L’Oreal Fires Transgender Model Over Racism Tweets

Published: Saturday 2nd Sep 2017 by David

The beauty giant L’Oreal has cut all ties with the transgender model Munroe Bergdorf after uncovering remarks she published about racism.

Honestly I don’t have energy to talk about the racial violence of white people any more. Yes ALL white people. Because most of ya’ll don’t even realise or refuse to acknowledge that your existence, privilege and success as a race is built on the backs, blood and death of people of colour.

Your entire existence is drenched in racism.

L’Oreal learned that Munroe had published the comment above online and, after hiring her to support a new campaign championing diversity, fired her with hopes doing so wouldn’t disturb their efforts.

Of course, not everyone was pleased with the news.


Bergdorf’s fellow L’Oreal model Clara Amfo had this to say about the news.

Not even a week ago I was proud to announce that I was to be in the same campaign as Munroe. A trans woman of colour who @lorealmakeup hired to sell make up because of who she is. Who she is, a woman who wrote a nuanced post on institutional racism and white supremacy in relation to Charlottesville and how the foundations of those heinous ideals trickle in to every facet of our society. A newspaper took her post out of context and span it as “a rant” ? with the most basic of dog whistle politics to rally people against her. She has now been dropped from the campaign because L’Oreal feel that she is “at odds with our values”…..If she’s not “worth it” anymore, I guess I’m not either. #IStandWithMunroe

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Unfamiliar with the campaign?

Here’s a breakdown. Keen to showcase their products, the business enlisted influencers of colour to sport the L’Oreal make-up which suited them best and share their experiences with make-up via the commercial below.

Here’s hoping the backlash the company is receiving encourages them to expand their conversation on diversity of beauty to diversity of thought.

Do you agree?

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  1. Shaquiiii September 2, 2017

    ALL WHITE people. Sorry. No. Not ALL White people, around the globe, are/have been involved in racial violence.

    • Lisa September 2, 2017

      I’m pretty sure THERE GREAT-GRANDPARENTS HAVE. Do your research fool. You have no Idea how painful some of these issues are. so STFU

      • Patthepuss September 2, 2017

        Yes but you can’t blame them for their ancestors involvement in racial violence. That’s just as narrow minded as the thinking of right wing white supremacists…

      • Shaquiiii September 2, 2017

        Their* and like Patthepuss said, you can’t blame someone for what their ancestors did.

    • bravo lima. September 2, 2017

      Have a look at her FB. The newspaper who tool the quote took it so far from context that it no longer has any meaning. All this has done is exposed L’Oreal’s true colours..

      • Shaquiiii September 2, 2017

        Thank-you! TGJ didn’t have that info when I commented, they just gave what was apparently a direct quote.

    • Caleb September 2, 2017

      Violence is more than just physical. Plus would you still disagree if she’d said most white ppl or would u still be complaining?

      • Shaquiiii September 2, 2017

        If it’s what she said. Saying ALL WHITE PEOPLE, is way to general, and you know that. Most white people, I wouldn’t agree with either.

  2. Jeans September 2, 2017


  3. Your Mother September 2, 2017

    As a black man, she deserved to be let go. You cannot say all white people; that is being a racist!! Sorry not sorry.

    • Hmm September 2, 2017

      Read her entire post from FB. As a black man, you should give her that much.

  4. Wow September 2, 2017

    Wow pretty sure she is racist with that remark. Just dismissing an entire race on the mistakes of others in the same group. What a hypocrite, she should be fired. When you’re in the public eye you sell your voice’s rights in many ways, have to be more careful. Don’t know why she thought this was going to go unnoticed. Maybe next time she should keep her mouth shut or just say something positive. “If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all.”

  5. Bravo!! September 2, 2017

    It true! Where are the American Indians land, who came and took over African and gave both race an apology and took their land!? Not all white people but majority of the whites.

  6. Tom Johnson September 2, 2017

    It’s racist period, in the past all racial groups were involved in some form of behavior our modern society would call barbaric, it is a product of human ignorance. Slavery, genocide, human sacrifice, “stealing land”, r***, incest, child r*** etc were all carried out in Africa. So whatever someone rich there has , the same thing can be said about them, white people simply parlayed their evil into viable institutions while other groups haphazardly did evil, but there were no saintly racial groups.

  7. King September 2, 2017

    By the way Munroe’s mum is white , context and all.

  8. Tom Johnson September 3, 2017

    Transgenders people would be machete hacked to death in many parts of Africa and in addition there would be little or no investigation into their deaths. The only racial group that allow blacks, gays to openly thrive in their society, acquire knowledge, speak freely, etc is western white democracies. Arabs, Asians, Indians, do not come close to affording the freedoms within their societies as blacks and gays have in predominantly white countries. FACTS

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