Mahershala Ali & Viola Davis Make History at 89th Annual Academy Awards

As Viola Davis & Mahershala Ali‘s films, ‘Fences’ and ‘Moonlight’ respectively, were two of the year’s most Academy Award-nominated movies, fans of both took a deep sigh of relief when the works were honored by the voting committee for their groundbreaking performances.

The wins not only come for triumphs for people of color, many of whom have lashed out at the academy for reportedly limiting the types of roles African Americans are generally nominated for, but also for Davis & Ali who see their names penciled in history books as a result.

Curious to know why or how?  The answer inside:


With his win of ‘Best Supporting Actor’ Ali became the first Muslim to ever win an Academy Award.  See his acceptance speech below:


Elsewhere, Davis is seeing her name added to record books as well.  With her ‘Best Supporting Actress’ win for her role in ‘Fences’ she joins Whoopi Goldberg as the only African American actresses to have won an Academy Award, Tony Award, and Emmy Award.  Unlike Goldberg, Davis is the first African American actress to win all three awards for acting (‘The View’ hostess won her Tony Award for production).

Unlike Davis, Goldberg also has a Grammy to her credit.

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  1. The Wig Snatcher February 27, 2017


    • Gia February 27, 2017

      Emma Stones …urghh! ?

      • Che Ta February 27, 2017

        Um…well, well, well yall forgot the most..Mariah Carey spotted this week now she’s back selling her p*ssy in Hollywood at Oscar Vanity Fair party. 🙁

  2. LISA LEVINE February 27, 2017

    Congrats to this beautiful woman, who in ONE scene destroyed every other actress. The oscars and the Best Picture Drama deserved to be DRAGGED of course trying to give it to the undeserving La La borefest.

  3. HALF AMAZIN February 27, 2017

    Why is the fact that he’s Muslim news worthy???? That’s just going to create a point of contention. ????…Anyway, I find it appalling that #OscarsSoWhite had to happen to make last night happen. Why can’t black films and actors just be given their due recognition off the top???!!?!! Ugh, and the Warren Beatty stunt…. I just can’t.
    Emma Stone as Best Actress?????#OscarsSoWack

    • Dayanara Lee February 27, 2017

      This is America…equality is just a smokescreen. Now with that stupid orange President….so embarrasing to admit Im from the US! This country is so devided. About a Muslim thing, they want to show those illiterare redneck morons that art sees no colors and religion.

    • JOHNVIDAL February 27, 2017

      What´s the problem with Emma Stone????? She´s worthy. Yes of course we all have out preferences but it is not like she isn´t among the good ones.

  4. Oprayah February 27, 2017

    Im glad that it went to an American Muslim. We minority groups have been marginaized long enough and now we have the worst president in history and his supporters. I cant even…
    Our voice counts and they are peddling racism like never before! Time to fight for our right!

  5. Um. February 27, 2017

    Can we just give Viola a Grammy for being her?

  6. JOHNVIDAL February 27, 2017

    Congrats to both. Both are so damn good. I´m glad that these to wins aren´t due to last years #oscarsowhite and are actually deserved (because we all know, the industry has rewarded a few times some people that maybe didn´t deserve it that year only for the fact that they wanted to reward black talent. These two wins are amazing and deserved.

    Only one thing: Viola is the Leading actress in that movie. I hate it when the actors´ teams choose to campaign for a thing that just isn´t such thing for the sake of having more options. Viola could have very well won best actress. Their loss (Viola´s and her team and that film´s).

  7. Boosie February 27, 2017

    It’s so sad that I’m 2017 people go to the cinema and watch a film and if the cast is 50 – 100% or are playing the main roles it’s a black film. I never went to the cinema to watch a white film before or watch a white programme on tv.
    Anyway, moonlight and fences were by far the best films or acting, emotion, cinematography and anything else that panel of dusty old Caucasians and sellouts had to offer, but the sad thing is these actors will not excel like their white counterparts as like every ocscar winner before them it’s down hill from here because here isn’t enough froom for Janel, Lupita, Taraji, Octavia, Hallie or any other to all succeed at he same time and it’s even harder for the men.

  8. WNow at youfr best game way tuesidnz March 1, 2017


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