Gabrielle Union: “Black Movies Are Given Smaller Budgets”

Published: Thursday 16th Nov 2017 by David

Gabrielle Union wants moviegoers to be aware that a film’s success is often determined by the budget it receives from it studio…not by the performances delivered by its actors.

How she’s highlighting this issue?

By spotlighting the way in which movies which are led by African-American actors exceed expectations despite being given “slim” budgets by movie studios who then use cash earned by said actors to fund projects they are shut out of.

How it works?

Watch below…


#Repost @therealremyredd ・・・ As someone who works in the entertainment field it’s so true. It’s why I push the fact we must change the narrative. They talk so much about black people who talk of black pride as trying to separate the people. The real question is when have we ever really been one people??? ————————————————— @the.root ・・・ @gabunion keeps it real about Hollywood’s low expectations for black films, despite their success. ————————————————— If we don’t start supporting our own and building our own communities . They will always control us and our children. We will be leaving a situation worse than we are in for our kids. Does that not scare you. That our children may have to fight an even harder fight, then the one we are right fighting right now. That our ignorance will be the bullet that kills our children’s future. Think about that for a second. History is repeating itself. Are we going to act like we don’t see it ???? Until we unite and support our own. We must take responsibility for allowing them to do this to us. ————————————————— #therealremyredd #Blackmedia #anotherhashtag #isupportkaepernick #blackinamerica #BlackLivesMatter #colinkaepernick #Blackowned #supportyourown #NFL #Football #footballseason #BoycottTheNFL #imwithkaepernick #blackhistoryiseveryday #nflkneeldown #BlackHistory #blackhistorymonth #nevergiveup #neverforget #Nationalanthem or the #americanflag #BoycottTheNBA #systemicoppression #takeaknee #changingthenarrative #systemicracism

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Fascinating insight.

As the success of ‘Scandal’, ‘Insecure’, ‘How To Get Away with Murder‘, ‘Atlanta’ and ‘Girl’s Trip’ proves, black audiences do support black-led projects and play an important role in keeping Hollywood’s movie-making machine running.

With this fact in mind, we were thinking…

Where did the myth that African-Americans don’t support African-American projects originate from?


Weigh in below…

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  1. Achooo! November 16, 2017

    The myth of African Americans not supporting African American projects come from old rich white men justifying not to give big budgets to African Americans. Many African Americans projects have proven to be very successful but Hollywood bigwigs constantly trying to undermine despite blatant success.

  2. pat November 16, 2017

    i love this woman! facts!

  3. Suicide Blonde November 16, 2017

    BUT why wouldn’t HOLLYWOOD movie studios support African American films and actors if they are making so much money from them, it makes no sense, it’s all business, if they make them earn money, they will support them, not everything is about race, do you people really think that Hollywood cares more about your race than the money you make them earn?

    • pat November 16, 2017

      absolutely….it’s a trickle effect….investing into black box office smashes eventually turns into more black writers, black directors, more black studio execs…etc. The only thing white people love more than money is their privilege.

      • Suicide Blonde November 16, 2017

        Money gives you privilege regardless of your race.

    • pat November 16, 2017

      white people do and will turn down green money from brown people in a second in order to keep their white places white.

  4. Fancy BISH November 16, 2017

    Well damn ? Gabby told no lies and didn’t care about the feelings lol

  5. Noname November 16, 2017

    I love her she can give you so much knowledge and so much shade at the same time!

  6. Meteorite November 16, 2017

    spill the tea Gabby!!!

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