Tyra Banks On Naomi Campbell: “I’m Still Very Scared Of Her”

Published: Sunday 16th Oct 2016 by Sam

Time may heal wounds, but – according Tyra Banks – not all  of them.

The supermodel turned super-mogul revealed in a new interview that she’s still scarred by the rivalry with Naomi Campbell.

As widely known, the pair were pit against one another during their 90s heyday, with Banks using her former talkshow platform to claim Campbell was mean to her.

The Brit-bred diva then guested on said show and asserted that she did not recall any messiness. By the time the credits rolled, the ladies had made amends and that was seemingly that.

However, during a recent interview on Norwegian chat show Skavlan, Banks says not only has she not forgotten the drama, but that she’s also still “very” scared of Campbell.

Full story below…

Accompanied by father of her son, photographer Erik Asla, Tyra said:

“I got to Paris, and it was very difficult. I did really well really fast, but then the industry was saying, ‘Oh, look out Naomi Campbell, here comes Tyra Banks! So Naomi Campbell, sit your butt down.’ It wasn’t fair to Naomi, because [they weren’t saying this to the other model that weren’t Black]. But her response was … to this day, I’m very scared of her. It was very difficult. — like some of my lowest times of my life — dealing with that.”

Peep the footage below…

What’s your take?

Is Tyra simply exercising her license to tell “her” story or should she stop harping on about it?

Let us know below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Citi October 16, 2016

    IMO Naomi may have been there first, but Tyras legacy is stronger now. Naomi has done some embarrassing stuff like sleep with a teenager in Empire and some other wack roles, while Tyra has stayed low and not put her name to such things.

    • #JACKIE October 16, 2016

      And Naomi is still the highest paid supermodel EVER. Hell, Naomi is THEEEEEE supermodel. Her legacy is forever cemented sis.

      • Jamon October 16, 2016

        Actually Giselle is the highest paid supermodel

      • #JACKIE October 16, 2016

        I meant black supermodel, but she is still more iconic than Gisele will EVER be.

      • leveinard October 16, 2016

        JACKIE, please sit the fvck down. Naomi is known because she throws phones at people. Giselle is THE supermodel. She came after Naomi and will forever be remember as being the best. But, you’re a Ciara fan, so what would you know about recognizing the best?

      • Don’t even October 18, 2016

        That would be Gisele sweetie..

    • Mark111 October 16, 2016

      I disagree, when it comes to modeling, Campbell comes on top. I don’t know a Tyra walk but we all know THAT Naomi walk. She still models and is an icon in that world. As of today, Tyra isn’t really it anymore. If this was 10 years ago, yea because Tyra did things outside of just modeling. Tyra did a lot, but never mastered in anything imo. When you think Tyra the model you think 90s, when you think of Naomi the model, you think of the 90s to NOW. At the end, two different career paths. And Empire was acting, and Naomi did a well job doing so. And she was on its biggest rated season.

      • Jamon October 16, 2016

        This is what she was talking about in the interview, putting the 2 against each other. They both are accomplished, well respected supermodels. There’s always going to be enough room for everyone to do their thing.

    • Bey ❤️ October 16, 2016

      Tyra’s TV legacy is stronger. Not her modelling. We only know about her achievements because of the show’s. Naomi’s impact and permeation of pop culture is unmatched.

  2. Kris October 16, 2016

    Oh Tyra, you need more material. No one cares anymore….

  3. Rima October 16, 2016

    Tyra shut up weak ho.

  4. #JACKIE October 16, 2016

    Tyra let it go sis. Everything is always “ME, ME, ME” with her. It’s been over 20 years.

  5. Orlando October 16, 2016

    Now Tyra i love you and your talk show was everything while i was in high school but seriously, let it go. This “beef” is DRY and TIRED as hell.

  6. Jamon October 16, 2016

    She wasn’t bashing Naomi, she stated what happened and explained how they made peace. What I got out of it is how the media puts black women against each other but doesn’t with whites, justblike this TGJ!! I really think she was joking with the “I’m still scared of her”.

    • Jamon October 16, 2016

      *just like TGJ

    • #JACKIE October 16, 2016

      Stop it. The media pits white women against each other ALL the time.

  7. Mark111 October 16, 2016

    I don’t think you guys understand the after effect of bullying. Tyra was a teen, a child. She never bad mouthed Naomi, she just talked about something that happened to HER. And you clowns need to realize that people don’t walk into an interview just talking. They are asked questions. So if the interviewer ask, blame them.

  8. cocobutta October 16, 2016

    Naomi is one of the Queen Mothers of supermodels. Tyra has no need to be scared and that victim thing is as TIRED as Trump running for presidency.
    Maybe she feel a way as Naomi still booking high high fashion shoots while she just supervising Rita Ora on top model as well as some other very cool ventures.

  9. Bey ❤️ October 16, 2016

    Tyra herself admits to being a bully in school so it’s clear that being on the receiving end still stings her. She needs to accept that she was signed to replace Naomi and wasn’t good enough to compete. The “fear” really stems from the bruised ego of a narcissist who is desperate to push a narrative which blames Naomi for her own shortcomings. It wouldn’t have been so easy for Naomi to intimidate her if she and the people around her were playing in their own lane. You tried to snatch the crown she fought through racism and negative stereotypes to claim and failed. Deal with it.

  10. Kwinzy October 16, 2016

    I gotta say this y’all. Colourism is very real in our community. Tyra is a grown woman and knows it’s very easy to paint our darker hue sistas out to be the villain. Why she still has a gripe over Naomi? I don’t know. But it’s clear who the bigger supermodel is. That’s a threat in itself. Tyra created her own lane for herself besides modelling so I don’t see her need to throw shade. Get over it.

  11. Jay October 16, 2016

    Tyra is provocative….trying to paint Naomi as a bad person & her as the helpless victim. She is trying to resurrect her dead career using Naomi! She is a has been. She fell after her talk show got canceled.

  12. Stephy October 16, 2016

    Tyra is doing too much. Like, you already addressed the woman face too face, on your show, 10 years ago. Stop talking about her. Naomi ain’t thinking about you, so don’t fall for the bait of interviewers trying to get some drama outta you. She’s so over-dramatic & annoying…

  13. Credits October 16, 2016

    Tyra and Naomi are the Brandy and Monica of the supermodeling world in the sense that they are pit against each other. This comment has nothing to do with how much money they have made.

  14. SippingmyTea ☕ October 16, 2016

    She sounds so weak ! I am sorry I understand they went through a lot together when Tyra was coming up in the industry but she needs to quit. You are a grown ass woman talking about you still scared of another women. Yall are both successful !

  15. RoyalKev October 16, 2016

    Tyra’s only speaking her truth! Tbh, I believe her! I’m convinced Tyra’s version of how things happened is likely to be true! Naomi was a fireball and her behavior was often mean spirited back then! That said, NO ONE was going to take anything away from Naomi! She’s second to none on that catwalk! She had nothing to worry about! Beef or no beef, it won’t change the fact that Tyra and Naomi are both very successful and did a lot for their industry!

  16. Beytwice October 16, 2016

    Notice how only Tyra keeps harping on it? Naomi, detached as usual doesn’t even bother to reply to something like that. Stop flogging a dead horse Tyra, because Effie we all got pain!

    Is anyone still watching Top Model? And how about that farce of a talk show hosted by her which in the end was all about Tyra? Is she booking any high end designer campaigns?when was the last time you were a muse? Sorry honey you’re not relevant. At all.

    Love you Naomi, slay as always!!!!

    • Trose October 16, 2016

      Did u say “effie we all got pain” LMAO I AM DYING! 2 points 4 u

  17. Sam October 16, 2016

    Naomi is an icon and a legend in the fashion industry. Tyra is and will always be a tv star. There is no competition here! Naomi is in a league of her own.

  18. East African girl October 17, 2016

    C’mon now TYRA she’s from oakland,ca welfare housing and bully black girl from the hood she’s bitter ciz Naomi her mother raise her well and put her private school and she was the youngest model and highest paid model ever tyra is fake loud ugly HOOD! GO NAOIMI

  19. LIL’ KIM BIRTHED YO FAVES October 18, 2016

    Tyra Banks is Nicki Minaj. Naomi Campbell is Lil’ Kim. The original is always better than the replacement. Like Nicki, Tyra is an expert at playing the victim. Naomi will always be THE QUEEN.

  20. e Nowqd Redv dibut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremixi October 18, 2016


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