Movie Trailer: Bobbi Kristina Biopic

Published: Wednesday 30th Aug 2017 by Sam

The life of the late Whitney Houston continues to prove a fascinating narrative.

TV One are gearing up to delve into it even more with their original movie ‘Bobbi Kristina.’

Aptly, the flick will chronicle the life and untimely demise of Bobbi Kristina – Houston’s only child with Bobby Brown.

Billed as “an honest and moving look at the young woman at the center of one of the most talked-about stories in recent years,” the film stars newcomer Joy Rovaris in the title role. Actress/singer Demetria McKinney will appear as Whitney.

According to producers, the project aims to restore what has been lost amidst the tabloid headlines and scandal surrounding her death: the real Bobbi Kristina Brown, a.k.a. “Krissy.” She will reportedly be shown as  vibrant, talented, but troubled.  overshadowed by the circumstances of her death.

Set hit screens on October 8th, the movie begins immediately after the 2012 death of Bobbi’s mother.

Peep the trailer for the film (which also stars Vivica Fox) below…

While we shudder at the thought of some of the recent influx of biopics (see: Aaliyah), others have actually been…dare we say…decent.

As such, we’re willing to give this a chance.

Will you?

Your thoughts?

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  1. 2Bad2Bme August 30, 2017

    It is too soon for this. Folks just always want to take advantage of an opportunity to make money.

  2. steve August 30, 2017


  3. CHILE PLEASE!!! August 30, 2017

    I’m going to be blatantly honest! There is absolutely NO NEED for this movie! Bobbi Kris has no stamp in the music world. I was really routing for her to carry on the legacy of her mother but obviously that failed. Bobbi couldn’t sing or have any other talent that I know of! She let the death of Nippy really get to her and she spiraled down hill. I wish things could’ve been different for Bobbi, but unfortunately God had other plans for both her and Nippy. SMH!

    • Truth be told August 30, 2017

      RIGHT!!! We bought the same book, we’re reading the same chapter and we’re on the same page. LOL

      • CHILE PLEASE!!! August 30, 2017

        Yes honey! Hallelu! ***Raises hands in the air***

    • Suicide Blonde August 30, 2017

      Totally agree with that, like who’s interested in this girl’s life?

      • LiLi’n’RiRi August 30, 2017

        what a shitty thing to say, you’re a f****** ass hole

    • Jasmine August 30, 2017

      Since when is it important to hate on TV One movies? We are not talking about a theater release here. We are talking about a black movie that is being shown on a black network the majority of America does not even watch. This is a cautionary tale and I think it is okay for them to do the movie. I actually liked their movie on Falicia Blakely. I can see how many young black teenagers can relate to this story of growing up with two drug addict parents, with millions of dollars around, and no actual parenting for their offspring. Bobbi was doomed since birth and hopefully her story will inspire others teenagers in a similar predicament to have the strength to avoid going down the same road.

      • CHILE PLEASE!!! September 1, 2017

        The last 2 comments are irrelevant! Also to add to “Jasmine” we’ve already seen what Bobbi Kris was going through with her parents! Did you forget about Bobby & Whitney’s reality show with Kris in it? They acted a fool in front of Bobbi Kris! It’s a LOT more I can say but I’m not going there! Like I said no need for this movie!! Stop defending rachetness!

  4. ??? August 30, 2017

    chile bye.

  5. Chris August 30, 2017

    ITS REALLY disrespectful when they do movies about people without the families blessing

  6. I MightNate August 30, 2017

    How many Whitney movies are coming out now?!? Goodness!

    • Fancy BISH August 30, 2017

      I know right…Pat Houston and her baldheaded, big forehead, no edges self must be behind it! I never liked Pat

  7. dydy972 August 30, 2017

    As decent as it seem, it was not approved by bobby brown and the houston family so i know it’s not gonna be great.

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