Retro Rewind: Michael Jackson Slams Madonna

Published: Saturday 1st Jul 2017 by David

In an age in which the industry had the money to turn artists into Pop demi-gods Madonna and Michael Jackson reigned supreme.

Alas, as if often the case in the music industry, the pair’s seemingly sweet relationship was anything but once prying eyes and telling cameras were out of the picture.

For, as his sister Janet found herself weathering a secret feud with Prince, Michael faced a similar problem with the ‘Justify My Love’ star.

Yet to hear the secret recordings in which he revealed how he truly felt about her?

Listen below…

Did jealousy lie at the heart of the pair’s rivalry?


Weigh in below!

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  1. Sean July 1, 2017

    This feud seemed one sided. Queen Madge ruled throughout the 90s and the sexual abuse allegations dimmed MJ’s by the mid 90s. After Michaels death Madonna spoke of him in the hugest regard and what an amazing entertainer her was and how the media and public destroyed him. Quit vilifying Madge bc nobody does that rj males the way they do it to powerful females

    • Tay July 1, 2017

      Listen I agree there is no need to slam Madonna uneccisarily even if MJ and Madonna had a feud.

      But get a grip, Madonna was never even close to as big as MJ. MJ did not “fade”. He only got a lot of trash for those allegations up until he was freed from them.

      Remember the guy sold out 50 shows in one city – within hours before he passed.

    • Stephy July 1, 2017

      No shade, but Jackson’s Dangerous album sold more than any album than Madonna’s during the 90’s. And his tour History & Dangerous grossed more than any tour she had during that decade. He was still the far bigger act of that decade

  2. Justme July 1, 2017

    I think Beyonce is the new wave.. no one is too cool to say they love and admire Beyonce.. it seems like no celebrity can get through an interview without being ask about Beyonce..

    • SMH July 1, 2017

      Lmao on what planet? You’re confusing typical delusional beyonce fan thinking with reality.

      • Teflon Boy July 1, 2017

        Exactly! Granted, Beyoncé is a great performer and extremely beautiful woman but her stans conveniently overlook that she has thrived throughout her entire career without legitimate competition.., if she had to exist at the same time as all the other 80’s/90’s mega talents she wouldn’t have broken through.

      • Killian July 1, 2017

        From your comments on this site I gather You’re really against Bey and most probably a navy…you seem fairly knowledgeable so I wonder if you don’t have cable, internet or generally watch celeb interviews because sorry he’s right almost all this celebs are asked (and gush about “the queen”) don’t let hate and or bias cloud your judgment.SMH at you.

      • Teflon Boy July 2, 2017

        Respectfully, there are a lot of underground artists who do not Stan for Beyoncé. The assessment that she has no professional detractors is innacurate. As for me, I started to appreciate Beyoncé around the 4 album, I don’t own a Beyoncé album as I don’t believe she makes quality music overall but I will happily pay £250 to see her in concert, which I’ve done twice. However, her nearest competition is Rihanna and Rihanna doesn’t compare talent wise.

  3. SMH July 1, 2017

    Madonna has always been jealous of anyone with more talent than her, which is why she resented Michael. She couldn’t take the fact that despite all her famewhoring shenanigans throughout the 90’s, Michael Jackson remained the biggest star in the world and not her.

    • obsidian July 1, 2017

      Well in that case, Madonna should have been jealous of everyone in the industry at that particular time because all of her peers could outsing, dance, and perform her! Madonna’s only talent was, and still is, generating controversy!

      • Teflon Boy July 1, 2017

        Which is a talent in itself.., but let’s not over look the timelessness of her biggest hits or the impact of her different style evolutions. Say what we want about her lack of vocal chops but no one sounds like Madonna. She endures because despite her limitations she remains a one off.

      • SMH July 1, 2017

        Funny you say that, because she was pretty much jealous of them all. From Whitney to Prince to Janet to Mariah, they all had/have less than lukewarm feelings towards her because of something catty and shady she either said or did against each one of them during the 90’s.

  4. S****** Blonde July 1, 2017

    He was one of those artists who hates Madonna because they think she’s untalented and don’t deserve all her success (superiority complex), he also seemed bitter at the fact that only Madonna could have challenged his popularity.

    • SMH July 1, 2017

      Um, you got that backwards dear. Madonna is the one with the insecure superiority complex. And she was NE-VER a challenge or threat to his popularity, even today.

  5. Cough Cough July 1, 2017

    Good, I wouldn’t have been cool with her either. Madonna hated on him and hated on Janet.. inferiority complex.

  6. Highbrowthis July 1, 2017

    Madonna has shown herself time and time again. This supposed queen claws at anyone that she deems a threat. It was clear then and it’s clear today as she has the audacity to speak of ill of artist young and old. She clearly doesn’t know her stature. Her desperation is seen in how she dares to talk about others as well as her need to follow trends, not create them which is seen with the the trends she continually aligns herself with. Madonna could never touch the success of Michael. She is and was ever dependent on shock value which did grasp the attention of many. That should come as no surprise as MANY lack class and understanding and are willing to elect such Trash. Madonna has hits and I can appreciate her music however she doesn’t carry herself like a Queen as she is clearly bothered most of the time if not all of the time.

    • Caleb July 1, 2017

      Lol this description doesn’t sound anything at all like Madonna. You sure you’re not confusing her with someone else?

  7. gina July 1, 2017

    madonna has always been a bitter insecure old woman. just look how she treated gaga and she wasn’t even a threat to her.

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