Khia Enlists Female Hip-Hop Stars For Tell-All TV Show

Published: Monday 4th Dec 2017 by David

Khia is keen to create her own opportunities away from an industry she feels has closed its doors on her.

Powered by social media, the rapper rides high on the online entertainment show she runs to bash and berate her peers and now gives her fans even more content to chew on with the unveiling of a new Reality TV series.

Hell & Back.’

In it, Khia leads a group of female Hip-Hop players as they all seek to build positive lives away from the game they feel they were cheated by.

Love Lady Luck? Remember Vita? Interested in Gloria Velez?

Press play for the pilot below…

Kudos to Khia for continuing to pave lanes for herself.

For, how many artists can say that they have been able to do the same once their run on the charts ends.

Sure its production quality is low but we’ll be watching to see how things pan and hope the series is picked up by a platform which can give Khia and company the polish they’ll need to make the most of it all.


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  1. Slicc Loskii December 4, 2017

    Im sleep

  2. ??? December 4, 2017

    lmao who??

  3. Carl Kelly December 4, 2017

    It actually looks interesting. I’m a fan of all of these ladies work. I’m in.

  4. The Wig Snatcher December 4, 2017

    I’ve always wondered what happened to Vita. Murder Inc played her for signing Charli Baltimore.

  5. Caribbean Native December 4, 2017

    I’ll defin watch this it’s intriguing

  6. Roab December 4, 2017

    Don’t sleep on Khia, she’s actually rather intelligent and knows how to keep herself in the media’s eye. She is old school savvy and understands how to generate buzz around her brand. Kudos to Thug Misses!

    • Tori December 4, 2017

      The Khai “brand” is probably worth $2000 at most…

      • Electrikblue December 4, 2017

        Yea you may not hear Khia on the radio but her song makes her $$ every year hell every month. She also consistently puts it music and albums on her own. You may not check for her but she does have a following.

      • ??? December 5, 2017

        lol please, this turd beetle is probably worth $200 IF ANYTHING LMFAO

  7. CBX December 4, 2017

    dope idea! a few more female MCs that could join… Khia, you can even expand it to forgotten R&B singers too

  8. Kenhern December 4, 2017

    Khia will only be remembered for “My Neck, My Back” mean while Trina is about to be on Love & Hip Hop Miami. Any nobody want this no hit wonders on there tv screen. Done!

  9. SMH December 4, 2017

    Please dont sit up here like she’s really doing something. She gets attention for insulting everyone while she herself was on a VH1 reality show that she didnt win…stop giving this fool attention.

  10. _EssenceOfSean_ December 4, 2017

    ISN’T THIS LIKE FROM 2013 OR 2015?

  11. Livefortomorrow December 4, 2017

    Waje me up… hmmm when the morning come…. this fake(flop) irrelevant b**** is done.😪😪(im sleeping)

  12. LLBoogie December 4, 2017

    I would love to see this!!! I love seeing the underdogs win!!!!

  13. J December 5, 2017

    I am here for this!!! Vita was the muthafucken s*** back then!! 🔥🔥🔥

  14. Casual December 5, 2017

    BET & TVOne, why y’all sleeping on The Queen’s Court?

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