Nia Long & Taraji P. Henson Fight On ‘Empire’ Set?

Published: Thursday 23rd Mar 2017 by David

Nia Long has reportedly found a nemesis in her peer Taraji P. Henson.

Details on their supposed clashing below…

Long, who joined Henson’s series ‘Empire’ recently, reportedly bullied members of the show’s hair and makeup staff in between scenes much to Taraji’s disgust.

This, coupled with her “habitual lateness”, is said to have sparked a feud between the ladies and forced several members of the show’s production team to file an official complaint about her to its bosses.

TMZ breaks it down…

Our various sources are scoffing at Nia’s reps, who claim the stories about the actress are made up. Our sources say there were numerous incidents, but 3 are still vivid.

These are…

Our sources say in the history of the show the hair and makeup people have only filed one formal complaint for mistreatment … and that was against Nia. The hair and makeup people say she was extremely disrespectful … at times deciding she didn’t like her look at the last minute and then chewing them out. The sources say there have been numerous guest appearances on the show — “from rappers to Demi Moore, and no complaints were lodged against anyone but Nia.”

— Our sources say Nia was “habitually late.” They say Taraji and Terrence Howard would sometimes be waiting on set for 30 minutes and Nia was a no-show. Producers would finally use a stand-in for Nia so Taraji and Terrence could rehearse a scene.

— It is custom on the set when guest stars finish their last scene for the Assistant Director to call it out … “This is (name of actor) last scene,” followed by a “thank you” and applause. When Nia did her last scene, Terrence was having some sort of allergic reaction and his lip began swelling. The A.D. was looking for Benadryl when Nia left. It’s unclear if the A.D. was distracted or just didn’t want to thank Nia, but we’re told as Nia walked out she told someone in production she was going to sue the show because the “goodbye” was in her contract. Production sources say it was not in her contract.

Nia‘s camp responded with…

We stand by our comments this morning that Nia has always, and continues to be, a consummate professional on set. In respect to her working relationships with the cast, she came onto this project, in the first place, because of her long-standing friendship and professional relationship with Terrence Howard.

We are not aware of any complaint, suit or case against her from anyone involved in the show, and we find the timing of all of these stories to be very suspicious, given that the series returns tonight.

Alas, this has done little to silence the claims presented to the press by the show’s staff who claim that they were were traumatised by her tardiness and rudeness.

Your thoughts?

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  1. #TeamTinashe Stan March 23, 2017

    I actually cannot believe this, it’s Nia Long got damn it!
    Rude = Nia Long? Doesn’t make sense.

  2. Mother March 23, 2017

    Her hair is LAID in that photo!

  3. #ispeakfacts March 23, 2017

    I will never believe or accept this! I love my girl Taraji but Nia is a vet in this game and she is a long time fave of mines!

  4. Black power March 23, 2017

    I didn’t read it past TMZ, reports… haha they’re always making up some s***! I don’t believe this for a second!

  5. Incognegro March 23, 2017

    FAKE NEWS!!! Never thought I would have to say that, and my spirit shudders a bit because of it!!!

  6. Cash_rulez March 23, 2017

    Lls yeah this seems made up.
    But I also wouldn’t be surprised usually the vets are the hardest ones to work with.

  7. SMH March 23, 2017

    Hmmm, I dunno, when you have a bunch of folks all saying the same thing, you have to wonder. And its not just 1 or 2 people, its the entire staff. All this time Empire has been on, something like this hasn’t happened until now. Gotta wonder….

  8. Acquired tastes March 23, 2017

    She just might be a diva ?! !!!

  9. Coolnesss March 23, 2017

    Well damn, I never thought I’d see such a story about the woman in my avi ??!! Tbh, I can see this being very possible. I love Nia but I’ve heard she can be quite difficult to deal with and add to the fact that since Empire’s debut in 2014, they’ve had a revolving door of huge stars guest on the show and not ONE incident of rudeness was reported. So yeah, Nia’s people need more people, lol. Can’t say I’m not disappointed though.

  10. Jeans March 23, 2017

    Smh, not Nia!

  11. Stephy March 23, 2017

    She’s a Diva, period. Move on…

  12. D March 23, 2017

    My Mom worked in the entertainment / media industry in SF and LA back in the late 80s and early 90s. When I was a kid (when the first Big Mommy’s House came out) she told me that she had conducted an interview or appointment with Miss Long and she wasn’t very kind – she had a “Don’t you know who I am” attitude and was very condescending.

    This headline made me think of that story. Not surprised. She is stunning, though.

    • D March 23, 2017

      *Big Momma’s

    • BEYONCE & RIHANNA March 24, 2017

      Who is your mum???

  13. SmNtsWNow at uyoufr best game way tuesidnz March 24, 2017

    Wow lol Fake

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