Rihanna Shares First Look At ‘Ocean’s 8’

Published: Monday 30th Jan 2017 by Sam

Following a digital duel with Azealia Banks last night, Rihanna is looking to put the focus back on her career endeavours.

With the promo cycle for her ‘ANTI’ album seemingly complete (capping off in the US at 610,098 pure sales), RiRi is turning her attention to film.

As reported, the Bajan belle has signed on to ‘Oceans 8’ – the all-female reboot of the ‘Ocean’s 11’ franchise.

The heist drama, which also stars Sandra Bullock, Anne Hathaway, Mindy Kaling, and Cate Blanchett, hits theaters on June 8th 2018.

Despite the lengthy lead-in, 28-year-old Rihanna has begun the teasing process.

Moments ago, she took to Twitter to share a first look at the cast in action.

Check it out below…

With record sales far from a guarantee in today’s age, it’s actually quite smart for Ms. Fenty to up her ante in other creative spaces.

What’s more, in being surrounded by other established names, there’s less risk for the flick heading for Razzie territory like many of her other acting endeavours.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Meme January 30, 2017

    So excited about this movie. Can not wait

    • Applause January 30, 2017

      F*ck Trump- the worst President in history…f*ck Beyonce, Taylor, Gaga, Britney, Azoolia Banks too..all hypocrites!

      • ? + ✈ = ? January 30, 2017

        They are all FAKE!

      • Rosy January 30, 2017

        I think we can give bey a pass on this I know i get on her about not speaking out sometimes people speak about the things they passionate about leave her alone she probably doing things behind the scenes

      • Baddiebeymyfav January 30, 2017

        Beyoncé says F*** you tooo…. ugly Rat.?

    • LISA LEVINE January 30, 2017

      She is the JLO of the RnB world. LOW on talent and High on HYPE.

      • Rosy January 30, 2017

        Your mom p**** is low on talent which is why you were born stfu

      • January 30, 2017

        Thank you for commenting. Here is your Darwin Award for the day. When the last time your fav hit #1?

      • Lisa Levine’s Mom January 30, 2017

        When I was about to pop out Lisa I thought I was giving a birth to an a**! So painful.. ?

    • Cake Like Gaga January 30, 2017

      Will Samsung buy some tickets to give an illusion that this movie would be a hit like… Anti??? 😆

      • LOL January 30, 2017

        I doubt it but one thing I know.. Joanne is a tragic flop without any hit singles.

        K bye, gurl.

      • JOHNVIDAL January 30, 2017

        Girl JOanne is gonna end selling as many album units as Anti despite not having the support of hit singles. Keep that in mind before commenting. Rihanna would be ended without the constant support of singles and features.

  2. Where is Beyawnzee? January 30, 2017

    The future Queen of Pop…brave, strong and try to help the community.

    Yes, Trump and his supporters are..PIGS.

  3. Miss Jay January 30, 2017

    She ended Azealia within 12 hours..quite impressive. Her career is very dynamic and colorful unlike this one artist who attacked cops just to sell a generic fake divorce album called …Sh*tmonade.

  4. cause she is the illuminati puppet January 30, 2017

    In other sad news..Beyonce is a coward. 🙁

  5. blue January 30, 2017

    since when is one many?

  6. BeyMilitant January 30, 2017


    • IKR January 30, 2017

      …just like Bey’s marriage with a baboon.

  7. LISA LEVINE January 30, 2017

    She can’t even sing.. let alone acting. Maybe a model for Walmart is a better choice for this overrated goat.

    • Maybe January 30, 2017

      Why are you so bitter and insecure?
      Small b00bs?!!!

    • IKR January 30, 2017

      Your sh*t is bigger than your *sshole, huh?

    • JOHNVIDAL January 30, 2017

      I agree she cannot act or sing or perform. And this movie is not needed. I eman, nobody is hyped for it. There is already a backlash for all these movies that are creating the female version. And teh first movies more than a decade ago weren´t even taht successful. These amny years later it is just not going to amke any impact. It´s a shame cause tremendous actresses like Cate Blanchet or Anne Heathaway are in it.

      • ?Yellow Diamonds? January 30, 2017

        And Gaga just has white america. Which might I add, isn’t even checking for her. im gagging at the fact that people are excited for her Super Bowl performance to hear her songs from her first album. Kii. She’s already a greatest hit artist what 3-4 albums in? Kii.

      • JOHNVIDAL January 30, 2017

        And you stayed out of topic. As usual coming from a Rihanna fan. She has no talent. And this movie is not promising (not that if it were it would be thanks to her anyway).

  8. Jlover January 30, 2017

    Meanwhile Azealia Banks is hiding in her closet shaking ready to cut off another chickens head.

  9. Stephy January 30, 2017


  10. Xoxo January 30, 2017

    Actually excited to see this movie! I love the Oceans series
    Meanwhile someone is killing chickens for such an opportunity…

  11. Chasin Time January 30, 2017

    Would have loved for this movie to have a more diverse cast like Lucy Luu and Michelle rodriguez in it.

    • Starxavi January 30, 2017

      Lucy Lui would have been great! But it is a pretty diverse cast already.

  12. Rihboy January 30, 2017

    so amped! Why so far!? Anyways I guess it makes sense since valerian is debuting this year. I feel like since she has changed her ago and becoming more active with twitter these days that we might be getting something soon. Remember there is always two sides to the story! Anti!!

  13. Samsung brought my albums January 30, 2017

    Dead the b**** only sold 600k album’s ?????

  14. mikey January 30, 2017

    How have Rihanna’s other roles put her in Razzie territory? She was in like two other movies and was extremely excellent in Battleship!

    Sam would make anything up to try to shade Rihanna!

  15. Navy Gravy January 30, 2017

    I never seen any of the oceans movies but based on the cast alone I know this is gonna be a HIT! Love love love Sarah Paulson, Mindy and Anne. I don’t know why she’s teasing this movie so early though, shouldve kept all the details under wraps until next year really. These acting singers need to learn the movie business. Anyway can’t wait!!

  16. Loveonthebrain January 31, 2017

    Love on the brain is 14 on bb without any promo or videos, when will lemon water singles?

  17. Now time yca ritish wauyzbi February 1, 2017


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