Does Hollywood Discriminate Against Gay Men? Gay Actor Weighs In

Published: Thursday 31st Aug 2017 by David

Before revealing he was gay the Hollywood player Colton Haynes soared towards success in a vehicle fuelled by a fan mostly made up of gay men.

Today, Haynes has revealed that his decision to step out of the closet also saw him step into Hollywood’s shadows now that execs are unwilling to cast him in their projects.

His estimation below…

Haynes used the tweets above to reveal that he, much like Rupert Everett, had fallen out of favour with studios who will only enlist straight actors to portray straight characters.

Why? Their concern that straight women won’t spend money on movie tickets if they aren’t attracted to, or don’t think they stand a chance with, the male lead in a picture.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Jasmine August 31, 2017

    Who is Colton Haynes? If A-list actors can stay in the closet to keep their 9 figure net worths so can this nobody. I suspect he is trolling to reignite an acting career that never took off in the first place.

    • Paulo August 31, 2017

      shut the f*** up you hateful sorry ass b****. who are you to demand anyone to stay unhappy and in the closet?

      • Facts August 31, 2017

        How is she being hateful, ..she spoke nothing but facts. Gay actors know the consequence of coming out.

    • Lisa August 31, 2017

      Actually, he is popular on ARROW and in the comic book universe which is HUGE. To be honest look at Tom Cruise and John Travolta – both know to be HOMOSEXUAL who pay hollywood women to marry them. Its a business. Stay out of peoples BED. FOCUS ON GIFTS.

      • BHYISI August 31, 2017

        He’s not even in the comics and Arrow isn’t really that popular. He’s the one who came out, so how are people peepng in his bedroom?He’s pulling the gay card to boost a faltering career after he only used his looks for roles instead of homing his craft and gettng better. You guys are so gullible.

    • PatienceHoney August 31, 2017

      Speak the truth. Dude never had a career and was fired from all three shows he was in. All this nobodies come out when the checks stop coming in Biggest example Ricky Martin.

  2. Coolio August 31, 2017

    Well i dont honestly agree
    There is truth but you have matt boomer and they get alot of actors to play gay so idk. But i can see actors not wanting to do scenes with gay actors.

  3. Paulo August 31, 2017

    he speaks from a place of truth which is sad. most women I know are grown enough to dissociate a TV/movie crush from a real life fling and would be all over a gay man playing a character as long as the character himself is hot. so there is no excuse for the studios to force actors in the closet.
    however, Colton loved to play straight (and I don’t mean just keeping to himself and being private, I mean faking heterosexuality) and rely on his physique to get roles so he needs to actually step up his talent before claiming he’s being blackballed.

  4. Patthepuss August 31, 2017

    Could it be that he’s a bad actor?

  5. Belladonna August 31, 2017

    I hate when gay actors play straight F that they need to have more gay characters in Movies & TV. It took for ever to have a woman movie like Wonder Women do well & Gays are next we just need the right actors that’s going to fight for the roles he deserves

  6. Belladonna August 31, 2017

    They say blacks can’t do Super Hero Movies they won’t make any money & a lot of people think Black Panther won’t doing any where near Captain Americas movies but again like Wonder Women we just do anything if we stand together

  7. Janriah Houston-Blige August 31, 2017

    Colton Haynes is not even a good actor. He is the Kim Kardashian of white gay media. NEXT!

  8. Suicide Blonde August 31, 2017

    Absolutely, there is not reason for Matt Bomer to not be on Brad Pitt’s level, he’s talented and incredibly beautiful, his beauty along would be enough to put him on top, but he’s openly gay, and married with kids, there are still people who are against that, it doesn’t matter though, Matt Bomer is the most beautiful man in the world.

    • PatienceHoney August 31, 2017

      Dude please as much as i don’t like Brad Pitt Matt could never be compared to Pitt. Matt is nothing but a one trick pony and Pitt can actually act.

    • BHYISI August 31, 2017

      Much like your horrible taste in music, you have no idea about actng either. This guy was the worst actor on Arrow. You’re infatuated with his looks while overlooking his mediocre talent. He’s about to clean up on stupid gay people who don’t even know when their being played to advance someone’s career. Sad!

  9. SayWhat? August 31, 2017

    I mean, other than the gay white audience, he has no other fan base.

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