Will Smith Weighs-In On Oscars Race Row / Didn’t Know Wife Had Made Video

Published: Thursday 21st Jan 2016 by Sam

Hollywood is embroiled in a heated race debate after not a single actor or actress of color was nominated at the 2016 Oscars (in the four main acting categories).

In the time since the announcement, a host of names of weighed – most notably Jada Pinkett  whose video complaint has gone viral.

Now, following claims from ‘Fresh Prince‘ actress Janet Hubert that Jada is only jarred because her husband Will Smith wasn’t honored, Will himself has broken his silence.

Sitting down with Robin Roberts on Good Morning America moments ago, the wildly successful star shared his view on the matter – which unsurprisingly echo those of his wife. Interestingly, though, he reveals that he never knew she made the clip.

Watch the insightful chat after the jump…

Though a bit wordy in places, that was eloquently put. Hopefully, the dialogue continues after the Oscars air on February 22nd.

In the here and now, however, do you agree with Will?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Nicki Minaj thee ONLY QB January 21, 2016

    Yeah alright mate you didn’t know… Dumb C U N T

    • bonBon489 January 21, 2016


  2. Dev January 21, 2016

    Well you know now…. so what you gonna do

    • What now January 21, 2016

      KIIIIII IDK why, but I read this in my Tameka “Tiny” Harris voice.

  3. Tonya January 21, 2016

    Well spoken will smith.
    He’s so handsome and well groomed.
    I understand where his wife is coming from. However, i think black ppl as a whole need to change because the world been racist. We are easy targets we let them get us every time.
    Lets move on create our own in way of not separating but growing and owning our ppl.

    • Ughhhh January 21, 2016

      You say well spoken, as if, black people are not capable of having this skill naturally. And why does a whole race need to change in order to achieve acceptance? If you aren’t aware, black people and people of color in general, create, have their own awards, directors, writers, shows, networks, etc. Your post alone, shows that the acknowledgement of those tools aren’t credited and that is the problem. You should spend more time focusing on your grammar, self improvement and educating yourself on topics, so next time you discussion on “black peoples need to change” doesn’t sound contradicting and so you don’t project yourself as part of the problem.

      • OMG Logic!!! January 21, 2016

        Good god. Chill the f uck out. NOT. EVERY. SINGLE. STATEMENT. IS. A. SLIGHT. AGAINST. BLACK.PEOPLE. People are surprised whenever anyone is well-spoken regardless of their race.

      • Ughhhh January 21, 2016

        @OMG Logic please show me where a white person has been “complimented” for being “well spoken” and “well groomed” and people were surprised. @Tonya suggested Will Smith was well groomed and that black people need to change to fit society. I’m not even black and his or her comment came off as ignorant.

  4. Jamie January 21, 2016

    Very well-spoken…Love him and Jada!

  5. Meteorite January 21, 2016

    I don’t even want to watch this interview because the whole situation really isn’t that deep, they are just entertainers! Like Janet said “if you need an award to validate you then you’re in the business for the wrong reasons”. I also agree with Janet that if you don’t like what Hollywood is doing, then take a page from Tyler Perry’s book, start your own business. They certainly have the means to do it. You can’t get mad over an award show that was never meant for minority’s to begin with. You don’t see white protesting the Latin Grammys or BET Awards because they feel excluded. I swear black people really need to get out that Slave Mentality and stop playing victim.

    • Ciah’s Turtle January 21, 2016

      Ignorance Is Bliss for you huh ? smh

      • Meteorite January 21, 2016

        You can either keep taking your blue bill and stay in blissful ignorance or you can finally take the red pill and accept the harsh truth of reality. Choice is yours.

  6. Meteorite January 21, 2016

    And another thing if Susan Lucci can wait 19 years (19 nominations) to win an Emmy, so can everyone else. She never complained, she was just grateful to have a job!

  7. Fancy BISH January 21, 2016

    Hopefully we get another “Blacktress Janet Huberrrrrrrrrrt!” video lol 🙂 “First of all, MISS THING…um, does your MAN not have a mouth of his own with which to speak?”
    #AuntViv 🙂

  8. Leo January 21, 2016

    I agree yet disagree, though well spoken stances from him and his wife, but I still pose the question: in all honesty, was there a performance by a black actor the deserved an Oscar nomination this year? If so, what person and movie? I don’t think concussion was a bad movie, but it was not a great movie either. Will did the character justice but the movie lacked luster. Other than that, creed was ok but not riveting performances. I don’t think Sylvester deserved nomination for sure. I digress, so the real issue is not during Oscar’s, it’s a casting issue. There needs to be more diversity in casting throughout the year, not just for “black films” but all films. One could say there were no openly gay actors representing themselves this year either. Ijs

    • Erotica January 21, 2016

      In truth last year was a shītty year in movies, nothing really great came out. Further more I don’t think it’s so much a casting issue because certain movie companies and director initially want certain actors but the actors turn down the film. Example: Will Smith was asked to do The Matrix but he turned it down to do Wild Wild West. He turned down Django in ‘Django Unchained’ because he wasn’t the lead actor and he turned down playing Superman in Superman Returns because and I quote “The script came, and I was like, ‘There is no way I’m playing Superman!’ Because I had already done Jim West [of ‘Wild Wild West’], and you can’t be messing up white people’s heroes in Hollywood!” —– So going off that, Hollywood is for change and diversity but it seems SOME black people get beside themselves.

      Very good point there were not any openly gay actors nominated this year and The Homophobic Card weighs just as much as The Race Card. People are just to damn sensitive for me, and SOME black people have misplaced hatred.

      In conclusion, instead playing the race card, how about you realize this, maybe your film just wasn’t that good.

  9. Erotica January 21, 2016

    Life style of the rich and the famous, always complaining! I’d love switch places with them, shoot they can complain about my student loans for me, complain about my car being on its last leg, complain about me not having found a decent job despite having a bachelor degree. Complain about ramen noodles and shopping in the clearance section. They can complain about that while I complain about not getting an award in my million dollar home over looking the hills with a side of caviar.
    When you’re rich and you have nothing else to worry about what else is there to complain about?

  10. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig January 21, 2016

    Their marriage seems false for some reason

  11. Tonya January 21, 2016

    My point exactly because I had an opinion you felt as though it was directed in a negative way.
    Will smith was very well spoken as well as many other people (black,white,green) who brings awareness to an issue.
    I still stand by the fact that black ppl should honor and own their people. Mind you there is a minority A-list black actors at that.
    As for you everything you said in your post after mines was to left , you took what i said and made it your own. I never said black ppl aren’t capable of being well groomed, I said will smith interview was well spoken and he’s so well groomed.
    I apologize that you didn’t take it in a well manner, my point wasn’t to belittle anyone or a minority. All I’m saying is hey you want a oscar buy an oscar there are many ppl who don’t have oscars and their black white purple green etc.
    So please have several seats.

  12. Jamie January 21, 2016

    If he can just put head in for 5 secs I’ll be ok.

  13. Jusayin January 21, 2016

    I see what Jada is saying however this argument was already made by comedian Monique concerning the Oscar.she openly said that she appreciated the awards from the black culture just as much as she appreciated the Oscar and that the Oscars carry no more value than the others I think the issue is the accolades that come along with winning the Oscars is an important part of the next level of your career which is why so many people want it but I’m glad we’re having the conversation.let’s see what happens!

  14. Navy Nick January 21, 2016

    I think it’s sad, and they are right. Monique was right, and I agree with above comment (thanks Jussayin)… Chris Rock should just not show up and return that check.

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