Kenya Moore: “Kim Fields Is Living In The 80s….And Has Tax Problems”

Published: Friday 12th Feb 2016 by David

‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Kenya Moore has shared fresh thoughts on her co-star Kim Fields…and they aren’t complimentary.

Responsible for throwing rumours that the actress’ husband was gay into the zeitgeist, Moore recently caught up with ‘US Weekly’ to discuss her feelings towards the show’s eighth season before its latest episode airs on Sunday night.

There, she revealed that she has rekindled her friendship with NeNe Leakes (with whom she shares an eerily similar past) and that she believes Fields is jealous of her success on ‘Housewives.’

She didn’t stop there.

Tax-related insults below…

Moore joined the series at the beginning of its fifth season to replace the ‘Housewife’ Sheree Whitfield who returned to the show this season and is said to have introduced Fields to the series following Leakes’ departure last year.

What do you make of their feud?

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  1. IKNOWTHETRUTH February 12, 2016


    • rosy February 12, 2016

      She is a broke bully and delusional at best the simple fact that she picks on people who does nothing to her I hate to say this I see why her mother gave her up when kenya mother gave birth to her she saw the devil in kenya at birth this woman is pathetic and to claim to look like beyonce really kenya for one bey do not have pimple face and ashy feet twirl on kenya

  2. JanStan February 12, 2016

    This Heaux going too far. Its one thing to have a MUTUAL feud, buy this is just bullying. She’s attacking someone over and over that hasn’t done, and continues to do nothing to her. Maybe that’s why kenya finds her boring, because she doesn’t feed into her need for storylines. I may stop watching and I’m on to Potomac anyway lol

    • rosy February 12, 2016

      Kim fields is worth 8 million this broke b**** cannot come for her the sad thing porsha got more money than her too she stays hating on people that’s why she can never be blessed when you hate nothing good comes your way it’s sad to be this good looking and hate another person she is that pathetic I hope Kim pop her ass like porsha

  3. JanStan February 12, 2016

    One other thing. Any bish whos own mom thinks shes too disgusting a person to bother with shouldnt be PROVING HER RIGHT. I’m waiting for Kim to be pushed to the point she drags her for the filth her own mom thinks she is.

  4. Jamie February 12, 2016

    Ok…and she’s living in the 90s’ and had acne problems…point?

  5. MusicFan103 February 12, 2016

    Wow. Her ass is stuck in the 90s. Don’t nobody remember or care that you were a Beauty Queen or Miss America in the 90s Kenya. I’ll take Tootie or Regine over your ass anyway.

  6. kay February 12, 2016

    why do you dummies think these beefs between these women are real??? All scripted

  7. Weezy Tha Goat February 12, 2016

    Kenya annoys me. The b**** is rude as hell, but wanna play victim when somebody claps back FOH Ms Local😂

  8. MUSICHEAD February 12, 2016

    She ain’t came across the right one yet. Cuz when she does she will shut the f*** up forever!

  9. rosy February 12, 2016

    Kim tell kenya her mama don’t want her and I bet this heifer shut up to see a grown woman going on 50 be so hateful enough is enough that’s why phaedra stay away from her and yall was hating on phaedra

  10. #JACKIE February 12, 2016

    Her ass looks disgusting in that pic. Rivaling Nicki.

  11. Shady 81 February 12, 2016

    Kenya’s gonna come for the wrong one then plop her ass will get popped.

  12. Nicole February 12, 2016

    She wants to be Nene so bad that it’s written all over her lizard skin face…smh. She should be really ashamed of herself for trying to be a bully. It’s not flattering in the least bit and her behavior clearly shows why she can never keep a man and has to always rent one instead…

  13. BEYONCE February 12, 2016

    Kenya he is not going to be on your payroll for long , let him have his 15mins

  14. Dee Western February 12, 2016

    Will someone please tell me why is Kenya Moore still on RHOA? She has never been married, and is always looking to tear down someone to make herself feel good. Although She is still mad at her mother, but continues to take it out on every woman that she feels is a threat to her. She really needs to spend some time with a therapist.

  15. Stephon Jackson February 12, 2016

    Kenya is coming off as a bitter old b**** this season. That Kim lady is a sweetheart. She never should’ve signed-on to be on this show. She’s just not ghetto enough…

    • FC/JC February 12, 2016

      Agreed boo!

  16. yesterday was Aaliyah 37birthday to the good music February 12, 2016

    The show is for entertainment people should of know that it been like that since day one

  17. Jon February 13, 2016

    Why do she hate this woman so much like? I think shes just mad cause she doesnt get under her skin like she wish she could… Hunny Kim is not worried bout u… She living her live you the one stuck on stupid… W/o this show shed be nothing and no one would know who she was or care… Gurl 👋

  18. trock February 13, 2016

    Kenya is so bitter that her own mother won’t have anything to do with her. She’s an a** hole at it’s best.

  19. Casual February 13, 2016

    Kenya’s friends with too many people on the show, or she’s resolved past problems with certain other castmates, so she’s now needing somebody to spar with. Knowing Kim probably won’t return and won’t even really fight back made Kim an easy target for Kenya. These women need to work on being interesting in their own rights in order to focus less on contrived fights with the other ladies on the show.

  20. Michael February 13, 2016

    Kenya Moore is TRASH! I see why her mother gave her ass away!!!

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