Donald Trump To Sign Anti-LGBT Order This Week?

Published: Monday 30th Jan 2017 by David

Jenny Boylan, an influential member of the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, has taken to Twitter to reveal that she has heard Donald Trump has set his sights on the gay community.

Full story below…

Boylan’s remarks come as Trump’s decision alleged banning of Muslims from supposedly terrorist hotspots continues to dominate headlines worldwide.

Jenny added:

Keep it locked on TGJ for more on this developing story.

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  1. D January 30, 2017

    It wouldn’t shock me. The one good thing about this horrid mess is that it’s going to force other minority community’s who accuse black people of being cry babies to sit up and pay attention. Racism against black people is very prevalent in the Islamic and gay community.

    • FentyArmy January 30, 2017

      America is officially a 3rd World Country under Trump. 🙁

      • BLM January 30, 2017

        Why is congress not stopping this at anytime? Why don’t they take a stand? Please uphold American values & be on the right side of history???

      • Cake Like Gaga January 30, 2017

        What;s new huh? Republicans are pig anyways and y’all should know by now!!!


      • Lamb4Life January 30, 2017

        You are too naive. Congress is working for big fishes and corporations. Just like Jay and Bey…they are all puppets. America is f*cked.

    • Anti Trump January 30, 2017

      A petition to prevent President Trump’s state visit to the UK has passed one million signatures. See, Riri is not the only one who thinks he is a P I G. We Americans are the laughing stock right now. 🙁

      • Frank Ocean January 30, 2017

        signed!!! 😆

    • anti republic*nt January 30, 2017

      Expect more demonstrations….just like during Bush era.

    • Fed Up Already January 30, 2017

      Embarrassing to admit that he is a president of a civilized nation. Not a good year to be an American. Someone.. please.. impeach this f*gly orangutan!!!

    • Blue Gorilla Ivy January 30, 2017

      No words from Beyonce yet?
      What a coward.

      • D January 30, 2017

        What did the white gay establishment do to help her when she was being attached over Formation? Nada.

    • hihihiks January 30, 2017

      Beyonce is an illuminati puppet…she hasn’t got the memo from her “handlers” yet. Or maybe Jay-Z hasn’t forwarded the emails.

      • YISI January 30, 2017

        If Beyonce is a puppet,then what is that fat drunk with alcohol melted vocal cords you stan for? How come you’re not condemning Toots Jr for not protesting or having a say? Not a peep from the drunk, just promotion for a “DVD” no one with any type of IQ would buy.Girl ?

    • LISA LEVINE January 30, 2017

      Dear D. Let’s be honest the lesbians LOVE a fierce black gay boy. The White Gay Community, while they like to “HATE” on black gays, truth be told, i’m quite sure WHITE GAY MEN HAVE A FETISH FOR BLACK MEN. They would love a big strong black dude with GIRTH to wear there backs out. Its all SMOKE n MIRRORS honey, White men KNOW fully well they have no s** game. Its fashionable in there culture (white culture) to hate on black men, strong black women.

      • Lamb4Life January 30, 2017

        Sorry if you feel that way. I don’t like Black man because they tend to hurt me.

        I like small d*cks. I don’t like to feel as if Im sh*tting. 😆

      • D January 30, 2017

        Fetishes are dangerous because the people being fetishized are only seen as being valuable when they’re being used sexually. That’s why there’s a disconnect. The white gays are more than happy to say nothing about black suffering just as long as there is black schlong for them to ride.

      • XYZ January 30, 2017

        @lisa levine – actually a lot of black gay men aren’t the strong types. They are more like the Beyoncé type. Same goes for a lot of Latin gays. Not of all them, for sure, but and that’s just my personal opinion, an overproportional amount of black and Latino gays are very effeminated

    • Trump Tower Receptionist January 30, 2017

      This week Arabs, next week GLBT?

      Oh no..bad news for me. I heart Arab men. Their d*cks smell like…sage mix with lavender. Many of them are married but they don’t mind being a downlow for me. I always invite them to my house after work cause I enjoy “kosher” food. It is going to be a quite year for my b*tt.

    • ? + ✈ = ? January 30, 2017

      I bet lady gaga is hiding. I thought she was here for the LGBTQ? FAKE!!!!!!

    • JanStan January 30, 2017

      OMG. The most anti gay ethnic group in America are blacks. That’s why people call blacks cry babies because they point the finger and play victim as if black people aren’t bigoted anti gay themselves. Truth and bye!

      • JanStan January 30, 2017

        In response to D’s comment

      • RihRihSleigh January 30, 2017

        The most anti gay group are blacks? Statistics please. White people commit more hate crimes than any other race in America so please tell me where you’re getting your information from please. Better run and fact check before you try to check boo boo.

      • Sugar Tree January 30, 2017

        I’m howling at this joke! White men statistically carry out more anti LGBT crimes than anyone else but you refuse to acknowledge this because you’ve been programmed to be sexually attracted to your bullies. Go and ask Gwen Arujo’s family who was behind her murder. When you’re done, watch Boys Don’t Cry and then telll me who is killing who. Uninhibited swine you are.

      • Black Power January 30, 2017

        This dog says black peoole are the most homophobic people in the America as if the actual Vice President isn’t someone who believes in conversion therapy. You wanna know who the real homophobes are? Your relatives who pretend to be ok with your sexuality but voted for Trump knowing Pence dislikes you. Unlike your lie about blacks being the biggest homophobes, there is proof that Trump and Pence were very successful with the same white people you want to believe are pro LGBT. Poor thang! Run along and fantasise over Nick Jonas and leave the facts to those who have them.

      • Black Power January 30, 2017

        And if you want to have a real conversation about why black people are “homophobic” go and research how they were introduced to gay “s**” when they arrived on plantations. Then you will see where the fear stems from. #breakingthebuck

      • Black Power January 30, 2017

        Howling at “movie reference” . Boys Don’t Cry is a true story fool.

      • JanStan January 30, 2017

        I can’t at someone who goes on a rant about me being wrong about homophobia in the black community and then refers me to do research on why blacks are so homophobic. Now you are REALLY dismissed.

    • January 30, 2017

      Exactly, certain things is hitting home now.

    • It’s a Shame January 30, 2017

      @BLM why wait for congress to do something? Have you seen any true representation of us? Why don’t we start helping ourselves? It starts with us. We have power. We are the back bone to the economy. Who do you think purchase the most foreign goods (shoes, food, hair products etc)? Every time a new fashion comes out who goes and buys it? How about we start saving our money and start investing in ourselves. Not even speaking of other black owned businesses I’m saying having money in our bank account. This is no shade to anyone just saying..start building your bank. Its all about the dollar. If you don’t have some you will be screwed. Put yourself on a shopping diet and your savings will be the weight you gain and the money they lose.

  2. Suicide Blonde January 30, 2017

    What’s not to hate about this man, just look at his face, so damn irritating, I just want to punch him in the face ? ?

    • Black Spendex January 30, 2017

      No kididng. It is my fantasy to take a long greasy wet cr@p to his face and his supporters.

      • Lil James January 30, 2017

        Flying kick would be awesome too. Can’t stand all the Republicans. They ruin America. Riri is right.

  3. Ashanti Does It Better January 30, 2017

    It saddens me to say that this old fart and his cronies are only exposing what’s always been there. Now is the time for all communities to acknowledge the other’s pain and fight for equality.

    • Hate Him January 30, 2017

      The worst President in history …without a doubt.

  4. D January 30, 2017

    I’m concerned that a lot of people of colour will be ok with an anti LGBT law because many of them feel that the LGBT establishment has turned a blind eye / benefitted from their oppression. Intersectionality.

  5. Laqoyah January 30, 2017

    This orange pig hasn’t done nothing productive except suppressing people in the last 8 days…

  6. Suicide Blonde January 30, 2017

    Unfortunately, most non-white people tend to be way more homophobic than white people, but Americans overall are a special case, they live in a developed country but think as third world citizens.

    • Suicide Blonde January 30, 2017

      This was in response to @D comment ?

  7. Mark111 January 30, 2017

    It’ll serve White gays right.

    • BLM January 30, 2017

      serve your mom popping uneducated moron.

      • truthteller January 30, 2017

        Is this the same Sweden which has one of the highest rates of antisemitism and islamophobia in Europe? No country is perfect

      • Suicide Blonde January 30, 2017

        Sweden: est 77% of rapes committed by 2% Muslim male population. Antisemitism, not by ethnic Swedes, Jews are being harassed and physically attacked by Muslim people from the Middle East, we are changing our country and culture in order to make foreigners happy, Swedes rather being oppressed by migrants in their own country than to be called racist, that’s how stupid we are, our girls get r**** by Muslim men and our government does nothing, our tolerance is destroying the country, all in the name of political correctness, google Sweden is doomed, that should open your mind. Sweden remains the most tolerant country in the world.

      • truthteller January 31, 2017

        This rant just like so many of your previous posts which contain thinly veiled racism only prove my point.

  8. Nick January 30, 2017

    Sorry? What’s the story here? There isn’t one?

    • American in the UK January 30, 2017

      Here is are an illiterate f*cktard.

  9. January 30, 2017

    I agree. USA is now under a 3rd World Country.
    Very sad to think how Trump tries so hard to ruin Obama’s legacy. Expect a civil war soon, y’all! 🙁

  10. blue January 30, 2017

    first the women, then the immigrants, now the gays…soon the non-whites. the only people gonna left standing in the next 4years is the white straight man.

    • Lana Del Fan January 30, 2017

      Honestly, he’s not going to make it 4 years as president. Pence is worse though so we’re doubly F U C K E D

    • January 30, 2017

      he said he is going to make America great again mean he is going to make America white again, that’s is plan and he is trying to make it so.

  11. Vie January 30, 2017

    People have already vandalized his hotel in DC. This imbecile old grandbaby will taste his own medicine eventually. 8 days in the office and nothing but troubles.

  12. blue January 30, 2017

    i wonder what all those
    “I’m gay and a proud republican and I support Donald Trump” are gonna say about this

    • Frank Ocean January 30, 2017

      He is their guy…even if he farts they would say it smells like a rose. Those riff raff white supremacists only cares about their skin color.

  13. Lara Alayana January 30, 2017

    Im getting sick and tired of him and not even 30 days.

  14. Zzz January 30, 2017

    what’s next?

    he will abolish bra and panties too?

    • D January 30, 2017


  15. D January 30, 2017

    The wealthy white gays should have done more to help other movements when they had a chance because I’m already seeing proof of what I was saying in these comments. Blacks are always expected to back every liberal movement even when those same liberal movements ignore their problems.

    • BeyMilitary January 30, 2017

      Oprah didnt do anything other than Blacks. So?

  16. Wonder Woman January 30, 2017

    LMAO USA is the new Russia

    • hihihiks January 30, 2017

      No, Iraq…USA is under a dictatorship.

    • BoyToy1814 January 30, 2017

      It’s true!! Russia has all of our information in the U.S.& Trump is the ringleader. He told Russia on television 2 hack our internet & find Hillary Clinton’s 33.000 deleted e_mails.

  17. Stephy January 30, 2017

    Mike Pence is NOT here for us f***. He still thinks we can be “cured”. Chile… this gon’ be a looooooong 4 years

  18. Mama January 30, 2017

    Muslims, Blacks, Asians, Mexicans, Immigrants and GLBT….reunite. Take your voice to the streets, airports, hotels, FB and Twitter. Enough is enough…

  19. American in the UK January 30, 2017

    Pence or Trump …America is f*cked. I blame Blacks for not rooting for Hillary. We were so closed 49%.

    Now, there is no point crying and whining. Enjoy being in a third world nation called …U S A !!!

    • D January 30, 2017

      Or blame Hillary for not earning their vote. They don’t owe her anything.

    • stan January 30, 2017

      Minorities OVERWHELMINGLY voted for Hillary. Trump won because of the f&cked up system called the electoral college.

  20. Iconc January 30, 2017

    “I am the face of an immigrant! Hard working, job creating, & tax paying! #immigrant”- Iman Abdul Majid

  21. BeyMilitary January 30, 2017

    F*** Trump and F*** Azoolia Banks. Move on…

  22. Ghetto Momma January 30, 2017

    Trump supporters are pigs. Period.

  23. Mona January 30, 2017

    Old Pig should sit down…for a while.

  24. yuks January 30, 2017

    Bey’s political stance…dancing like a dog in heat.

    • RihRihSleigh January 30, 2017

      She’s a staunch BLM supporter. More than what can be said about those people who are more than happy to sleep with black, Latin and Arab men but then will happily watch them face persecution when they’re no longer of sexual value to them. I didn’t see many white gays speak out against Tomi Lauren when she came for BLM. Wonder why that is? ?

  25. ya January 30, 2017

    who cares these gays wanted to bash black folks in the process using our black women and black gays to aid and abed in their demonization of the black community. And the dude Suicide Blonde blaming non white people as being homophobic than white is full of s*** because last time I checked it was gays who are made fun of in their mostly small or rural backwards towns for being different, whites like Matthew Sheppard and that movie that Hillary swank did were brutally murdered or harmed (r****) by white men and women, plus countless others for the most part blacks aren’t homophobic we don’t fear Gays but for the most part a lot of us may just not agree with that lifestyle that’s not hate. Now I wont defend bigotry or hatred and name calling for f**** sake but to say we can be more homophobic is a flat out lie based on ignorance and media propaganda; when we all know whites hide their dirt and play victims of the very system they created.
    Remember everyone else whites founded this country based off of Christian values they made and implemented the laws so them playing the blame game ends now….

  26. Black Power January 30, 2017

    I just find it so funny when I see white gay men in particular scream how upset they are at black homophobia but then go to great lengths to bed black men behind closed doors. Those who know what I’m talking about know what I’m talking about.

  27. Avenger January 30, 2017

    So in other words, just a bunch of innuendo and empty rhetoric. And TGJ created an article giving credence to random smoke because they’ve recently discovered that Trump is bringing in clicks and comments like Beyonce vs. Rihanna circa 2012. Just report on music and entertainment. TGJ is not a place for political commentary. Neither the visitors, or the bloggers themselves, are worldly enough for it.

  28. JanStan January 30, 2017

    Can someone please post a link to the LGBT establishment that people keep referring to? It’s astonishing that this group would be so anti-black being that they just got the right to marry themselves a few years ago. If it is true, I need to speak to our leader and make sure that we remove our newly formed alliance with the right wing from our agenda! I refuse to a part of an establishment that works so diligently to keep the black man down! F’n. Please.

    • Black Power January 30, 2017

      I find it so funny to watch you dismiss what so many people can see but go ahead. You know very well that establishments don’t need to have a hq to have political pull. How else do you think gay marriage was legalised? The public didnh vote on it so who do you think championed it? Exactly. The argument is that the community that has gained the kind of power that the LGBT community has expects so much help from communities it has ignored.

      • JanStan January 30, 2017

        WHO ignored it? You mean gay rights extended to everyone BUT gay blacks? And wtf are u talking about? So many in the black community made it a point to distance themselves from the gay rights movement even being offended that the fight for gay rights be at all associated with the black civil rights movement. So miss me with that black victimhood bs.

      • XoMoDe January 30, 2017

        “So many in the black community made it a point to distance themselves from the gay rights movement even being offended that the fight for gay rights be at all associated with the black civil rights movement.

        It’s an offensive comparison/association, that’s why.

      • JanStan January 30, 2017

        Ok than you addressed the issue that Black Power brought up about gays ignoring the blacks and now wanting their support. Whatever the hell that means(?)

      • Black Power January 30, 2017

        “Victimhood?” I’m not the one running scared boo boo. That, oh lowly one, is you. Good day dog.

  29. Tori January 30, 2017

    I just want to die and go to heaven, none of this will be there!

  30. Dee January 30, 2017

    So sick of that “Blacks are the most homophobic mess” the sh!t is played out. During the disco era it was blacks who were embracing gay people more than anything while whites were standing in ball parks with their anti gay/kill the disco era signs breaking and smashing records, all of it was pure homophobia and racism, go do your damn research. But like always BLAME everything on black people, simply because you have no power to stand up against rich white men and therefore can’t do a damn thing about trump coming after your ass, so yes get angry at black people that’s so much easier lol!! cause as we all know blacks are the ones who put all the anti gay laws in place pffft (sarcasm) Direct your anger at those who are about to affect your livelihood and leave black people tf alone sick you of damn racists. Y’all are some angry birds. Stay angry!!

  31. Dee January 30, 2017

    And what’s with this victim-hood, as long as there is oppression and forms of subjugation there are VICTIMS. Yes you know that lil ugly system set in place called WHITE-SUPREMACY. Try me if you want to. White supremacists, White extremists which are nothing more than terrorist groups stay victimizing people.

    • JanStan January 30, 2017

      You’re a damn idiot. No one said that racism didn’t exist. If you had reading comprehension (or just weren’ t an angry lazy bish) you would understand the context of the discussion was the stupid idea that gays are now the oppressors of black people. The response to that was that the black community has been much more discriminatory towards gays than vice versa. A ludicrous idea. But because you are obviously too stupid don’t bother responding I don’t deem you worthy to spend anymore words on. K bye.

      • Hart January 30, 2017

        And in which ways have black people’s supposed hatred of gays affected their lives/freedom? It was WHITE straight men who enforced the laws that made life hell for the gay community so cast your sweaty eyes upon them and leave us alone.

      • JanStan January 30, 2017

        Omg that was the stupidest question ever. Blacks are one of the only ethnic groups who still vote as a majority against same s** marriage. THAT IS HOW THEY EFFECT OUR LIVES. Now YOU answer the question. What have gay people done to oppress black people?

      • Black Power January 31, 2017

        Poor confused thing. Could you provide me with the stats proving that black people are overwhelmingly voting against pro Same s** legislation? Your limited education prevents you from realising that as powerful as we are when unified blank people account for a small percentage of the population. Therefore I’d like you to show me proof of what you said since you said it. Also, which gay rights laws are you talking about? Gay marriage? The courts HAD to make it legal because they knew that the majority of the population (which is white) would vote against it. You should really do your research into how bills are presented and subsequently passed before you speak next time.

  32. Anti Hillary Anti Trump / Pro Truth January 31, 2017

    @JanStan proves just how little most people know about the world we live in. It doesn’t even know that the legalisation of same s** marriage was a surprise BECAUSE it was approved by the Supreme Court. Don’t you remember how happy and surprised most people were when they found out. They didn’t have to vote for or against it so I’m curious to see how it figured black people were to blame for something that didn’t happen. ? Keep reading and researching after high school is done people. There’s more to every story we learn there.

  33. JanStan January 31, 2017

    I’ve already posted links that unlike you’re asses weren’t references to Hollywood movies. Stupidest uneducated mentally stunted thing I’ve ever seen. Maybe post a link to actual research about how the black community is supportive of gay rights? And I have yet to see any supporting evidence of this idea that gays are the new oppressors of black people? it amazes me how you guys can turn in issue that is so obvious into an opportunity to blame someone else. Just scroll through this damn website and see attacks by black celebrities on the gay community. I don’t see a SINGLE one where the opposite is true or maybe u can find one for me?

  34. Avenger January 31, 2017

    The “big news” is that Trump signed an order to keep workplace protections for LGBT-ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP-976.

    This article was a big ass nothing burger that Sam created to rile you reactionary kids up, so that you would click and comment. You got played.


  35. Now time yca ritish wauyzbi January 31, 2017


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