Hot Shot: Odell Beckham Jr Gets “Unique” Tattoo

Published: Thursday 11th May 2017 by Sam

Whether it’s his skills on the field, dance moves, or boys trips with Trey Songz, Odell Beckham Jr has never been against sharing.

Hence, it’s little surprise that his latest ink job has been chronicled on Instagram.

The New York Giants star playfully poses in the snap above as he’s tattooed on his hips and derrière.

It goes without saying that this definitely has tongues wagging; but ultimately we wouldn’t be seeing this if he didn’t want us to.

Do you OBJ, do you.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Jeans May 11, 2017

    JUST COME OUT ALREADY Odell, please!!!

    • King Of Shade ? May 11, 2017

      If I wasn’t married I’d hotline bling all over his backside. Yasss!

      • amaad November 6, 2018

        you most be gay

  2. grapejuicefan May 11, 2017

    these rumors will never stop queen,what are you doing ?!

  3. Jeans May 11, 2017

    He is so hot, and is definitely GAY! He screams it to me. Lol

  4. SAVAGE_beast May 11, 2017

    Yeah he’s definitely used to that position.
    Get em ofell

  5. Audreyherbsburn May 11, 2017

    Y’all wanted to see it too.. why is this a post?

  6. SMH May 11, 2017

    I must say, if he really is gay, I love the way he’s going about it. Never confirm or deny anything; just keep ’em guessing lol. You go boy!

    • JJ May 11, 2017

      Right! Because if he is gay and confirmed it, they’d give him the Michael Sam treatment and accuse him of announcing it to get attention.

  7. JustCoastWitHa May 11, 2017

    Cakes out like Whaaaaa !!

  8. Honda Accord May 11, 2017

    Y’all want everyone to be gay and miserable like y’all. I dont get gay from him, I get a young flashy rich attractive athlete who enjoys attention.

    • SMH May 11, 2017

      The denial is real.

    • DEY YOUR LANE May 11, 2017

      Same here i do not see GAY in this guy. He is just a flamboyant young man with money and they can do anything. Plus his team knows that been rumoured as a Gay man in the industries get you more and more FAME. You are not Famous until you are rumoured to be Gay.

      i am gay but common gay guys wants any s*** looking man to be gay or anyone who is materialistic vain to be gay. i really no guys who are very fancy but are not gay.

    • JJ May 11, 2017

      I don’t get the “gay and miserable” description. If anything, gay guys get to have a lot more fun than straight guys because we aren’t so worried about adhering to society’s oppressive standards of manhood – which is why some ppl may think Odell is gay. He doesn’t really care about what society says about his dancing, style, or personal decisions. But gays aren’t miserable. Once guys do come out as gay, they actually feel freer and happier. That said, if Odell is gay it’s HIS BUSINESS. Assuming he’s gay by getting a hip tat is reinforcing those stupid standards of what men should and shouldn’t do to fit in with society’s idea of a “man.” Also you really cannot tell if someone’s “gay” anyway.

      • Frank December 31, 2023

        Yup. But then you have to worry about following the constantly changing, unbelievably rigid rules of the lgbtq community. Like any group, or religion who constantly emphasizes how “loving”, “tolerant” and accepting you are, it’s actually the complete opposite. As soon as somebody stops conforming to your narrative and rules, you ppl shun and exile them. Somebody decides, transitioning as a child really wasn’t a good decision and wants to debtransition, there f****** OutKast immediately. Cause as it turns making life changing decisions as a child is a bad f****** idea. But you don’t care, what that person going through, they only matter when there a billboard for the lgbtq cause. And here is the greatest irony of all, the patriarchy has hijacked womanhood and woman rights on all fronts and these same people who push that narrative, are helping them do it. “F*** the patriarchy!”, but men are now telling you what your rights as a woman are. And hijacking woman’s sports, and telling woman, don’t like it to bad. As a man I’ve decided I’m more woman then you and I’m calling the shots now. Don’t wanna se my d*** in the locker room oh welll, woman of the year? Miss America you say? Woman of the year? Nope taken it! So a man is now calling the shots for womanhood. F*** the patriarchy you say? The woman that are supporting this are the dumbest human beings on earth. I’m a feminist but I’m gonna let a man put on a costume and reduce what it means to be a woman to a joke , a meme, there making fun of you

  9. LISA LEVINE May 11, 2017

    didn’t we learn ANYTHING from Aaron Hernandez???? MEN LIKE MEN, does not matter if they play football or basketball, Gay people can in all zones. THIS BOY is GAY. Trey Songz is Gay. Marques Houston is Gay. Shemar Moore is Gay. Mario Lopez is GAY. Puff Daddy is Gay. THIS A NEW BREED OF MASCULINE GAY MEN. Just deal with it.

    • gina May 11, 2017

      dont forget about chris brown & omarion lol

    • Caleb May 11, 2017

      Is this sarcasm? It’s almost like an illuminate conspiracy post. How the f*** do you know all those ppl are gay?

  10. #TeamTinashe Stan May 11, 2017

    For some reason I don’t think it’s gay for another man who is a trusted professional tattooing his ass especially if he is locked and solid with his sexuality and that is being “Straight”. Only people that aren’t comfortable in their sexuality will say such a thing.

    There is an agenda to make it seem like ALL black men especially in the media are gay that I’m starting to see. It needs to stop!
    Ps: Didn’t Colin Capernick do the same thing? Lol I remember

    • King Of Shade ? May 11, 2017

      No that doesn’t make him gay. Nor does he sweet personality. However in this particular case he is gay. And trust not everyone wants everyone to be gay. #SorryNotInterestedInYou ?

    • juju May 11, 2017

      Didn’t TinaSHÍT claim she was bi so she can get more instagram/tumblr followers? Where were they when her 292992924th single flopped and failed to chart on the hot 100. LOL!

  11. Its me guwrl May 11, 2017

    Licks lips. Mmmmmmm

  12. BE YOU May 11, 2017

    This man is not Gay him and his team is selling these whole Gay thing because it works in the industry. Soon they going to stage him making out with a guy and he will break the internet and get more press and famed up the more.

    • King Of Shade ? May 11, 2017

      Nah. I’m sorry. He is not gay. He is bisexual. So what’s the big deal?! Get what you can get and be happy with yours. Lol ?

  13. sleazy May 11, 2017

    Any good looking guy is gay to the gays lol

  14. Junior in Jamaica May 11, 2017

    Not seeing this on his IG…did he have a change of heart and remove? Or was this on the Tattoo Artist’s page?

  15. Halsey May 12, 2017

    My hubby is not gay.

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