Must Read: Zendaya To Star In Groundbreaking New Movie

Published: Tuesday 14th Nov 2017 by David

Zendaya is making a brilliant beeline for an Oscar with the creation of a groundbreaking new movie.

What it’s all about?

The true story of a white woman…who was actually black.

‘A White Lie’ is based on the life of Anita Hemmings, a woman of African-American descent who was able to pass as a white woman in the 19th century and bypass the intense racism and violence thrown at her darker-skinned relatives.

Zendaya is to portray her in the movie with the full support of Reese Witherspoon who is to produce it alongside the former Disney starlet, its writer Monica Beletsky and Karin Tanabe whose book ‘The Gilded Years’ will be used as a reference point for the thriller.

A due date is yet to be announced.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Meme November 14, 2017

    So talented. She should def stick with acting. She seem to be more embrace in the movie industry.

  2. Suicide Blonde November 14, 2017

    That woman was of African descent but she wasn’t racially black, today, if they do a dna test on her, it would come up with more than 55% European blood, the rest probably divided between African and Native American, that doesn’t make anyone black, unless that you use the outdated one drop rule to define someone’ race, race is more than genetics, Anita had an exotic look for sure but looked predominantly Caucasian, race is defined by faciocranial features, rather than skin color, she still had black in her but wasn’t fully black, Zendaya is too ambiguous looking to play her IMO.

    • Mark111 November 14, 2017

      “That woman was of African descent”
      And that right there cancels out everything else you typed after it.

      • LiLi’n’RiRi November 14, 2017

        technically were all of african descent

      • Suicide Blonde November 14, 2017

        I didn’t said she didn’t have black in her, Just that she wasn’t racially black, lots of white Americans have Native American and African blood in them, yet, they’re still considered white if they look white, genetics often don’t show in your phenotype, if you understand anthropology, you will understand why I’m saying, it’s not complicated, in America race is taboo and is a subject full of misconceptions, wish more people would understand how human anthropology works, is a fascinating thing.

      • Eastern November 14, 2017

        @Mark, exactly. This Suicide bi//h irks my soul.

    • Caleb November 14, 2017

      Just stop it. You’re trying WAY too hard.

      • Suicide Blonde November 14, 2017

        Oh yeah because a random guy on the internet knows more about anthropology than a guy who studied it.

  3. Achooo! November 14, 2017

    This is a story of my life. #Genetic Mutation

  4. Cool November 14, 2017

    Big congrats to Zendaya! Such a beautiful and talented girl.

    Anita Hemmings looks just like my grandmother, my mom, and myself, and we all identify as African American. Black is beautiful!

  5. Mark111 November 14, 2017

    I’m sure with makeup and movie magic, they’ll make Zendaya look more White. Zen doesn’t look White to me, she looks mixed/Black.

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