Epic! Netflix Readies African-American Anime Series…Starring Jaden Smith

Published: Sunday 10th Sep 2017 by David

Netflix has been praised for the part it continues to play in the fight for diverse programming today after announcing the birth of an African-American anime series starring Jaden Smith.

Its name? ‘Neo Yokio.’

Its creator? Ezra Koening of ‘Vampire Weekend.’

Good news below…

‘Yokio’ follows the life of a young man named Kaz Kaan who comes from a family of demon-slayers who once saved their city from the forces of evil.

However,  the fun-loving Kaan is more interested in shopping, partying and playing with his robot than following in his family’s footsteps when said forces rear their ugly heads once again.

Things change when he meets a former fashion blogger who pulls him into hidden corners of his city and awakens the power he possesses to save the world from doom.

Its due date? September 22nd.

Why do you think the industry is so interested in diversifying its content?


Do you see this is as a good or bad thing?

Weigh in below!

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  1. Yes. September 10, 2017

    I love japense culture. This is cultural appropriation though.

    • gio88 September 10, 2017

      i think it too!

    • ThatGuy September 10, 2017

      This isn’t cultural appropriation though ?.

      Cultural appropriation involves a DOMINANT culture implementing & EXPLOITING aspects or ideas of another culture without regard to the original meaning or significance of the act.

      Having a black lead character within an anime series does not equate to cultural appropriation..

      Furthermore, you do realize that a person can be of Japanese decent and be black too?

      • Yes. September 10, 2017

        Did you know that a white person can be white and African? And yet, many white People are accused of culture appropriation.
        Also black culture is a dominant culture… black culture is everywhere… it’s bigger worldwide than Japanese culture.
        Just accept that on this occasion, a black person is taking the lead in an Asian creation.

      • AmbeRussell September 10, 2017

        But that “black culture” is being used by nonblacks and are getting more shine for it. Umm, break dancing movies with mad Asians but break dancing was originated in black neighborhoods in NYC.
        Using other people culture isnt cultural appropriation. Some of y’all hear one word and use it so much you take the value away.

      • Yes. September 10, 2017

        but of course they will get more shine in white dominated countries. Why are you shocked or have a problem with this? Asian people like to see Asian people do well etc.. it’s the same for every race, probably because we can relate to the person more.
        If a white singer goes to Nigeria etc.. would they expect to be top seller in Nigeria, when the population is near black?

      • ThatGuy September 10, 2017

        @yes “black culture” varies by ethnic background. Therefore, this “dominant black culture” you speak of doesn’t exist within that context.

        Now if you’re refering to African American culture -which may seem popular globally however it’s still far from dominant.

        Regardless, this series still doesn’t fit the description of appropriation, it isn’t exploitive. If anything, it’s integration of Japanese and African American culture, which is a step in the right direction.

        But again, nice try ?

    • tay September 10, 2017

      Just give it a rest.
      The world today needs people to admire and embrace different cultures.
      Not seperate them and say “only these people can be part of this”.

    • Taylor swifts number 1 fan!!! September 10, 2017

      So are you saying, it would be fine for someone from a Swiss background to use Africans American culture, as the swiss culture isn’t dominate outside of Switzerland, and therefor couldnt equate to cultural appropriation?
      Many stuff that is considered cultural appropriation isn’t exploliltive, it’s just enteraiment. Just like this anime. No harm done, it just reaches a greater audience with a black character in it. The same with white people in other shows or movies.

  2. I speaks the truth September 10, 2017

    That’s amazing another show with a black t***** on ✊?

  3. Suicide Blonde September 10, 2017

    They look nothing like black people except for their skin color.

  4. Alex September 10, 2017

    This is not appropriation. Black people were the first in Japan and they tonthisnday have black Japanese people in Japan. Japan is obsessed with African culture and hiphop. This is just adding Asian black representation.

    Side note they should team with Dawn Fromm danity Kane. She’s be able to act, write and produce. This is her dream. Azaelia Banks too if she could calm down and just win for once.

    • I speaks the truth September 10, 2017

      Alex your talk the most ? please think before you speak.

    • Yes. September 10, 2017

      Why does it matter if there’s black people living in Japan? Actually over 99.5 percent is Asian. 98.5 is Japanese born. I’ve been twice, as I didn’t see African culture there.. yes, maybe in some music artist, but you wouldn’t notice it, walking down the street. they don’t let many people in their country, so they don’t have much of an outside mix of culture. anime was started by Asian people. Dont try and take that away from them.
      Japan is an amazing country, and I traveled not just in the big cities. It also is very safe and clean .

      • Alex September 10, 2017

        Going to Japan in the new millennium and knowing it’s history from 22,000 years ago are two completely different things. Also if you actually studied black history and the origins you’d know that the villages that still have Afro Japanese to this day, are NOT in easily accessible places. Even natives to Japan have no reason to be in the areas. Do your own research. Look up the first black samurai Yasuke serving to Oda Nobunaga etc. if reading isn’t son etching I you have time for watching hidden color so 1 & 2. DOnt ask for resources if you won’t absorb.

      • Yes. September 10, 2017

        Why are you going back so far? Anime hasn’t around for 22,000 years… it’s a quite. New creation isit?
        The Jōmon people in Japan have white features, and was in japan between15,000-500 BCE). So do white People take credit for making anime now? Lol

    • Suicide Blonde September 10, 2017

      Black people were the first in Japan.

      • Yes. September 10, 2017

        Doesn’t mean they have anything to do with anime though? Are you saying black People created anime? I know black people like to take credit for everything that was ever made ,or at least they they try to.

      • Suicide Blonde September 10, 2017

        I quoted him, check his comment ?

  5. The Kpop Guy, Matt~ September 10, 2017

    i love jaden almost as much as FC does, but they could have at least tried to make the characters face look more like jadens then. that character design nis just basic anime 101.

  6. King Mark111 /.\ September 10, 2017

    The voice acting is trash, but so it most anime. Whites can shut the hell up about cultural appropriation because you -t r a s h- can s are the first to dress as anime characters as if they’re NOT Asian, yet look at others as Black [insert anime character here] or Mexican [insert anime character here].

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