Muslim Actor Slaps Disney With Racism Claims

Published: Sunday 26th Mar 2017 by David

An aspiring star named Mohamad Adams found the fame he seeks hours ago when he stepped out to claim Disney rejected his offer to portray its character Aladdin because he is Muslim.

Unfortunately for him, his decision to do so has seen him shaken and stirred by the resurrection of tweets many Twitter users say sees him do a little discrimination of his very own.

Full story below…

Today, said support has dissolved following the unearthing of messages Mr. Adams posted on Twitter before lashing Disney with his allegations.

Disney is yet to respond.

Your thoughts?

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  1. ANTI (The Floppage ‘Twas Real) March 26, 2017

    Most MUslims hate blacks so im not shocked.

    • RhiRocks March 26, 2017

      No we don’t so stop trying to create hate! Ethnics need to stick to together

      • Pepe Longstocking March 26, 2017

        One YouTube search is all you need to prove that black people are under attack in Arab countries. You know what abed means right?

    • Caleb March 26, 2017

      You do know a large percentage of American Muslims are Black right? Have you not heard of the Nation of Islam? Malcolm X? Muhammad Ali or Louis Farrakhan?

      • RhiRocks March 26, 2017

        If arabs are hating on blacks how is that most Muslims! You need to get educated , Muslims are black , Asian , Kurdish, Turkish , white not just arabs. Black people don’t like it when they get judged yet you’re happy to judge entire Muslims just cos of some arabs! Smh.

  2. Pepe Longstocking March 26, 2017

    Shaaaaaaaaaaaaaame! I wonder if he’ll talk about those tweets on those Tv shows he speaks of. Pig he is!

  3. Bravo!! March 26, 2017

    Dev Patel who played in ” Slumdog Millionaire” would be a good Aladdin

  4. Cbeylive March 26, 2017

    So because Disney didn’t choose him because they are racist??? NAw b you just not as good as you think you are.

    • boomkack123 March 27, 2017

      RIGHT!!! His cover sounds like sh!T

  5. Meteorite March 26, 2017

    On the bright side they can sing

  6. Credits March 26, 2017

    Clearly this dude is struggling with who he is…..but yeah, I hope the reporters see the tweets so they can drag him on air.

  7. Donald March 26, 2017

    He is gay

  8. Cbeylive March 26, 2017

    He changed his twitter pic and everything pretending to be someone else ?

  9. @ASAPicon March 26, 2017

    Idc who this guy is…. As long as they dont get a white actor to play Aladdin, we good

    • Shaquiiii March 26, 2017

      They won’t. Disney’s Audition notice is for ethnic actor’s only. It would be suicide if they did.

  10. Shaquiiii March 26, 2017

    MUSLIM is NOT a race….it’s a religion. fk.

  11. OMG Logic!!! March 27, 2017

    His singing is basic as fu ck. You didn’t get picked because of that. Now you won’t get booked period because you’ve been outed as a racist. You just shot yourself in the foot boo.

  12. Now at your summer day smile tran March 27, 2017

    Smh and the case will be dismissed fail

  13. Kwinzy March 27, 2017

    I remember running into this dude’s Youtube a year back. Watching his videos & s***, wildin’ over his deep voice and hazel eyes. Good thing he showed his true colors. F*** him. HE’S DONE.

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