Ciara Joins ‘Miss America’ As A Judge

Published: Wednesday 24th Aug 2016 by Sam

Ciara may be in-between albums, but she’s not letting that pause her media momentum.

For, the sassy singer has just signed on for a central role on 2017 Miss America.

Full story below…

EW reports that the ‘Body Party’ performer will serve as a judge on the 96th edition of the annual competition.

Set to air live from the Boardwalk Hall on September 11th on ABC, the show will see Ci joined on the panel by Olympic Gold medalist Gabby Douglas, Mark Cuban, Cole Swindell, Sara Foster, and Laura Marano.

The gig, which follows a hosting spot at the Billboard Music Awards, comes after the 30-year-old signed a new management deal with the team behind Alicia Keys and John Legend.


We’re loving watching Ms. Wilson’s re-branding play out. Echoing earlier sentiments, we hope she can parlay this into heightened music success.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Fancy BISH August 24, 2016

    That picture is stunning!

    • Danzou August 24, 2016

      Yes All ha pics us stunning.

    • Grayna August 24, 2016

      This gal should have been bigger model than kendall!

    • Nah August 24, 2016

      CI keep a job !!!!!! I like her I wish she would prosper more in music

  2. ?+ ✈ = ? August 24, 2016

    Forth baby mama

    • Ughhhh August 24, 2016

      As you go through the street posting missing signs to find your daddy. At least baby Furture will know who his daddy is

    • Nah August 24, 2016

      You damn right fourth baby mama who wasn’t dumb enough to sit around waiting for a child support check, and married somebody with 20x stability and a stable check. I’ll TAKE FOURTH BABY MAMA FOR THE WIN ALEX !!!!

    • Danzou August 24, 2016

      We all gotta make a mistake to get a blessing in return. God don’t like ugly so you won’t be getting one you hateful h**.

  3. Mark111 /.\ August 24, 2016

    Good for her. I want her on TV, give music a break for about 3 years.

    • FC/JC August 24, 2016

      Im not mad at this, But bytch I need videos to survive a 3year break from music…. I wouldnt be able to take it

      • 4everBrandy_Ci August 24, 2016

        Three years? You’re delusional. Ciara will continue putting out records.

      • Mark111 /.\ August 24, 2016

        I know it sucks for her fans, but she need to take a break, record enough music for 3 albums over the next 3 years, pick the right songs from that and bring in a great album. No deadlines, no rushing, no throwing 99 singles at a wall to see what sticks, take the time, try different sounds, maybe a few soundtracks here and there and go from there.

  4. #TeamTinashe Stan August 24, 2016

    Congrats to her. This is her lane that she should stick to from now on.

    P.s Charlamagne is an a**hole for what he said about her on the Breakfast Club. He needs to stop harassing her.

    • Fancy BISH August 24, 2016

      Ain’t nobody REALLY listening to Charlamagne lol…he’s the guy over there talking at the cookout lol

      • #TeamTinashe Stan August 24, 2016

        He’s doing too much lol

      • Nah August 24, 2016

        That’s his job he does what y’all and the rest of us sit on blogs and do which is talk crap..

    • 4everBrandy_Ci August 24, 2016

      Ciara isn’t sticking to one thing. Just because her records aren’t getting some people’s attention she automatically needs to give up on what MADE in her known in the first place? NOPE. She’s going to do what she wants and hustle. People are always trying to tear her down but she remains unbothered. That Charlamagne is an undercover fan. Who gives a s*** about his grudge towards her? He’s a bitter asshole with nothing else to do but gossip. Ciara will always PREVAIL.

  5. FC/JC August 24, 2016


  6. #JACKIE August 24, 2016

    Ciara is a BRAND!

  7. Coolness August 24, 2016

    Brand Ciara is on a roll and I’m here for it. The way she’s revamped and reignited interest in her career is admirable. Watch her slay tf out of the contestants with her looks, lmao.

  8. Tim Brown August 24, 2016

    Been wanting her to re-brand for a while, this is great! Would love to see her do a panel type show, some self-help books (fashion), clothing, perfume, fitness apparel, and endorsements! A Caress commercial would be awesome! 🙂

  9. Nowd Reddish tran ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremixi August 24, 2016

    Good for ciara Harris-Wilson

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