Rihanna To Star In New Musical Movie On Amazon

Published: Tuesday 14th Mar 2017 by Sam

Rihanna is putting the rockiness of her ‘ANTI’ era behind her by making a big splash in the realm of film.

While fans quite literally beg for a video for recent hit ‘Love On The Brain,’ the Bajan belle has instead spent much of her time shooting ‘Oceans 8’ and Luc Besson’s ‘Valerian.’

Now, another movie is on her slate and this time it’s a musical.

Full story below…

Per IndieWire, the 29-year-old has snagged a supporting role in ‘Annette’ – which Amazon recently acquired the US and Canadian distribution rights for.

So what’s it about?

Lead by Adam Driver and directed by Leos Carax, ‘Annette’ tells the tale of a stand-up comedian who is faced with the reality of taking care of his 2-year-old daughter after his opera singer wife dies. As the narrative unfolds, he begins to realize that his little girl has a special gift.

The flick will feature original music, with US Rock act Sparks confirmed to contribute. No word yet on whether RiRi will record material for the project.


With Ms. Fenty making such an aggressive play for big screen domination, one has to wonder when ‘R9’ will arrive. In the midst of all these movies or after?

Interesting times.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Meme March 14, 2017

    Rockiness? Really like can we let it go now? It’s been a year of throwing shade at an era that had more hit singles and radio play than some artist entire career. An album that is platinum, with music that is Grammy nominated!

    • Ughhhh March 14, 2017

      All this blog does is throw rocks. Are you surprised? Every black women in music gets stoned on this site except Beyoncé. Her and all the other non-black female artist stay winning on this site.

      • Jamon March 14, 2017

        Don’t forget Ciara and Brandy!!

  2. The Wig Snatcher (Shether) March 14, 2017

    Rih is a terrible singer, actress and entertainer, but she remains booked with a loyal fanbase. God works in mysterious ways.

    • Ughhhh March 14, 2017

      He sure does. You exist, so mysterious work in all forms

  3. Truth is March 14, 2017

    She got another number 1 album, she received critical acclaim and made various best of 2016 lists, she scored 3 top 10’s including a 9 week number 1, was in the Top 10 best selling albums of 2016, and so on

    Stop trying to undermine her success cause truth be told a lot of artists would kill to have a 12 year career and be able to score Top 5 hit with no promo or video.

    Best of luck to her venturing into the movie scene.

  4. Jay March 14, 2017

    Rihanna shouldn do anything that has to do with a musical … that voice is disastrous .. smh

    • Jasmine March 14, 2017

      A musical movie is different than a traditional music.

  5. Weaveney March 14, 2017

    I thought you had to have vocals to be in a musical? Is this a non-speaking role?

    • JOHNVIDAL March 15, 2017

      I thought the same LOL

  6. IG: @mixedboy March 14, 2017


  7. Brick March 14, 2017

    STOP SHADING ANTI, F**! Every time you make a Rihanna post it’s always some ANTi shade. Just give us the news, ho! No need for additives!

  8. Rihboy March 14, 2017

    Look at all the mad people! Lol

  9. Jjfan1814 March 14, 2017

    LOTB is #5 on the hot 100 after a year from ANTIs release. But yet, the good sis is microwaveable and lacks longevity. I mean, I guess chile!

    • Cupid March 15, 2017

      TGJ wouldn’t dare post the facts. It’ll make their faves look bad ?

  10. Queen Barb March 14, 2017

    Shes bout to put the nail in her coffen

    • FRESH NAVI March 14, 2017

      like onika with three flop singles. @me in the event ANY of those three flop sons outperforms my fave’s FOURTH YEAR OLD SINGLE. BLOOP.

      My fave was front Row at PFW at Dior not at the H&M show.
      She also debuted her collection FENTY x PUMA flying off shelves and the talk of many a celebs. How’s the K-Mart Collection?

  11. Brandy4Ever March 14, 2017

    Go away flop!

  12. La Perra March 14, 2017

    She. Needs to focus on delivering bops and breaking Mariah’s record. Plenty of time for her to do movies once she peeks.

    • Rihboy March 15, 2017

      That peek bin came

  13. DanYiel Iman March 14, 2017

    Well it’s amazing that Ri-Whine-A & Tricki Garbagh are snatching awards for FRAUD SOUNDS brought by Safaree & Ester Dean…✌??

    • blue March 14, 2017

      that would be funny if rih hadn’t released two albums without an Ester Dean credit.

  14. We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler March 14, 2017

    Musical? But she sounds like she smokes 50 packs a day…

    • Jasmine March 15, 2017

      It is not possible to smoke 50 packs of cigarettes in a day. That is 1,000 cigarettes total.

    • gina March 15, 2017

      and your overrated bug fave sounds like a goat trying too hard.

  15. tsWNow at uyoufr best game way tuesidnz March 14, 2017

    Wonderful let see her act in the movie without singing

  16. Orangeyougladididntsaybanana March 14, 2017

    I’m not even looking for R9 yet

    ANTI was well worth the wait
    I don’t mind waiting another 1-2 years if it means getting another ANTI quality album

  17. ty March 15, 2017

    Rihanna is not stupid she getting older can’t rely on p**** patting forever. She is expanding her brand to other things which is smart and good for her in the long run. Music wise she will still churn out hits but not to the same extent as she was at her peak. Rihanna is growing up i’am intrigued about how she advances from Anti.

  18. gina March 15, 2017

    that rihanna reign got the girls mad af.

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