Report: Kenya Moore Closer To ‘Real Housewives’ Firing

Published: Thursday 6th Jul 2017 by David

Kenya Moore‘s marriage to Marc Daly has spelled trouble for her role on the hit series ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta.’

For, after learning that she had wed away from the show’s cameras, producers have now urged the former singleton to allow them into her life as married woman.

The problem? Daly is unimpressed by the show’s presentation of its husbands and so rejected the offer prompting producers to present Kenya with an ultimatum.

TMZ reveals:

We’re told Kenya has argued the show hired her, not her husband. There’s no mention of him in her contract. What’s more, she told producers she’s waited 46 years for a loving relationship which she now has, and doesn’t want to jeopardize it. Our sources say her plea has fallen on deaf ears. We’re told producers have essentially given her an ultimatum — either get Marc on the show or she’ll be phased out.

Production on the show’s tenth cycle kicked off in the first week of June.


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  1. Tim Brown July 6, 2017

    Choose love!!

    • MUSICHEAD July 6, 2017

      I agree

    • LISA LEVINE July 6, 2017

      This show continues the DRAMA SMOKE n MIRRORS. Kenya is Fam-H**. They doing this to drum up excitment about the forthcoming season. Phaedra Know the producers paid her to set Khandi Up.

  2. The Empress of Popular Music July 6, 2017

    Choose your man, Kenya! You will get plenty of opportunities and have a hair care line. You’re good.

  3. Alex July 6, 2017

    She doesn’t need the show and their just forcing her hands they know she’s a major asset to the show and having her and Nene both would make for great TV. I hope she doesn’t break. Black Queen

  4. Tokyo Vanity fan July 6, 2017

    She will most likely choose the show. That’s the only way people know her and she is too thirsty to become an unknown again. (hardly anyone knew or cared she was miss USA)

  5. Jeans July 6, 2017

    Don’t sellout Kenya. Stand by your new husband

  6. J. July 6, 2017

    Don’t let them control you Kenya. Know your worth! Things will work out and a better opportunity will come.

  7. fatusankoh July 6, 2017

    They are doing her wrong I love on that show keep your man

  8. Trose July 6, 2017

    This is HER JOB it would not be fair for them to not be able to chronical the journey as a married woman ad EVERY housewife on that show has had 2 do…we want to see your real reality not just bought or rented boyfriends

  9. Jasmine July 6, 2017

    This is all fake news. I’m sure the guy is filming scene and producers are spinning this to drum interest for the new season. The only way I could see him refusing to pay is if Bravo refused to pay him and he is baiting the network to get a check. After all, I heard Matt filmed without ever getting a Bravo check, just money from Kenya, so I’m sure the new guy is not that dumb and Kenya is probably edging him on to get a check from Bravo.

  10. Jeezy July 6, 2017

    Well she acts like she’s so rich and doesn’t need the check so good riddance. Lets get some new faces because her story line is tired…just like Cynthia. Get rid of both of them!

  11. Yasmeen Armani July 6, 2017

    F*** BRAVO they don’t care about those ladies them blood sucking thirsty h*** at BRAVO only care sbout rating at any cost acept their own. Kenya give BRAVO your ass to kiss and sail off into the sunset with your man.

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