Stacey Dash Attacks Aunty Maxine Waters / Black Twitter Erupts

Published: Friday 25th Aug 2017 by David

Stacey Dash‘s involuntarily decision to leave Fox News has seen her forced to share her world views from the sidelines of the political game.

So, if it was attention she was seeking when she labelled the revered, respected and admired Maxine Waters a “buffoon” hours ago, she’ll be happy to learn that she received it.

What she may not be as elated about is who it came from and what they have to say about her life, career…and “peanut head.


Why the extremely influential Black Twitter were up in arms?

Why do you think Stacey criticised Maxine?

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  1. Fancy BISH August 25, 2017

    Stacey Trash..she’ll always be the black girl from Clueless lol….end of resume hunnie!

  2. Suicide Blonde August 25, 2017

    Poor girl, she’s rejected by both blacks and whites, her racial identity is in a limbo.

    • Jasmine August 25, 2017

      Shut up b|tch.

  3. Tori August 25, 2017

    Did y’all unprofessional ass really call that woman “Aunt Maxine Walters”?

    • AdrianL August 25, 2017

      Maxine Waters is an unethical, senile old bat who escaped from the nursing home and sounds like her breath probably stinks. “Aunty” alright. Aunt Esther. Nah, that’s an insult to Aunt Esther, sorry. I’m a-ok with Dash mocking that crow.

      • Nicki A Goat not G.O.A.T August 25, 2017

        You’re garbage.

      • SMH August 25, 2017

        Lol you must be one of those inbred moronic trump supporters we all hear about.

  4. MovieAmi August 25, 2017

    I hate Maxine Waters so I’m not mad.

    • SMH August 25, 2017

      Why exactly?

  5. Your Mother August 25, 2017

    Maxine who?

  6. SMH August 25, 2017

    Who is Stacey Dash?

  7. Caleb August 25, 2017

    Why was she even watching Black Girls Rock when she’s so anti-Black girl?

  8. Justafan August 26, 2017

    Has been

  9. Latrice Dilworth August 26, 2017

    This s*** bucket she better never show her face in L.A. county period. That’s one person who can never talk about 15 minutes of fame because she is all washed up and hide behind her phone or computer one day she will get her ass whipped by one of us black women who is tired of hearing about her

    • EnRanc August 26, 2017

      Stacey Dash may be a hasbeen, but my guess is that she still has more money and legal connections than you or any of those uncivilized black women who you claim would “whip” her, simply for expressing her opinion. So if you or any other section-8 rat ever laid a finger on her, I’m sure she has the resources to make you forever regret it. People w/o home training and are of low intelligence take it to THAT level, because they’re too ignorant to behave in a more civilized manner. People with proper breeding don’t partake in such buffoonery. They, instead, file a lawsuits that do a better job of destroying their opponents than a fist fight ever will.

      Oh, and for the record, I agree with Dash about Maxine Waters; that ridiculous old hag IS a buffoon. Literally the most corrupt person in congress. Here’s hoping that Omar Navarro defeats her in the next congressional race.

      • Tim Brown August 26, 2017

        Well said as I relax on my First Class delta flight sipping tea. TeamClass ❤️✊?

  10. Smitty September 21, 2017

    All you white supremacists on the left, free to spout racist garbage against a Black Woman Stacey Dash – and then claim the high moral ground. You’re all nothing but hypocrite douchebags. You think Stacey Dash gives a single s*** about your racists rants? Hardly.

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