New Song: Usher – ‘Clueless’ (Available Via Honey Nut Cheerios)

Published: Sunday 16th Nov 2014 by Rashad
usher-honey nut cheerios-thatgrapejuice-clueless

As reported here, ‘Confessions’ crooner Usher revealed that fans looking to get a taste of his newest track ‘Clueless’ would have to take a bite out of something else to get to it.  Indeed, while Raymond roams the world via his sold out ‘U R Experience Tour,’ news of an interesting partnership with General Mills’ Honey Nut Cheerios would see him craft an unconventional way to get his new music out to consumers.

Now, after a brief wait, the tune is available in its entirety for your preview.

Packed with a throwback R&B punch like singles ‘She Came To Give It To You’ and ‘Good Kisser,’ tuck in below for the latest of what Ush is serving and tell us your thoughts:

Your thoughts?

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  1. Applause November 16, 2014

    Honey nut cheerios? lol JT and Bruno would never. Usher is so lost musically he needs to just retire while he’s at it and give the same memo to Mariah,Madonna, and Nicole Flopzinger.

    • Yaya November 16, 2014

      The cereal idea is odd, but the song is great. Way better than anything JT does lol. The fact Usher still got haters, means he shouldn’t retire.

      • yoeasie November 17, 2014

        LOL Soo true

    • TheElusiveLamb November 17, 2014

      Madonna and Mariah are still selling out their arenas and still relevant decades later. That is more than your flopping fav can say only 5 years into her gimmick “career.”

  2. Cinnamon Apple November 16, 2014

    F LOP

    • Rita Bot November 16, 2014

      You spelled Cheryl Cole wrong

    • I love to get ‘2 On’ November 16, 2014

      *looks at your name* *rolls eyes and leaves*

  3. Mark111 November 16, 2014

    I REALLY like this song tho. The vocals (altho at parts he sounds like Neyo). I can’t wait for the album! #U8 & R8

    • Beysus November 16, 2014

      U8 and R8 will be major flops kinda like the Aaliyah movie.

      • Mark111 November 16, 2014


      • TheElusiveLamb November 17, 2014

        How will you know? You won’t hear it because the bagpipes in Scotland will be too loud. *sips American tea*

      • Mark111 November 17, 2014

        TheElusiveLamb! (in my MJ voice on The Legend Panel)

      • Beysus November 17, 2014

        @TheElusiveLamb FFS you should know by now there’s 2 Beysus’. No dragging for you today…

      • Beysus November 17, 2014

        LOL American Tea!!!! Is there even such a thing??? *sips Scottish Whiskey*

  4. Miss Independent (Kelly Clarkson Fan) November 16, 2014


    • I love to get ‘2 On’ November 17, 2014

      Yo momma..

  5. FutureCIARA November 16, 2014

    Usher growing Tittiez?

    • AndNoneForGretchenWeiners..GurlBye November 17, 2014

      Probably taking the same meds Caesar… whoops I mean Ciara did when she started her transition

      • Mark111 November 17, 2014

        Caesar!!!! Goodnite! I can’t and I WON’T!

      • Jamie November 17, 2014

        That was lame .

  6. TheElusiveLamb November 17, 2014

    Usher my hubby! Love him so much. Can’t wait to see him!!!! (12.04.2014)

  7. Mimi Carey November 17, 2014

    Ushers a flop.

    • Mark111 November 17, 2014

      Soldout the garden and tour still going strong. No flop here.

    • #URBreezy November 17, 2014

      But Usher’s more relevant then your fave. He can still perform at shows like VMAs,The Voice ,IHeartRadio Festival and sell out huge arenas.Despite his singles problems he still being played on radio and being featured via Kid Ink,Chris Brown or DJ Khaled.One way or another you can’t escape Usher. He’s even on your damn cereal box.

      • #URBreezy November 17, 2014

        Im sorry wrong person

      • #URBreezy November 17, 2014

        ……. Your calling a flop

  8. yoeasie November 17, 2014

    This song is great! Very smooth. Sounds like an upcoming hit for Fall/Winter

  9. Danny Bey November 17, 2014

    It’s cute. But the whole time I was waiting for a beat to kick in. Like some snares or bass or knocks or SUNTHIN! I’ll wait for the remixes I suppose

  10. Beysus November 17, 2014

    I can’t take this seriously…

  11. CzarM November 17, 2014

    I don’t even know what to think of Usher anymore. He’s just lost.

    • #URBreezy November 17, 2014

      Shut the f*** up you negative ass.This is his best song so far from this era.

  12. BeyonSlay Knowles Best! November 17, 2014

    The song is ok the beat n song kinda reminds me of Rihanna No Love Allowed!

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