Wendy Williams Tears Up Explaining Shocking Fainting Episode [Video]

Published: Wednesday 1st Nov 2017 by Sam

Wendy Williams made headlines the world over yesterday after fainting during a live episode of her talk-show.

The shocking moment gripped both fans and critics who took to social media in their thousands to react.

While Williams managed to continue with the final few minutes of the show, it was touted via a short video clip released shortly after that she’d be addressing the matter on today’s episode.

Well, “that” happened moments ago.

Though starting off the explanation in her trademark firecracker manner, the 53-year-old broke down in tears when relaying how scared she was.

See what she had to say below…

We’re glad she’s ok.

Perhaps yours truly is in the minority, but was a lil disappointed with how folk took and ran with the moment as if it were somehow…funny. Worst still the suggestion that it may have been staged.

For me (Sam), it was one of the more worrisome things I’ve watched live and I found it odd how quickly some were to create memes when there was no word (yet) on the severity of the matter. Like she said, there were whispers of it being stroke, which of course is no joke.

Anyway, enough of the ranting. We hope she’s genuinely better.

#WendyWilliams is reportedly OK after fainting on live tv. Her team say she overheated in her #Halloween outfit. We wish her a speedy recovery ?

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  1. Jasmine November 1, 2017

    Wendell is faking for ratings. Publicity stunt! Her ratings keep dropping so she is resorting to stunts instead of being nicer to celebs to get them on her show. She even betrayed Tamar recently by talking bad about her so I’m sure Tamar won’t be going back on Wendy either.

  2. Fancy BISH November 1, 2017

    I’ve never fainted before…has anyone ever experienced that? I swear the human body does the absolute MOST lol…we take so much for granted, but our bodies will shut down whenever it gets ready to!

  3. cc November 1, 2017

    exactly what i was thinking… feels like i spent the day saying ” that’s not funny!” but this is the time when ppl see someone in need and starting filming instead of trying to help… smh

  4. zayke November 1, 2017

    She makes fun of other people ‘s problem for a living. Sympathy is not something she deserves from me.

  5. steve November 1, 2017

    Lmao! We all need a reality check.

  6. Suicide Blonde November 1, 2017

    I agree with Sam, it was a scary thing to watch, not funny at all, I actually feel sad after watching the video, she looked so confused before fainting, like she was seeing something that nobody else could see, I think there’s something more to this.

  7. R November 1, 2017

    Shutup Sam!

  8. 2bad2bme November 1, 2017

    No one passes out like that…The shaking and everything was just extra LOL!

  9. Achooo! November 1, 2017

    I doubt anybody was laughing at Wendy “fainting” but many like myself thought it might be staged. If the “fainting” was real Wendy has to blame herself. She is unnaturally skinning and probably still abusing drugs like cocaine and meth. If her body was overheated I didn’t see any profuse sweat and why she came back with the same outfit if it were causing her to overheat. I been to Wendy show and it’s very COLD in her studio. Many say it’s a stroke which can derive from her abusing drugs the heart only can take so much. Anywho I hope she get better. #SayNo2Drugs

    • Jasmine November 1, 2017

      I agree 100%. People should not be attacking other people on having opinions. Many people, especially Americans, have become very cynical. There is strong difference between being cynical and being and hating someone.

  10. ??? November 1, 2017

    lol chile please, wendell has made a living out of turning folks’ lives into a joke. he gets no sympathy from me; next time someone should tell dude to just stick to his hormone schedule lol.

    • Jasmine November 1, 2017


  11. Chris November 1, 2017

    If it were someone else like another celebrity, Wendy would have talked about them and then alluded to the person being on drugs. I’m glad she is ok but I don’t think we need to be crying over her.

  12. The Green Ghost November 2, 2017

    I’m just going to be honest here. I’ve faked passing out a few times, for stupid reasons when I was younger and wanted attention from people (which is what I think Wendy did here). I’ve passed out once for real, when I was getting blood drawn my sophomore year in high school, a few decades ago. It’s hard to find videos online of people really passing out. The closest thing you can probably find is someone getting ko’d in a boxing match or an MMA match. It’s not quite the same, but it’s close. You don’t look like a gltichy robot, you don’t try and protect yourself (as she explains she did in the first video posted on this page), and you don’t have a recollection of what happened (as she does again in the first video). When you pass out or get knocked out (which has happened to me too), the basic science of what happens is, your body gets this sense that it’s in deep trouble when something bad is about to happen, so it takes all the blood from your major working parts of your body (except the heart) and rushes it to your brain to keep it running and shuts everything else down. That’s why your legs drop, then your arms, then your whole body. This was not real, this was poorly staged, and she should’ve done better homework on how someone falls whenever they pass out…

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