FOX Set To Merge ‘Empire’ & ‘Star’ For Unique Crossover

Published: Saturday 8th Jul 2017 by Sam

FOX is reportedly mulling a major merger for its flagship music dramas this Fall.

According to TV Line, the network plans a unique crossover between ‘Empire’ and ‘Star’ – two productions spearheaded by Lee Daniels.

The pairing would be a one-off premiere event on September 27th – which is when both titles return for their fourth and second seasons respectively.

Beyond being plausible from a storyline perspective, it’ll also be a smart synchronization for the shows which will be airing alongside each other on Wednesday nights.

FOX are remaining mum on the matter, but word on the curb is that folk can definitely expect to see mixing, meshing, and messing between Cookie, Carlotta, and co.


This sounds like a cool concept.

For us, ‘Empire’ has yet to recapture the magic of its first season and in many ways has become a victim of its own enormity. At least from a quality standpoint.  While ‘Star’ is still finding its footing.

As such, this has the potential to shake things up in a mutually beneficial way.

Would you watch?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Jasmine July 8, 2017

    So Naomi was killed n Empire but plays the mother to one of the women in Star. How does that work unless a Naomi replacement is hired.

  2. steve July 8, 2017

    *yawns* I will like to see the comedy they come up with. It would be funny as hell

  3. Eric Young July 8, 2017

    Nooooooo. Empire sucks now, do not merge!

  4. Casual-T July 8, 2017

    I’m all in. Bring it on. The Star finale was everything, and overall, the show got better and better during the season. I’m sure the crossover episode won’t have anything significant. The Star characters will probably get to perform as the opening act for one of the Empire shows or something. Considering that both shows went into hiatus with so much up in the air, the crossover plot points have to be somewhat superficial to keep from disturbing the major plotlines of each show.

  5. KING July 8, 2017

    They were talking about this before star even premiered, something like luscious was going to try to sign them or something, I don’t know maybe I’m tripping. It’ll be interesting to see, if for nothing else, the music for that episode would slay.

  6. G7Pat July 9, 2017

    Doing too much! Has always been this shows problem since season 2

  7. Lake Erie July 9, 2017

    Why!? Smh.
    .. I like STAR over Empire…. I pray this isn’t true.

  8. Lakendra July 9, 2017

    To me empire is getting boring and star is better so it would help empire but what would
    the show be called

  9. Evette July 10, 2017

    No I don’t like Star,but I like Empire

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