Report: Kenya Moore Fired From ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’

Published: Saturday 1st Jul 2017 by David

Five seasons after her arrival on the series, Kenya Moore stands as the only ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ “newbie” to retain a full-time position on the series thanks to short-lived moments delivered by Claudia Jordan and Kim Fields.

Unfortunately, as those who doubt their authenticity of her marriage cite the supposed lack of court documents as their grounds for “concern”, the TV villain is said to have learned that she has been fired from the show.


Unconfirmed reports claim Moore infuriated producers when she chose to wed her husband off-camera days after production on the show’s tenth season kicked off robbing viewers of the opportunity to watch her become a bonafide ‘Wife’.


The Blushing Bride ??? #RHOA #KenyaMoore

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What she had to say about the report?


Serving for season 10 Blouse: @emiliopucci Skirt: @dolcegabbana Shoes: @louboutinworld Bag: @hermes Glow: #myhusband #RHOA #kenyamoore

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  1. Achooo! July 1, 2017

    This is not true. Contracts have been sign by all the Atlanta Housewives since May except Phaedra. Have Kenya ruffle feathers due to her impetuous marriage yes but she is not terminated. She is the star of the show. Will this be her last season probably but doubt it.

    • Tori July 1, 2017

      Star of what show?

      • THE REAL July 1, 2017

        The Real Housewives of Atlanta, hon. Are u dumb?

      • Achooo! July 1, 2017

        Real Housewives of Atlanta. She is the star of the show and the ratings reflect as well specifically when she is the center of an episode. I speak facts. One may not like her personally but she is the star of the show.

      • Tj July 2, 2017

        That’s exactly what I thinking “star of what”….lol!!!

    • Jasmine July 1, 2017

      She is just the star of RHOA in your eyes but that is certainly not the way producers have seen it. Kandi and Cynthia earn the highest salaries on the show and they always been paid more than Kenya. Everyone has favorites but don’t let your delusion blind you from the facts.

      • Achooo! July 1, 2017

        False! I’m never delusion but you might jaded or jealous of Kenya beauty lol. Nene is the highest paid follow by Kandi, KENYA, Phaedra, CYNTHIA & Porsha. Since you articulate your opinion in complete sentences I will be nice lol

      • Andy July 1, 2017

        Kenya was NOT paid more than Phaedra … IMPOSSIBLE especially being she started on the show AFTER Phaedra.

      • Kayla C July 1, 2017

        Kenya was paid more than Phaedra last season

      • MzRedbone2010 July 2, 2017

        Both of you are wrong. There is not one particular person who is the “star” of RHOA regardless of their salaries! It’s a reality show about women who live in Atlanta that happen to be celebrities.

        The politically correct thing to say is Kenya is one of the reality stars on RHOA. That’s my two cents

      • MzRedbone2010 July 2, 2017

        Both of you are wrong. There is not one particular person who is the “star” of RHOA regardless of their salaries! It’s a reality show about several women who live in Atlanta that happen to be celebrities. The politically correct thing to say is Kenya is one of the reality stars on RHOA. That’s my two cents

    • Mar July 1, 2017

      While she has definitely brought drama to the show consistently, she is in no way the star of the show. TBH none of the ladies are “The Star”, in the case of the RHOA the ensemble manages to survive based on the collective. They all bring something much needed to the production. You’d think social media would play a huge part on a cast member’s popularity, Kenya’s numbers are actually lower then a bunch of her cast mates.

    • Ken yeah no July 2, 2017

      Kenya is NOT the star, and she MAY have signed a contract, but do you know the terms of the contract? They could stipulate that she be paid for a whole season, and also the right to terminate her for reasons like this.

    • Tomia R Rhodes July 2, 2017

      Wtf.. star.. that crazy b**** aint no star.. hell her mama dont even want her ass.. please god.. fire this h**..

    • Candygirl1952 July 2, 2017

      Keyna is NOT the star of RHOA. She does not have a big fan base, nor is she needed. She can be replaced like anyone else. The only star of RHOA, who is now gone but may return was/is NeNe. Bye Kenya, be a happy wife and make a happy life. I hope you stay off the show Ms. Busy Body!

  2. Dev July 1, 2017

    This cannot be true and if it is i for one will no longer be watching. If Kenya chooses to keep aspects of her life private and realise that everything cannot be for sale (and also take note of all the separations and dramas with the other wives and their husbands) than good for her.
    I’m not her for bravo and petty Cohen.

    • Achooo! July 1, 2017

      Don’t worry Kenya is not going anywhere. The new production will have to regroup and re-evaluate.

      • Luvtoshop July 1, 2017

        Kenya is not by all means the star of the show. Where do you get the information from?! She is the biggest drama queen by far, but not the star of the show!!

      • east African girl July 1, 2017

        Yes Kenya is paid more than rest except Nene and Kenya is the Star of the show coz she’s the beauty of the show and educated well spoken always entertainer before her was hood platform now is mainstream show fire her will be mistake #RHOA

      • Achooo! July 1, 2017

        Thank you! East African Girl somebody who understand and have sense…I was slaying these dragons all by myself lol

    • Candygirl1952 July 2, 2017

      Goodbye to Kenya, but I wish they would get rid of Andy Cohen too.

  3. bernadette green July 2, 2017

    Since Phaedra was fired for hiding her life then so should Kendra!!!!

    • Sunshine July 2, 2017

      I agree! But in due this.

  4. Cynthia July 2, 2017

    I agree with you Tori, star of what show?

    • Carolyn Owens July 2, 2017

      I surely hope this IS true. Never liked her messy a**. If she is on the show, i will no longer watch. I prefer Phadrae over her. She lied about her last 2 boyfriends on the show, how do we know this is not a lie, or a set up to remain on the show. Bravo, plzzz the show is better without her.

      • Candygirl1952 July 2, 2017

        Ditto Carolyn Owens!

  5. Ladybugg July 2, 2017

    She wanted that to be a private moment between her and her husband and family. You dont have to show everything to the world. So why fire her. The one you need to fire is still there with her young and dumb ass, phadras friend.

  6. Richgeana White July 2, 2017

    This is false Andy Cohen kisses her ass he likes her she’s not fired

  7. Geraldine fluker July 2, 2017

    Keny has lied and tried soo hard with relationships that as a viewer it is hard to believe her being married is real. She should have had it aired. She robbed the faithful viewers. Is the marriage really real? She just left Matt. How is he feelin?

  8. Margo Mays July 2, 2017

    Hope her marriage last because she was thirsty for a man good lord an she show it by getting married with out cameras

  9. Theresa Jones July 2, 2017

    Star of causing mayhem for all the attention on her!!? Even messing with Nene!! She dont have to share her wedding to us, we know it wont last cause she has issues in her self & dont know when to shut up!! Who gives a rat ass about Kenya, she is Trouble with a capitol T!!! She has a ugly heart which mades her a ugly woman!!!?

  10. Deborah July 3, 2017

    Hope she is really gone. Been there too long. Happy Trails to You.

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