Naomi Campbell Poses In Rihanna’s Puma Line


Rihanna’s venture into the world of fashion continues. The latest figure endorsing Puma’s newest creative? Naomi Campbell.

More below…

Looking as captivating as ever, Campbell rocks the latest FENTYxPUMA pieces in the August issue of VOGUE ITALIA. The British legend can be seen wearing various sportswear item’s from the Fall 2016 collection.

The fashion icon is far from the only notable name supporting the ‘Kiss It Better’ cooer’s line. For, just last month, ‘it’ chick Gigi Hadid also showcased the island native’s range in US VOGUE.

Having enjoyed successful partnerships with Puma, Dior and Manolo Blahnik, could love be next on Rih’s agenda?

Smitten ‘Work’ collaborator Drake not only declared her “the greatest entertainer alive” this week, he also confessed to wanting to father children with Barbados beauty. Interesting.

Do we smell a new power couple? Who knows. For now, though, see more of Ms. Campbell below…

[Photographer: Francesco Carrozzini]

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  1. Anastasia Beaverhousen August 6, 2016

    Supermodel extrodinare.

    • Royalkev August 6, 2016


  2. Suicide Blonde August 6, 2016

    Naomi is a goddess, she worked for J.Lo’s first ever runway production in 2005 too, always willing to help the girls ?

    • Datredd23 August 7, 2016

      Madonna was spotted in Rihs creepers last week ! ?

  3. Jason August 6, 2016

    Naomi always serves pure Slayage!!

  4. Keri Qween August 6, 2016

    Legendary s*** ! A legend modeling your line is major

  5. Rihboy August 6, 2016

    Naomi loves Rihanna, and vice versa! These photos are pure slayage

  6. Blue August 6, 2016

    Rihanna could be the next posh spice, she could really make a name for herself and be respected as a true designer and create a successful brand.

    • BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 August 6, 2016

      Nobody rocking Rihanna Puma with or without Naomi’s help! Speaking of loans, Rihanna begged Beyonce’s husband to recycle an old business deal so she could get a $25 million LOAN to fund her flop album. Speaking of collecting dust Anti is still collecting dust in pure sales. Stay in your lane boo!

      • Navy Nixon August 6, 2016


      • Mark111 August 6, 2016

        No one’s rocking, but it sold out of stock. The rest is just deflection and make no sense. Instead of taking the L, you just completely made up something. How sad? Lol

      • Fatusankoh August 6, 2016

        Bey stain well said tell them haters

      • Datredd23 August 7, 2016

        Madonna was spotted in Rihs creepers last week though Zendaya and others lol

  7. Royalkev August 6, 2016

    I’m feeling it! the boots in the 2nd pick are amazing ( almost as sick as the pair she gave JLO in the AYM video).

  8. Career Ender August 6, 2016

    ugly clothes
    its like they’re designed for prosti.tutes

    • wrosy3 August 6, 2016

      One word worry about ivy park if you have nothing nice to say you rotten teeth stinking mouth b**** then say nothing at all keep your smelly holitosis mouth shut

      • Fatusankoh August 6, 2016

        Worsy 3 look who is talking you always say nasty words against our bey

    • Navy Nixon August 6, 2016

      Its high fashion street wear. Nobody expects an starving African hyena like you who lives in a village away from suburbia to understand. Stay in your lane or in your case culture.

      • Mark111 August 6, 2016

        Ha! Educate IT!

      • Periscope August 6, 2016


      • blue August 6, 2016

        the ignorance in your comment just frightens me.

    • blue August 6, 2016

      then most people must have bad fashion taste cause, rihanna’s line is selling out and ivy park has how many people lining up again?

  9. © Centurion ::. August 6, 2016

    When will Ivy Flop?

    • BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 August 6, 2016

      When Anti scans platinum without Samsung or purchased plaques.

      • © Centurion ::. August 6, 2016

        Is that a drag? That was so bad. :/

      • Krista August 6, 2016

        But it’s true though^

  10. Annalise August 6, 2016

    Pose for the camera now FLICK FLICK FLICK!!!!!! ?

  11. Navy Nixon August 6, 2016

    Rihanna is a true fashion icon and Naomi is legendary. SLAY

  12. LB August 6, 2016

    Pose b****

    Slay Fenty X Puma

    • Mark111 August 6, 2016

      Who buys Puma? Is what the Pest once said. Rihanna over here savings million dollar businesses. Lol

      • © Centurion ::. August 6, 2016

        *billion dollar publicly traded businesses.

      • LB August 6, 2016

        Creeper, Sold out
        Slide, sold out
        Puma on the turn around thanks to Fenty, slay

  13. Periscope August 6, 2016



  14. blue August 6, 2016

    i want a fentyxpuma campaign that just centers around rihanna and naomi

  15. blue August 6, 2016

    noticing how every positive comment about rihanna and puma has atleast one dislike…is someone seriously that bothered and insecure their going around disliking every navy comment? #sad

    • Ayyseify August 6, 2016

      Kiii I peeped it

    • Annalise August 6, 2016

      You could go to ANY tgj post and find a dislike on ANY positive comment about ANYONE. Get a grip and get out of yo feelings hun!

  16. Krista August 6, 2016

    Well at least she’s selling something out because it certainly ain’t EMPti World Tour or those Aunti albums lol

    • Datredd23 August 7, 2016

      Stadiums in Europe have looked full Hun Twickenham was sold out Warsaw Poland 70k stadium sold out Milan 80k stadium sold out
      First leg of Anti tour US box office 47 million besting DWT tour gross. She will definitely have a successful tour aswell

      What BEY did was remarkable with tour gross but shouldn’t deny Rihs success aswell!

      • Krista August 7, 2016

        You only have to look at the receipts to see she’s flopping. She couldn’t even sell out an 11k arena.

  17. Krista August 6, 2016

    On a real though I wonder how much she paid Naomi for this…

  18. Marley August 6, 2016

    It’s obvious she needed a true fashion models help to sell what people are already not buying

    And y’all Rihanna fans are brown nosing the s*** outta her as if y’all know her personally, y’all are hilarious in sad way…. Smh

  19. Annie get yo gun August 7, 2016

    I really don’t understand that fact that Beyoncé fans seems so bothered that by Rihanna’s success,it has nothing to do nor take away from Beyoncé Giselle Knowles. Two individual women that have carved out different paths for themselves and are two of the most successful black female artists right now. You don’t have to like or love either one but celebrate the fact that both can show young black girls that they can create their own empires and be unapologetic about being smart,beautiful all the while being a force to reckon with! Both possess BLACK GIRL MAGIC!! Much more success to both of them.

  20. Mennah August 7, 2016

    Agree, I hate seeing women pitted against one another!

  21. ow Reddish tran ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuyiji August 8, 2016

    Nice model

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