Transgender Model Sacked By L’Oreal After “All Whites Are Racist” Post Speaks Out In New Interview

Published: Sunday 3rd Sep 2017 by Sam

The fall-out from L’Oreal‘s axing of a transgender model continues.

As reported, Munroe Bergdorf was dropped from the cosmetics giant’s new diversity driven campaign after comments she made about White supremacy following the violence in Charlottesville were “taken out of context” and published by a newspaper.

In the time since the news hit, there has been an outpouring of support for Bergdorf and a b(l)acklash of  sorts against L’Oreal from many critics.

With the drama snowballing into a bigger debate, the mixed raced model was invited onto Channel 4 News to expound on her stance.

See what she had to say below…

She shared the interview, with the following Facebook message:

“Thank you Channel 4 News and Fatima Manji, for giving me a platform to set the record straight. The past 48 hours have been the worst days of my entire life.

I woke up physically shaking. I’ve had countless people threatening to find and murder me. I’ve had rape threats. People calling my phone and breathing deeply then laughing and people trying to hack all my social channels.

I’ve been called eveything under the sun, from an ‘ugly tranny ape’ to ‘n*gger’ over and over and over again, every 3 seconds for two days straight. It’s been unavoidable to the point where I haven’t been able to leave the house.

We need to use this incident to truly open this narrative, to expose racism for what it really is… Insidious and rampant.

To everyone who has rallied behind me the past 2 days. Please know that I am so thankful. The #IStandWithMunroe hashtag got me out of some very dark thoughts. I see you and I appreciate you. I would NEVER wish what I am going through on ANYONE.

I don’t know what the future holds for me but I’m going to do my best. I hope you all stick by me, your support means the world.

L’Oréal Paris how could you stand by and let this happen to me? In sacking me, you cosigned all this hatred. I’m so disappointed.”


Glad on Munroe’s behalf that she was provided a platform to better articulate her point.

Articulate being the key word.

For yours truly, this whole debate shouldn’t be rooted in questions about the validity of her account of history. Because, there’s endless evidence in support of the unequal structure of society.

However, it’s easy to see how a “surface reading” of her initial tweets could be seen as problematic for those unwilling to really digest the core of her argument.

In this interview, she explained her stance much better. A stance that ultimately relays the reality that if one isn’t helping to bring about a solution then they are part of the problem.

It’s anyone’s guess where the furore over this will lead to. But, if there’s any good to be sourced from the situation, it’s that it’s provoked much needed discourse about race politics. It also highlights the fact that there needs to be a collectivised consciousness about how society’s problematic past has affected its equally problematic present.

Your thoughts?

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  1. bravo lima. September 3, 2017

    Thank you for editing. This is worlds better ?

  2. Korrenzo September 3, 2017

    I believe when you decide to throw your hat into the race war that you must be prepared for the racists that hide behind computers, cell phones, etc. She should not have posted any type of comment if she was not prepared for the ensuing hate from racists that are out there. Whether I knew who she was or not, she is a face for black and transgendered people in the cosmetics world and everyone is not okay with that. I agree with her but I don’t agree with the surprise she appears to have at the result of her words.

  3. S****** Blonde September 3, 2017

    She called all white peoples racist, there are white people in places of Eastern Europe, who have never encounter a black person in their life, how could they be racist?….Not all European countries engaged in colonialism, white people are the ones who help the most in sub-Saharan African countries, that’s a FACT, there are thousands of European volunteers helping as doctors, teachers etc…I could spend hours discussing white people’s good work here and how that gets unnoticed by POC. Why don’t African Americans blame Africans for selling their own people to Europeans as s****?….The word CONVENIENCE comes to mid, black people can benefit a lot from white guilt, after all. Now go ahead and call me racist, instead of admitting that some black people use the race card for their convenience.

    • TheOne September 3, 2017

      Girl shut up! You just wrote a whole easy on nothing . She was definitely talking about your racist a**, that’s for sure!

    • Tom Johnson September 3, 2017

      S****** Blond, I am black and I wholeheartedly agree with you that there is recently a large uptick in black hostility toward white people. I see it in the way kids talk to one another and in comments sections on black blogs etc. It is very bad and dark. It disgusts and disappoints me. Being disadvantaged does not preclude you from being racist, there are a lot of trailer park white racists and a lot of blacks in the ghetto who are racist. Being poor does not grant you a higher moral character and at times it is a low moral character that keeps you in the ghetto and not your color. Transgenders people would be machete hacked to death in many parts of Africa and in addition there would be little or no investigation into their deaths. The only racial group that allows blacks, gays to openly thrive in their society, acquire knowledge, speak freely, etc is western white democracies. Arabs, Asians, Indians, do not come close to affording the freedoms within their societies as blacks and gays have in predominately white countries. FACTS

      • Croolyn September 3, 2017

        I See, Blame ALL of the BLACKS not wanting to be used and abused. Let everyone walk all over us we aren’t allow to defend ourselves or reaction we must be a living robot.

      • Jasmine September 3, 2017

        “The only racial group that allows blacks, gays to openly thrive in their society, acquire knowledge, speak freely, etc is western white democracies.”

        @Tom Johnson Thanks for showing your Uncle Tom beliefs at its best. You can keep your small-minded / idiotic mindset and negative generalizations of black people to yourself.

    • Jasmine September 3, 2017

      @S****** Both you and this t*****’s opinions are small-minded, idiotic, and useless. Both of you are miniscule in the brain and below the belt so STFU.

      • Tom Johnson September 3, 2017

        @JAsmine, really original, Uncle Tom, haha,in fact, The only militant black I respect are the ones living in Africa, all the rest are phony .If you are daily saying whites are so bad then move to a country without any, when you do that and write a post about how great you are doing then you can counsel other people to follow you to your African paradise life. At least I am honest, I love being in America and western democracies are the best for me. Let her Transgender b*** go to a black country and her safety and protections will be greatly diminished and her probability of survival extremely lowered. She is an idiot!!

      • Jasmine September 3, 2017

        @Tom. But you are an Uncle Tom. Anyone black person small-minded / closed-minded enough to praise white people for “allowing” them to learn, speak, and live like you did in the following quote is a classic example of a Uncle Tom:

        “The only racial group that allows blacks, gays to openly thrive in their society, acquire knowledge, speak freely, etc is western white democracies.”

  4. Fancy BISH September 3, 2017

    White people need to have televised town hall meetings across the United States (and the world) amongst THEMSELVES and start attempting to get to the root of it ALL…seriously have honest discussions without judgement…what IS it? I’m sure white families keep in private conversation grandpas and uncles who were Klansmen and s**** owners when they’re looking through photo albums…be REAL about it…and begin to develop a REAL PRIDE that doesn’t come from a supremacist attitude…you can’t single out this trans woman for her understanding or misunderstanding if you don’t get REAL with yourselves as white people! I’m trying to remember when have I ever SEEN or IF I’ve seen an honest discussion amongst only white people about being white…and obviously I’m not talking about the Oprah Show or something whites were invited to by minorities…being white is just too broad and too vague a term in 2017 and needs to be better defined…much love to ALL people!

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