Bill Cosby Trial Ends In Mis-Trial

Published: Saturday 17th Jun 2017 by David

In a dramatic turn of events, Bill Cosby‘s sexual assault trial has just ended – without a verdict.

The jury in the case were unable to reach a decision, as such a mistrial was declared.

Per reports, the jury deliberated for more than 5 days and on Friday told the judge they were deadlocked after 53 hours of deliberations. Thereafter, the judge pressured the jury to reach a decision by not allowing them to wrap up until 9:30 PM.

Ironically, the jury deliberated for more than 52 hours — which was longer than the entire trial.

Cosby, who has been accused of drugging and raping over 50 women, denies any wrongdoing.

Prosectors have promised that a re-trial will take place.

But until then, the actor is free …for now.

Your thoughts?

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  1. SMH June 17, 2017

    You know what? Good. After yesterday’s bullsh*t with Philando Castille’s murderer walking free, I’m glad at least one of us escaped from this crooked so called “justice” system.

    • Caleb June 17, 2017

      You gonna ignore all the bs Bill Cosby said about Black people all these years? Like when he implied a Black person who steals something as small as a “pound cake” in his words deserves to be shot by police? He defended the unjust system for decades and essentially blamed Black people for the racism they face.

      • MUSICHEAD June 17, 2017

        @Caleb You clearly didn’t comprehend any of what Bill Cosby was saying to his people. He did not per say, defend the system. He called black people to be accountable for themselves and stop being a victim of laziness and lack of education. While his message was mostly on point, the problem with his message was the audience he was saying it in front of. Speak directly to your people, don’t degrade them in front of “others”.

    • Shaquiiii June 18, 2017

      Are you a Fking idiot?? What about his victims?? You’re actually happy he got let off??

  2. Stephy June 17, 2017

    GOOD! I hope the next trail ain’t until 2025. And if he’s still alive, I hope he gets found NOT guilty. After what went down yesterday, allowing ANOTHER cop off, from killing KILLING an unarmed black… I’m glad Cosby got away with raping all dem white b******

    • Ropeburn June 17, 2017

      You know he has black women accusers too, right? Guess you’re glad he r**** them too, huh?

      • Stephy June 17, 2017

        Nope, but I’m glad he got away with it, just like the cops killing unarmed blacks over & over & over again got away with cold blooded murder. And has been getting away with murdering and raping our people for centuries. So yes, I’m happy to see a black criminal get off and hopefully this finally shows how much a JOKE this “criminal justice system” has ALWAYS been.

    • Shaquiiii June 18, 2017


  3. I HATE WHITE n BLACK BIT..,,,HES June 17, 2017

    the entire cast of The Cosby Show should be ashamed of themselves keyshia only one who stood up

    • MUSICHEAD June 17, 2017

      Why should they be ashamed if they believe he is guilty too? The rumors about him drugging women has been around forever and he is probably guilty. The cast of the Cosby Show owes him nothing.

      • I HATE WHITE n BLACK BIT..,,,HES June 17, 2017

        As Keisha said if the shoe were on the other foot, ,,,,,,

  4. Ropeburn June 17, 2017

    Just like O.J., lots of black folks are out here defending a guilty man just to stick it to white people! They should be ashamed of themselves! Philando Castille aint got sh i t to do with Cosby drugging and raping women for decades! That’s something HE HIMSELF ADMITTED TO!

    • Lmfao_Hoe June 17, 2017

      Please iight theses women knew what they were doing going to see a married man. One or two said they were 15 at a playboy mansion party ! wtf they doing at a Playboy mansion at 15 years old. Hell their parents should be charged for child neglect. Majority visited Cosby more times than attempt to even call the authorities or tell their families. One of them sid they called Cosby after the r*** 72 times / 911 – zero times. Those pills back then were used for s** all the time, just like how everyone talking about popin a damn molly.

    • Caleb June 17, 2017

      At least in OJ’s case the evidence was somewhat conflicting at the time. Remember Mark Furhman?

    • Jasmine June 17, 2017

      You oblivious to the fact that it does not matter whether he is found innocent or guilty. He only has another 5 to 6 years left to live. Nobody lives forever and the man is 79 years old. It is not anyone’s fault the victims waited 40 years to press charges. It simply is too late to do anything. If I was Bill’s attorney I would tell him to get a medical disability excuse in case he was found guilty to prevent going to a real jail but even that good advice is useless because of the mistrial.

      • UMo June 18, 2017

        Um. Bill was on trial for a r*** he commented a decade ago. His rapes go back 50 years, but he isn’t being charged with those.

  5. S****** Blonde June 17, 2017

    So what you are saying is that Bill should get away with his crimes because white cops do, if a white murderer is not punished, a black murderer shouldn’t be punished either, all criminals should be behind bars, and wow at you calling his victims b******. I have always said that you guys say the most evil things and get away with it, imagine if it was me saying that to victims of r***, especially if the victims were black women ?

    • S****** Blonde June 17, 2017


      • Stephy June 17, 2017

        I don’t give a damn about you or your people, period. And yes, I HATE white people. Just to make that VERY clear for you. Just so there is no mis-understanding and confusion. Hope that clears things up for you, and you can keep throwing your underhanded racist jabs, I noticed them ALL THE TIME. And READ between the lines. You ain’t fooling me. So, stop beating around the bush and call a thing a thing. Toodles. Oh and PS, you can call black women whatever the f*** you wanna call them, it’s not like your fellow whites aren’t all over the internet saying far worst things about us “monkeys” anyways… Bye

      • Shaquiiii June 18, 2017

        @Stephy I feel sorry for you. Tarring every white person with the same brush. Sad. Do you look outside of the USA?

    • Jasmine June 17, 2017

      Instead of whining and race baiting why don’t you focus on the possible reasons the jury did not convict him, why the alleged victims waited such a very very long time to press charges, or the reality that Cosby is already 79 years old so a conviction would not really do anything to a man that is so close to passing anyway.

  6. Fancy BISH June 17, 2017

    Yaaaaaaaaaaas! *Pop, lock and drops to The Cosby Show Theme* lol

  7. Achooo! June 17, 2017

    Everyone knew this would be a mistrial. They wanted to destroy his legacy mission accomplished. Anybody with common sense knew those women were paid to lie and went to extreme measures to make sure Bill Cosby wouldn’t buy a network. He should have created his own network like Oprah. I hope Oprah filing her taxes because she will be next. America hate accomplish and billionaire blacks who have financial power look what they did to poor Michael Jackson. They use you and then destroy you by any means necessary.

    • Jasmine June 17, 2017

      Anything from 20+ years ago is irrelevant. People have the right to change their opinions on views on matters and not be held to a dated opinion. You are desperately trying to race bait but you fail at it over and over even though you keep posting the same thing on this post 10+ plus times repetitively like a R*****.

      • Jasmine June 17, 2017

        Anything from 20+ years ago is irrelevant. People have the right to change their opinions on views on matters and not be held to a dated opinion. You are desperately trying to race bait but you fail at it over and over even though you keep posting the same thing on this post 10+ plus times repetitively like a Retarded person.

  8. MUSICHEAD June 17, 2017

    The likelihood of the verdict being a mistrial was always high because the victim lacked credibility. In order to find someone guilty, you have to say without a shadow of a doubt that the accused committed the crime. Unfortunately, the victim was proven to have been in contact with Bill Cosby 75 times after the alleged incident. Many of their phone conversations lasted 40 minutes or more, and she initiated the phone calls more than 50 of those times. If this woman truly felt victimized, why would she continue to initiate contact with this man? That creates doubt which is exactly why the original judge opted not to go to trial in 2004. The prosecution can try this case again, but it will again be a waste of time. Statutes of limitations have run out for the other women so they should just leave Bill Cosby to pay for his crimes in the after life.

  9. Dee June 17, 2017

    It’s up to the prosecution to get their facts the witnesses and there proof together to convict Bill Cosby and they were unable to do that. There just isn’t any facts to prove that this was not a consensual sexual relationship just because she feels she was drugged and doesn’t remember doesn’t make it a sexual assault. The fact that she and Bill Cosby were in contact with each other many times after the alleged assault doesn’t help her case at all.
    Glad he’s walking free for now.

    • Jasmine June 17, 2017

      I agree. If somebody “r****” you why on earth would you be calling the raper, going on dates with the raper, and having repeated s** with the raper? That is the definition of dating to me and not r***. If I was on the jury I would have voted innocent based on the EVIDENCE.

      • Shaquiiii June 18, 2017

        Yeah, because you know all the evidence? SMH.

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