Ratings: Vivica Fox’s ‘Magic’ Holds Steady Despite Producer Cutting Ties After ‘No Gays’ Drama

Published: Monday 16th Jan 2017 by Rashad

Since the week of its premiere on Lifetime, Vivica Fox’s reality male stripper competition – ‘Black Magic’ – has been engrossed in controversy.

As if the hooplah around its subject matter alone didn’t ruffle enough feathers, the actress’s stinging declination to gays when asked if the show’s performer would perform “for them as well” landed her in hot water.  In fact, not only did she experience an unfortunate dragging on Twitter, but the show’s producer – Jean Claude Lamarre – condemned her comments and immediately distanced himself from her.  The ruckus encouraged her to lend an official apology via Instagram:

Interestingly, despite all the drama that’s been pit against the show since the week of it’s arrival, its ratings are still hanging tough.  See what we mean inside:

As we reported last week, ‘Vivica’s Black Magic’ debuted to a modest 765,000 viewers. This week the series’ ratings did decline, but not severely.

Total Viewership = 656,000



(Photo courtesy:  SBDaily)

Given all the damage the show’s experienced over the past week it’ll be not only interesting to see how this week fares but also how the network would feel about renewing the show for a season 2.


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  1. Meme January 16, 2017

    people take things way too seriously. i hope people wasn’t offended by her comment.

    • Brent Christopher January 17, 2017

      3 out of the 8 strippers are very well known GAY MEN. I know this for a 110% fact. The entire black gay community knows these three men socially, personally and sexually. It’s no secret. so, when more than 30% of you cast is comprised of well known gay men, it makes no sense whatsoever to denounce gay men as onlookers of the stage performances. it’s hypocritical.

      and it wasnt so much Vivica’s comment, as it was her over-the-top, almost offensive delivery.

    • LISA LEVINE January 17, 2017

      Steven Beck is 100% gay and nude all over the internet. Alvester is a Mariah Carey/Beyonce backup dancer/singer who is also Gay. She needs to stop being a “FAKE-Gay Supporter”. She’s fake.

  2. Cough Cough January 16, 2017

    Her comment wasn’t all that offensive and by “cut ties” he definitely is still working on her show so I wouldn’t exactly call it “cutting ties” cause he’s still getting cut checks.

    • Brent Christopher January 17, 2017

      it was her delivery that was the problem. 3 out of her 8 cast members ARE well known homosexuals, so who does she think is helping to secure those abysmal ratings?

      • Jasmine January 17, 2017

        Why are u so mad at a small little comment, that was not even negative. She was selling a reality tareged to female viewers. Female viewers are not going to tune in to see a reality show of gay strippers. The viewers of this show want to see supposedly straight male strippers. All the gays have to do is pitch a gay stripper reality show and get a network to air it. But no, some of the gays like you, are looking to start drama out of nothing and take offense to things that are not even meant to offend. Do you see straight men whining about Vivica’s show not being targeted to them? NO

    • Anne January 17, 2017

      In my opinion she should be happy about whoever would watch despite who the target audience may be. You don’t turn away viewers just because they don’t fit in your original target. A target audience is never exclusive and expansion is/should always be welcomed. Her comment was not only rude, it was downright STUPID on her part and self destructive. But it was a reflection of how she really feels and she said it without time to think of a smarter, politically correct, business savvy response. Too bad for her that her true feelings aren’t consistent with what would have been a more advantageous response or she wouldn’t have to try to fix it up after the fact.

  3. Jasmine January 16, 2017

    The gays want to be included in everything. I don’t think Vivica meant to offend anyone. If someone said “this is for the fellas” or “this is for the ladies” the opposite s** does not get offended. Gays should follow suit and realize everything does not need to include and there is no reason to be offended.

    • Brent Christopher January 17, 2017

      please STOP saying, “the gays” — as if as an already marginalized group, same gender loving men are some species separate from mankind in itself.

      • Jasmine January 17, 2017

        Don’t get your panties in a bunch. Everything is not about the gays and there is no reason to be offended when something does not include you nor should you be so sensitive about the matter. Miss me with your negativity and misconceptions derived from over-sensitivity and idiocy (someone saying “the gays” in no way means the person is “marginalizing a group” of people. You just want it to mean that).

    • LISA LEVINE January 17, 2017

      Dear Jasmine. Your the same chick that will end up with a downlow Brotha because your in denial and raised by a momma who lived on a farm PICKING COTTON. Listen B_itch, Gay men are a part of society and Like most black old school women, you think it’s only the “q**** acting boy you knew in school that modeled”. No honey, lets state fakes, this is a GAY STRIPPER SHOW, half these boys are GAY and GAY for pay. WAke up fool.

      • Jasmine January 17, 2017

        @Lisa go ffuckk a sick d*** and die b_itch. You sound gutter and I do not deal with trash.

  4. LmfaoHoe January 17, 2017

    Her comment wasnt that serious like damn. Not only are we living in sad times but people need to grow a back bone and toughened up. Too many sensitive over lil s***, just imagine when its serious time. Its like if someone calling you out your name; it aint what they call you but what you respond back to. ?

    • Brent Christopher January 17, 2017

      if you are not a gay male, you are in no position personally or socially to make such umbrella statements.

      • Jasmine January 17, 2017

        That is stupid. How do you know the person commenting is not gay? Also gay people include women too, not just men.

  5. RCR81 January 17, 2017

    No offence taken – This is ridiculous! She stated that the show was billed as “the ultimate girls night out”. What’s the problem with her stating that her dancers “dance for women”?
    If some of the Dancers are straight then they probably wouldn’t feel comfortable ‘grinding’ on or in front of gay men, which is fine. If that’s what the dancers have signed up to, then there is no problem here. As a gay man it infuriates me that some of the community are so quick to jump on anything and cry ‘foul’. There was nothing offensive or derogatory in her words! Stop being so dramatic – it only encourages poorly educated stereotyping!

    • LISA LEVINE January 17, 2017

      Dear Gay man: when are you gonna learn to ride or die for your gay community. Your the coy little black gay boy who votes for trump and hangs out at only “white” gay clubs right? Listen boy, as soon as those cha cha “white” gay boys have a few drinks…..you will be the colored N_igger gay boy. Wake up sugar

      • RCR81 January 17, 2017

        A few things;

        1 – I am white so ‘coy little black gay boy’ doesn’t hold up

        2 – I am British – So how the hell have I voted for Trump?

        3 – I do not only hang out at ‘white’ gay clubs (if such a thing exists)

        4 – Why are you bringing up Race?

        And you comment about “when will I ride or die for my gay community”. I will ride or die for something I believe in and I will not agree with every gay persons comments just because they are ‘gay’. I have my own views and opinions, and will not compromise my views because you say so.

        So in essence, your whole pathetic little rant is irrelevant as are you (I would imagine)

  6. The Wig Snatcher January 17, 2017

    Though I believe that this show is a major step backwards for Vivica, she will be alright even if the show ends up getting the chop.

  7. SMH January 17, 2017

    Lol. When are folks gonna learn that reality show “controversy” is created solely for ratings?

  8. Ladylike January 17, 2017

    I don’t think gay men should be mad. It is a shame that they want to take a woman’s place so much that they are mad. Guys all Vivica was doing was making a show for women. Stop getting upset and wanting to always be included.

  9. wWe Nowqd Redv dimnobut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremxil January 19, 2017

    It all created for the show

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