Bill O’Reilly Apologizes After Saying Maxine Waters Wears “James Brown’s Wig”

Published: Tuesday 28th Mar 2017 by Rashad

Famed FOX commentator, Bill O’Reilly, is no stranger to controversy as his quips and comments have landed him atop many-a-headline over his career.  However, his most recent jab at Congresswoman Maxine Waters (known well for her anti-President Donald Trump statements), has landed him in some serious hot water.  So much so, some viewers found it to be ‘racist’ and demanded his resignation.

Did you miss any of the hoopla?

It all started with this:

From there, fury erupted on Twitter:

The result?  O’Reilly offered an official apology stating:

“As I have said many times, I respect Congresswoman Maxine Waters for being sincere in her beliefs. I said that again today on Fox & Friends calling her old school. Unfortunately, I also made a jest about her hair which was dumb. I apologize.”

Your thoughts?


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  1. IG: @mixedboy March 28, 2017

    They use any tactic to change the conversation or stray away from this corrupt, racist administration. RACISM at its finest!!!!!!

    • 2bad2bme March 28, 2017

      Then say I’m sorry so we can move on. I’m sick of them people

  2. iSpeakTruthNoFallacy March 28, 2017

    He should be the last person talking about anyones looks as his skin looks the leather from my retro, all-white, Air Force Ones, and his hanging, iguana, triple chin looks like a hot pocket. Stick to the facts Bill, your president is failing. At least Maxine doesn’t have to pay for dack

  3. MCS James Brown’s Wig March 28, 2017

    That was some superior shade, boy‼️????

    And calm down; talking about fake hair isn’t racist‼️

    • Your Mother March 28, 2017

      OK, she do need to give James his wig back!!!!!!

  4. Kwinzy March 28, 2017

    How you gon be a Hair Club for Men reject throwing shade? The delusion. This pasty, bigoted f***. Die already.

  5. Cbeylive March 28, 2017

    ?No lie That was some good shade, but when you talk about somebody else’s hair you need to make sure you can still grow some and that your hairline still connects…??

  6. DanYiel Iman March 28, 2017

    Who is BILL REILY again? ??‍♂️

  7. Ughhhh March 28, 2017

    I get it. But this isn’t news to cause an uproar over. Why is it that black people only get upset on issues that only become perceived as racist. When are we going to get involved and cause havoc on other issues.? It’s hair. It’s kind of funny… James brown did rock that style

    • CZeal March 28, 2017

      I understand what you’re saying but that isn’t James Brownns hair style

  8. carlenciaga March 28, 2017

    i’m patiently waiting for auntie maxine’s clapback!!!!! you know he is about to get scalpedt ??????

  9. Biting Truth March 28, 2017

    Let’s not pretend it’s not true. He shouldn’t have apologized.

  10. XoMoDe March 28, 2017

    It’s basically true. That cheap nylon wig is Maxine Waters wears is awful. If anything, this is an insult to James Brown. His hair grew from his scalp. He may have teased it to hell and back, but it was his. That mop Waters wears is like something out of a costume jewelry store.

  11. Fancy BISH March 28, 2017

    Who am I?
    I’m Maxine, Bill O’Reilly respect me!
    Pay me dues off in these streets
    You gotta respect me!
    Anywhere that I be
    Bill O’Reilly respect me!
    Anytime you see my wig
    You better respect me!
    You besta R-E-S-P-E, respect me
    R-E-S-P-E respect me
    R-E-S-P-E respect me
    Respect me!

    • Kwinzy March 28, 2017

      You’re so fuc*ing RANDOM!???

    • EnRanc March 29, 2017

      What the hell was that? 😆

  12. Steven March 28, 2017

    ThatGrapeJuice is race baiting again…. talking about her hair is not racist…. It is shade, but not racism… keep it moving….

  13. Lala March 28, 2017

    I’m scaaaaarrrreeeeaaaammmmiiiinnn!!!!! He def got down on Maxine. She should’ve just talked s*** back. The way he lookin, she could’ve won

  14. B_Roni March 29, 2017

    Smh people calling him racist on the comments but clapping back with racist statements. Lol. People say racist stuff everyday on this blog. Both him and a lot y’all are racist

  15. Summer tyime tran pico at your best March 29, 2017

    Bet he wear fake teeth and have wearing fake hair before he have no room to be talking with his lame rude self potato head

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