‘The Black Klansman’: Spike Lee & ‘Get Out’ Director Ready New Movie

Published: Saturday 9th Sep 2017 by David

The legendary director Spike Lee and the box office rocking creative Jordan Peele have teamed up to tell the true story of a black man who successfully became a member of the murderous and sadistic Ku Klux Klan.

The Klan was formed following the legal abolishing of African-American chattel slavery and pumped terror, death and torture into the lives of the people its members sought to control.

Said to be responsible for a number of unsolved crimes, the Klan are now the subject of a movie created by Jordan and Lee named ‘The Black Klansman.’

Why that title? Because that’s what it’s about…a black member of the Klan named Ron Stallworth.


‘Shadow and Act’ explains…

The project will tell the story of a man who “in 1978 answered an ad in the local newspaper seeking new Klan members. He not only gained membership, but rose through the ranks to become the head of the local chapter. Stallworth, who is black, was able to gather all sorts of intelligence by pretending to be a white supremacist on the phone or via other forms of correspondence but sent a white fellow officer in his place for any in-person meetings. During his undercover work, Stallworth managed to sabotage several cross-burnings and other activities of the notorious hate group.”

The project is yet to bag a release date and is set to star Denzel Washington’s son John David.

Production begins in the fall.

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