Mike Epps Apologizes For Alleged Kangaroo Abuse After Feds Launch Investigation

After getting a few animal rights’ activists hopping mad for bringing a kangaroo on stage during one of his acts, funnyman Mike Epps wasn’t exactly in a laughing mood when he learned the Feds were launching an investigation into the incident.

A result of what some allege is “kangaroo cruelty” for the mishandling of the Australian beast (i.e. yanking its leash hard, prohibiting it from leaving the stage, ignoring obvious signs of distress, etc.), the film and stage star’s recent stop in Detroit on the ‘Festival of Laughs’ comedy tour came under fire after a video made its rounds on Twitter.

Yesterday, as the backlash continued, Epps took to Instagram to lend a lengthy apology. Read it inside if you missed it:

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is reportedly looking into video.  No word yet on if charges will be pressed. [source]

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  1. Pressed much April 3, 2017

    Fking moron. I can’t stand people like him.

    • Jasmine April 4, 2017

      Blame the media. Mike Epps has an audience and he stays in his lane. People like you would not know what he is working on or up to but it is the media’s fault for using any black celebrity as bait to fit their negative agendas. The media is hungry for another “Michael Vick” case (ie a black man that gets convicted of animal abuse). Notice the thousands of people that run dog racing competitions get ignored because the media wants another black man to take the fall. Mike Epps apologized for his idiocy and explained there was no malicious intent. Let’s see if the media decides to destroy him or let him get off with a warning.

      • Jasmine April 4, 2017

        dog fighting not dog racing

  2. Jam Tuesday those dayz April 4, 2017

    Wow somebody is getting their money big check for him to pay

  3. TheUrbanGent April 4, 2017

    First off, Mike Epps should have never been in possession of the animal. I blame him for his behavior, which was just over the top and ridiculous (he was obviously drunk or something), but the owner is the person who should be investigated. Why did he bring that animal to that environment in the first place. Just trying to be seen and is going to end up getting his damn animal taken away. Dummies.

  4. Casual April 4, 2017

    The headline alone is a kii.

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