Epic and did not promote it. Besides, according to Wikipedia it grossed 268 million on a 93 million budget. Rihanna is the lead for Home so it’s outcome is more of an issue for her.

  24. BLACKOUT TBH March 13, 2015

    Again with this Rihanna shade and Beyonce ass kissing. What trade is Beyonce a master of besides jacking every melody, dance move, visual and marketing move she’s ever done? It’s funny how she’s such an icon and trailblazer according to you yet there isn’t a single career move in her history thus far that wasn’t blatantly stolen – and yes, I’m including the BEYONCE album in that – she wasn’t the first to pull that one and you’d know that if you bothered to look beyond your bias and research the history of this industry. I literally can’t wait till her career cycle enters Gaga mode and the mainstream stops “bowing down” and begins to acknowledge the fact that she is just as – not more than – worthy of praise as every other popstar in the industry. Including Rihanna. It’s also hilarious how this website and its readers constantly bash the likes of Britney while praising Beyonce yet which of the two has sold upwards of 105 million albums & 200 million records worldwide? You could pick almost any two (even one, in certain cases) of Britney’s albums and it has sold more than Beyonce’s entire discography. But nah Britney’s a flop right? A flop whose last solo Billboard Hot 100 #1 was in 2011 whereas Beyonce hasn’t scored one since 2008’s “Single Ladies”. Facts – accept them bb.

    • WE ARE BEYHIVE March 13, 2015

      B**** bye with that thesaurus. Focus your energy on getting stiffney to sing live and put on decent show in 2015. I’m afraid you’ll wait an eternity for Beyonce’s career’s to go downwards seeing as she’s still very much relevant almost 2 decade’s into the game. And tell S****** to invest in better hair while you pick up the pieces of her weave on your way out

  25. FutureCIARA March 13, 2015

    Dont hate me because I posted the damn receipt… Thats what yall were asking for right?

    • Skyfall March 13, 2015

      If you post receipts you post them FROM credible sources. Also I’m not mad at you Hun. Sam & that other ho was saying PredictionS. Which is multiple but failed to provide receipts of these claims. A movies Worldwide gross cannot be determined this early or from an estimated prediction which isn’t based on Ticket sales etc. we will just have to wait and see.

      • FutureCIARA March 13, 2015

        I know its too early to estimate its opening weekend gross, But they do film forecasting based upon other factors. None the less, Ive been seeing the commercial trailers alot on TV, Beside that I havent really noticed any other promotion, Which is weird for a Dreamworks animation.

  26. No favs, just here for the music March 13, 2015

    I’m really loving the pink

  27. blue March 13, 2015

    dreamworks is going through financial troubles, which means promo wont be huge, but those 3 commercials you saw are nothing as the promo run for the film is just starting now. Also with its current troubles DW needs a sure fire hit now, meaning they wouldnt release this unless they believe it can make them a little something

  28. Kisses Down Low March 13, 2015

    Its always the same sour grapes complaining about shade they used be used to who always come rushing back

  29. Bosslady March 13, 2015

    this is the only site who keeps bringing up an anticipated album of someone they clearly do not like, Rih is busy being a boss…she looks beautiful…

  30. girlbye! March 13, 2015

    dreamworks movies always do well it doesnt even matter what it’s about. Rise of the guardians is a good example of this and so is How to train your dragon. Parents take their kids to go see anything animated Epic was boring as s*** and still manage to gross something because its a damn cartoon!

  31. FutureCIARA March 13, 2015

    She asked them all, “Whats Your Favorite Room In The House”….. Rihbola’s dumb a** gone say… “COUCH!”


    • (Rihyonce) March 14, 2015

      worry about Ci- error !!

  32. Teacher( AOTY My Ass) March 13, 2015

    Lol Sam how much time do you block out of your day to come up with this tired ass “shade”?? Dedicated to THE QUEEN! Looool

  33. blue March 13, 2015

    Mr. Peabody & Sherman
    Budget $145 million
    Box office $272.9 million

    Budget $127 million
    Box office $282,570,682

    both of this films made a lose due to promo, but the write off was arouund 20mil only, and with the promo for Home being low, im guessing its gonna make a little bit of a profit

  34. (Rihyonce) March 14, 2015

    yasssss Rih !!!!!!!!!!!!
    pretty in pink!!!

  35. @rihicon March 14, 2015

    Beyoncé was in epic for like 10 seconds so the movies really can’t be compared. but anyways rih looks great and I’m looking forward to watching the movie as I read the book when I was younger

  36. robyn March 14, 2015

    I really hope this movie thrives, it will be the 1st time in 3d animation that there is a black lead. That’s history in the making just like the dior campaign. I’m behind this movie 110% and yes ofcoz cinderella will do well coz of its actors big production n not 2mention its been done like a thousand times b4. I’m really routing for home,

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