RHOA: Phaedra Parks Blames Producer For Lie-Gate

Published: Thursday 11th May 2017 by Sam

Season 9 of the ‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ has come to an end and so too has Phaedra Parksstint with the popular Bravo show.

As widely seen, the attorney/philanthropist/mortician got caught in a “mega-watt lie” pertaining former friend Kandi Burruss and Porsha Williams.

Her mute response as the drama unfolded confused many, but according to Parks sources close to Parks editing was the reason for this. Because, she did indeed point the finger at someone.

Page Six explains:

“Phaedra tried to blame producers for manipulating the scenario, and it was cut from the reunion show. They’re not allowed to break the ‘fourth wall’ and talk about production. It may not have been entirely Phaedra’s fault, but she has to take the fall,” the source said.

A Parks source said there was “a producer who told her the drug and rape story, which she repeated to another cast member. It snowballed. The editing was not kind to her.”

A Bravo rep said, “Production is not involved.”


This does make a lot of sense. After all, had they let that breaking of the fourth-wall air, it would have compromised the “real” in “reality” and dented the credibility of the show overall. No way would that have been allowed to happen, hence why Phaedra (in her uncharacteristic silence) seemed almost resolute to being the sacrificial lamb.

However, it still doesn’t explain why she’d repeat the alleged production whisper as first-hand info to a fellow cast-mate and supposed friend Porsha. Like as much as we rode for Phae, that aspect of the narrative is inexcusable.

It figures then why the rest of the cast apparently rallied together to demand she not be brought back – something creator Andy Cohen and Bravo higher ups reportedly decided anyway immediately after the reunion. With word on the curb being that not only was the nature of the lie problematic at a network level, it saw Phae break a “morality clause” that forbids any comments that could be considered as libel.

Still, we don’t anticipate this being the last we’ve seen of Ms. Parks on the show.

She’ll no doubt need to let the dust settle, new dramas play out, and change occur in her real life. But when the time is right, it’s entirely plausible that she’ll be reintegrated into the mix. There’s too many juicy avenues to explore on that front, namely her life after the chaos, mending her relationship with the ladies, and her romantic liaisons.

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  1. We Fall Dowm May 11, 2017

    When the reunion tea first came out by a VERY reliable source, they also mentioned that Phaedra admitted ON CAMERA that executive producer Carlos King was the one who told her the rumors. Kandi recently unfollowed Carlos .some people may not know that Carlos fell out with Todd when they worked together on Hollywood Divas. Something happened that made them lose money and the blame was placed on Todd…Carlos was behind BLOCK filming his own scenes without Kandi knowledge..but Kandi knew he would be apart of the storyline even though she claimed she didn’t. Carlos also allowed Apollo fiance to film ..Todd knew about her but was asked to play as if he never met her or seen her before. Carlos King was behind alot of the mess this season and it came out at the reunion BUT they cut it out..he use to work for Mona Scott on LHHATL before he came over to Bravo. Carlos King announced he was leaving RHOA/BRAVO a while back.

    • Jasmine May 11, 2017

      I agree. Carlos King was definitely behind this. A producer is not going to abruptly quit RHOA in the middle of filming unless sh!t hit the fan behind the scenes.

    • BEYONCE & RIHANNA May 11, 2017

      You are so Right Carlos King is a messy Bottom.

    • Lovher May 11, 2017

      I find it strange that even though Carlos was fired from Atlanta he’s producing a new show coming up on Bravo.

  2. Kree1996 May 11, 2017

    Chile…Bravo waited on a Teresa, who committed bank fraud to get out of prison..they let Lisa accuse one of the ladies of doing crack in the bathroom..they let another lady get away with lying about cancer for damn stoyline. They love the mess but act as if RHOA is the worse of the worse..those white women be off the hook and they just let it slide.

    • Jasmine May 11, 2017

      I agree.

  3. Kree1996 May 11, 2017

    I agree that this won’t be the last time we see her on the show..IF she did in fact get fired. If you ask me, I think they should keep her because this sets up season 10 perfectly..I have NO interest in watching Nene come back and make everything about her with that Hollywood attitude. You can’t ignore this going into season 10 especially since Phaedra has been key for the past 3 seasons in some capacity..they might pull a basketball wives and bring her back mid-season, they film season 10 in July. If they let Phaedra go then we need a new housewife , someone like Monique from Real Housewives Of Potomac.

    • Casual May 11, 2017

      I agree with everything in this post.

  4. Patthepuss May 11, 2017

    The producers probably did this to her on purpose due to her stank attitude. She’s very homophobic and treats the white crew members like slaves. I know this from a source who used to produce for RHOA and Ladies of London.

    • Kree1996 May 11, 2017

      Homophobic??? Phaedra had never shown signs of that, you are basing this off of what someone else is saying. The real gag is that Phaedra close friend is gay…if she’s homophobic I guess Kenya is also for judging Kim fields husband and spreading rumors that he is gay..I guess Nene is also homophobic for laughing and entertaining it.

      • Jasmine May 11, 2017

        The entire cast, except Cynthia, has had televised incidents where they made homophobic remarks. I disagree with you that Phaedra is exempt because it was televised on the show. There is a stigma among many black people against gays based on non-acceptance and being uneducated about the biological reasons why gay people exist. While most of the cast’s homophobic remarks were televised, I never found them to make those remarks with malice intent. These days people are overly sensitive and many people are looking to cry victim without real cause. Patthepuss’ comments are harsh and without any receipts.

  5. Cbeylive May 12, 2017

    Why didn’t she tell porsha that?

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