Sneak Peek: Nene Leakes & Kenya Moore Clash On ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Reunion [Part 2]

Published: Monday 27th Apr 2015 by Sam

Last night saw fireworks fly on the first instalment of the ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ season 7 reunion. And, by the looks of things, the sparks will continue with the next episode.

Unsurprisingly, Kenya Moore forms the focus of the new sneak peek, after she gets into a war of words with the show’s sole original, Nene Leakes.

We have our own two cents on the drama, but pre spilling, peep the preview below…

Kenya’s actions often make us question the legitimacy  (and, at times, sanity) of her character. However, there’s no denying: she makes great TV. As such, we’ll most certainly be tuning in for the verbal trade-off this Sunday.

On a somewhat random note, can we please have a moment of silence for Phaedra Parks. She owned last night.

Roll on Sunday.

Your thoughts?

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  1. FutureCIARA April 27, 2015

    The part 1 Reunion of RHOA last night was a definitely toned down and a bit boring. I’m over the reunion specials mostly revolving around Nay Nay Leakes…
    Also Phadra is boring and has no story line without Apollo and Kenya, Claudia has no story line without Kenya, Porsha has no storyline PERIOD! Why is she still there? Kandi’s marriage is boring with a dead s** life, and her mom is annoying af! Nene is barely there, she is either gloating about her gigs, or being the root cause of group drama. Cynthia is late as hell. All these girls are washed!!
    I’m done with this franchise

  2. TeamTrina April 27, 2015

    Claudia & Kenya…. The thirst in real. I’m over them and their struggle storylines. That Sears model Centhia can go too.

  3. Slay_Hive April 27, 2015

    I cant wait to see this. The reunion gave me nothing last night. I’m really over NeNe. She claims she’s a grown “successful” woman who doesn’t have time for drama but she’s always the root of the drama. Her attitude is disgusting and she thinks she’s prettier than what she is. I hope she doesn’t think RHOA franchise will suffer if she decides to leave. It is her platform and she would be nothing without it. I love Kenya, even tho her ass is messy too. I want Kenya to snatch that ugly blond cap off nene head. lmao

    • Jonatello April 27, 2015

      But it was Kenya’s ass who brought Nene’s name up in the first place but yet Nene is the root of all the drama! GIRL BYE! Nene remains unbothered while she’s on broadway making a name for herself!

  4. Anne April 27, 2015

    Love Nene;so happy for her with all of her success outside of the show. I can’t stand Kenya, Claudia and the new Cynthia who now follows in their footsteps. They are sort of like 3 bullies sometimes. All of the conflicts are getting on my nerves, now even Candi and Phaedra are going at it. Candi even seemed to take pleasure out of one of the swipes someone took at Phaedra last night. None of them can get along for long. Nene or no Nene, I doubt I’ll watch next season.

  5. Del April 27, 2015

    What did Phaedra own? She is just as petty and disrespectful as #TeamPetty. I loved how Kenya read her for her “w****” calling last nite. Nene is mean and vindictive, Porsha needs hooked on phonics, Claudia needs to realize that she needs to drop whatever issues she has with Nene and nem because they are to petty to admit when they’re wrong, Cynthia needs to continue to speak up and Kandi needs to keep being herself. She smells Linnithia’s BS a mile away and it’s too bad the Southern Belle can’t smell it either. She will be on Nene ex-friend list by next reunion.

    • rosy April 27, 2015

      Gtfoh u must be team petty fan don’t f****** come for porsha your p**** is hooked on penicillin stfu with your broke no job hating ass wii fi stealing self to come on here and hate on porsha

      • Kayla C April 27, 2015

        What do you people like about porsha aside from her looks? She has no brain and she’s a follower with nothing going on.

  6. Thetruth April 27, 2015

    Nene got Owned and so did Porschead and Phaedra and her fake lying ass.

    She doesn’t take her kids to see Apollo, she ‘isn’t getting a divorce’. She knows Apollo would spill the truth and tell everyone how she knows he was committing that fraud. How is a ‘top lawyer’ not gonna know her man if crooking on her. Where did that dumbass think he was getting millions from?

    Nene is so above herself it’s disgusting. How dare she start blowing smoke up her own ass EVERY SEASON, Kand has legitimate talent, wonGrammys, made millions through talen and rather than trying to show up on Broadway for a 14 day stint, she had the acumen to create a play, yah it got cancelled but thats a whole different league to uncle fester.

    I never thought I would be with Cynthia, Claudia and the unstable Kenya but they kind of ruled this whole season and shamed the other heifers apart from Kandi who IS THE business.

    • rosy April 27, 2015

      Girl stfu be kenya andClaudia trolling

  7. SMH April 27, 2015

    That ghetto moose nene is pressed because Kenya looks better than she ever will, and also took the spotlight from her. These b*tches can’t see Kenya and they know it. #TeamKenya

    • rosy April 27, 2015

      Why would nene be jealous kenya so pretty with no career or husband kids eggs dried up no home mama don’t love Her so tell me what is nene jealous of

      • Jonatello April 27, 2015

        LOL Right! What the f*** she gotta be jealous about?? Kenya ain’t got no career, no man or no walls so i’m confused!!

  8. Casual-T April 27, 2015

    I need Sheree and Marlo thrown into this toxic mix of ladies. If Cynthia thinks she’s bad, let her square off against vindictive a*s Sheree or ghetto a*s Marlo. I’d especially love to see Claudia try Marlo “Check my charges” Hampton.
    The reunion last night was okay and not as boring as I expected. Porsha may be the RHOA version of Chrissy Snow, but she’s got a discerning spirit. She refused to apologize to Kenya b/c she perceived that Kenya’s apology to her wasn’t genuine, and it wasn’t. I can’t believe the falling off of Phaedra and Kandi’s friendship. I hope they make up again. Claudia is a thirstbucket who adds nothing to this show. If they don’t find her a real nemesis next season, she needs to go.

  9. The truth April 27, 2015

    Claudia and Cynthia need to GO! Neither of them have a storyline without porsha who’s not even a regular on the show!! They are so pressed for relevancy it’s actually hard to watch either of them on the show.

  10. Bammmm April 27, 2015

    Phaedra did her thang last night..without doing MUCH..unlike Kenya & Cynthia with their robot reads..and Claudia lame ass.

    Kenya is showing WHY everyone disliked her in the first place..fcking hyprocrite & can’t completely own up to her sht..Cynthia made herself look weak & once again,A HYPROCRITE last night.

    Only people who are supporters of the weak ass team pretty will bash Nene,Phaedra,& Porsha..when truth be told..NENE,PHAEDRA,& PORSHA ARE THOSE OTHER H*** STORYLINE THIS SEASON.

  11. Speak April 27, 2015

    Kenya, and Claudia shut s*** down last night whether some haters like it or not and they weren’t messy they just state facts and don’t back down donkey face nene is fake and ugly as f*** deserves it all oh cry baby fake ass.

  12. justmeeeee April 27, 2015

    #Team Nene…she is RHOA !!!

  13. rr April 28, 2015

    I was starting to like Claudia and Kenya. Pheadra is right Kenya is very sexually inappropriate with alot of men so why she mad she got called a w****. Claudia stop with fake a** hood girl persona.

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