‘Love & Hip Hop’ To Address Anti-Black Racism Within Latino Community

Published: Friday 29th Dec 2017 by David

Is the Latino community unwilling to address its problematic relationship with black people?

Fortunately, thanks to ‘Love & Hip Hop Miami‘, it may be forced to.

Details below…

The graceful and gifted Amara La Negra leads the cast and has been praised on social  for her boldness and bravery as she faces racism from her fairer-skinned Hispanic cast-members.

How so?


How the net responded?

Watch the videos to learn more about the ways Latinos of African descent are treated.

‘Miami’ hits VH1 on New Year’s Day.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Bam December 29, 2017

    I heard a Mexican dude say straight up that he would rather his daughter come home with a man of any color other than black. He swore up and down he wasn’t racist but then went on the stereotype all black men and why he wouldn’t want that in his family. His ignorance was very telling especially when not long after that George Lopez was under fire for kicking out a woman who didn’t like his “joke” about Latino families not wanting their children to date blacks.

  2. Return to Sender December 29, 2017

    Let’s not forget that George Zimmerman has Mexican blood in him.

    • We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler December 29, 2017

      I thought he was Guatemalan …

    • Beyhive December 29, 2017

      Check your facts. He’s half Peruvian, and is actually very racist against BLACKS and MEXICANS!!

    • Caleb December 29, 2017

      Yea but to be fair he doesn’t acknowledge that side of his family and only identifies with his 100% Casper father’s side.

    • Fancy BISH December 30, 2017

      George Zimmerman is half wack/ half ugly lol

  3. Achooo! December 29, 2017

    The sad thing is every Latino has some black in them. But it’s hard to educate ignorant Third World invaders. Amara is gorgeous so let your beauty shine through as beauty always prevail regardless of color

    • Suicide Blonde December 29, 2017

      You’re wrong, not every Latino has black in them, there are black latinos, mixed latinos, triracial latinos, Asian latinos, white latinos, Latinos can be of any race, so the black admixture found in some latinos depends on the country, the blackest countries in Latin America are Haiti, Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, The Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, etc. Mexicans and the people of Central and South America are mostly Mestizos, Argentinians and Uruguayans are the exception, almost all of them are fully descendants of Europeans, but even the blackest countries in LA have white people too, even Haití, Latin America is probably the most diverse region in the world, Brazil alone has people from all races.

      • Guest December 29, 2017

        No they’re not wrong, you are. We all descended from Africa. Furthermore, there are Afro-Mexicans and most Hondurans are black as well as most, if not all of Central and South America. The rest of your comment was trash so I won’t address it.

      • Your Name December 29, 2017

        Haiti, Cuba, DR and PR are NOT in Latin America. They are Caribbean countries!

    • Paulo December 30, 2017

      every Latino country was built on the back of indigenous and African exploitation and miscegenation. The myth of the white latino is a LIE! Not even Spain and Portugal are purely Caucasian. Just hang it up already and educate yourself

  4. Suicide Blonde December 29, 2017

    Racism towards black people exist in every corner of the world, it’s not something that happen just in the USA, Europe or Latin America.

    • TheReal December 29, 2017

      And why is that? It’s because of the lingering impacts of colonialism. Hell there’s colorism within the black community because certain of our members refuse to put aside old mentalities.

      • Suicide Blonde December 29, 2017

        To be honest, and I know most people will disagree with me for saying this but I think Racism is not taught like many say, I think it’s something we develop naturally in our personalities, due to our personal preferences, differences between humans, cultures, etc…Because everyone can be racist regardless of their race.

      • Guest December 29, 2017

        @suicideblonde you leave the most ignorant comments smh. Personal culture is learned! Personal preferences are impacted by what we are taught. What we are taught as well as our social environment shapes our world views. Smh your comments are all trash bro.

      • Hmmm December 29, 2017


        Racism is not developed “naturally” you ignorant piece of s h i t. Clearly you don’t know meanings of “racism” and “preference.” A “preference” is just that, a preference – a liking of one thing over another. I prefer to apples over oranges….that doesn’t mean I’m going to demonize organges all together, nor does it mean that oranges are superior to apples. Do your research before commenting and trying to sound smart. It’s beyond me why your narrow-minded, uneducated a s s always comments on everything that pertains to black people.

    • Hmmm December 29, 2017

      STFU…where’s the research to support this claim? Has your a s s been to “every corner of the world.”

    • Caleb December 29, 2017

      And who was saying any different?

    • Your Name December 29, 2017

      What’s your point? This video is highlighting the colorism/prejudice in the Hispanic community which is continuously swept under the rug.

  5. Ispeakfacts December 29, 2017

    The underlying issue here is that hispanic/latino ppl don’t wanna see black ppl surpass them in economics and or privilege… whenever I’m ever around a latin friend it’s always like theirs some type of competition made up in her head…. or she automatically thinks just bcuz she’s light skin I’m jealous of her or she’s way prettier then me…. My mama always tell me this ain’t nothing but insecurity

    • Faf December 29, 2017

      It’s because racism is taught everywhere so when they get to the us they’re told to link w white ppl and that black is bad

  6. We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler December 29, 2017

    Sad part is, a lot of people in Latin America are just as dark if not darker than this woman. The self hate is real.

  7. eric December 29, 2017

    No, let’s talk about black people’s problem with black people, and why we keep killing each other in large numbers.

    • Guest December 29, 2017

      If most black people live amongst each other, who else is there to kill. There has to be some accountability but I implore you to research institutional racism.

    • Your Name December 29, 2017

      No, how about we stick to the topic?

    • Facts December 30, 2017

      You do know that more white people kill each other than black people kill black people right? It’s a fact people like you seem to forget when making generalisations.

  8. Paulo December 30, 2017

    “Watch the videos to learn more about the ways Latinos of African descent are treated in South America.” If you can’t even tell that Mexico IS NORTH AMERICA then your dumb ignorant ass is just part of the problem. Idiots. Stop biting more than you can chew clearly this blog is not equipped to go that deep

  9. Fancy BISH December 30, 2017

    Veronica Vega ain’t sh!t lol

  10. TITO January 2, 2018

    I’ve never wrote a comment on this, or any other blog because I am against participating in this general foolishness called social media where people looking for their 15 seconds of fame always try to offer their two cents about something they don’t know s*** about. But reading this entire b******* about “latins” and racism, and trying to see racism in the “latin” community through the lens of the United States black history and experience makes me vomit this comment.

    First, I AGREE 100 % that the little p**** in the video is RACIST. You don’t tell a person that he/she won’t be successful because he/she doesn’t look a certain way, specially when compared to the euro white centrist model of beauty hyped by an overwhelming majority in the visual arts world, and in society in general. And you know what’s really sad about this? That he’s right. The visual art world is RACIST because the ones calling the shots have the aforementioned model of beauty as the only and exclusive paragon for portraying beauty. And the other sad part, that most of the people crying foul every time this happens always try to omit intentionally, is that the racists seating at the decision making table know that those same people will be buying all the crap sanctioned by the them, because that euro centrist model SELLS! So before you start pointing fingers, please, stand in front of the mirror, take a deep look at yourself, and ask when was the last time you purchase a product, or make a choice, that was sold or presented to you using that same paradigm that you are so quick to criticize.

    And, let’s now delve into racism in the latin comunity…(continuing on with my 15 secs of fame)

  11. TITO January 2, 2018

    I am a white Cuban male, and I am almost certain that I have black in me. Why? Because although all my great grandparents on my mother side were born in Spain, on my father side, I don’t know, and my father looks white but he has a darker skin tone, so I will gladly say that scientifically speaking probably I am mixed. I choose to identify myself as white because that’s what I see in the mirror, and that’s what other Cubans will use to describe me. “Latin” is a word that acquired a racist tint in the US. First of all, latin is a culture not a race. Spaniards, the French, Italians, even Romanians, are latin. Try telling them that they are not white, european or any other race, or ethnicity because they are “latin”, and see how their laughter will knock you out dead! Latin is used in this country so as to say “the other not like me,” anglo-saxon whites invented that new connotation to say that we are not like them, and, from them, almost everybody else bit the hook. An then comes the confusion, and the sheer stupidity of saying that a Mexican is Latin, and that a Cuban is Latin and, therefore, a Mexican, like a Cuban that has a relevant African component in his history and culture, should identify himself with anything African! That’s an ABSURDITY of epic ignorance. Now, if you see that a Cuban, Puerto Rican, Dominican, Brazilian, Ecuadorian, Colombian, or any other person in some of the countries that had Africans being enslaved as a horrible and sad fact of their history, denying the African influence in every aspect of their life, then you have the right to call them racist fools! Let me be clear, anyone, not matter where you were born, telling other person that he/she is inferior because of the color of the skin, is a motherfucking racist. But to deny what is in your blood, or culture is also stupidity, plain and simple! So, please, stop telling every “Latin” that he/she has to identify himself/herself with African culture or race because of you decided, out of ignorance or racism, to group us all under that term! And call people for being racist no matter what culture they come from, whether or not they have African roots.

  12. TITO January 2, 2018

    I haven’t finished…

    Black Cuban will call themselves Cubans. None of them will identify themselves as AFROCUBAN. I am pretty sure most of other black “latin” people will identify themselves also by their nationality, and not by their ancestry. In Latin-american countries where Africans were brought as slaves, the plantation system was as brutal, and even more cruel and murderous, than here in the US. I am no historian but I am an educated man, and I could tell you for sure that, at some point, in our common history we diverged. While in the United States black people needed, and rightfully so, to identify themselves as African american, or Afro-american, in the previously mentioned Latin-american countries, racial divide and racism, because there was and still there still blatant racism, never hindered the creation of a melting pot, and a sense of belonging to a specific culture or nationality, not related or identified specifically with a particular race, or ancestry. Cubans are Cubans no matter their race, there is flagrant racism in Cuba but that is forcing black Cubans to say that they are Afro-cubans. The artist in the video says that she is Afro-latina, and that term should only be understood in the context of US culture, or society. She probably needs to say that because she probably have more in common with Afro-americans regarding racial issues here in the United States than a similar woman back in the Latin-american countries. Probably she would have been discriminated back in our countries for being black, but I am sure that she will never use that term to fight racism. She would have said that she is Cuban, Puerto Rican, Colombian, etc , and would have demanded the same respect shown to other people of different races. So, my final words are, racism is universal, every country has racist people but the historic or social elements of that awful reality could be slightly different in each case. Don’t extrapolate your experience to other’s because it is not that simple, and it would only show how ignorant and stupid you could be.

  13. TITO January 2, 2018

    “Cubans are Cubans no matter their race, there is flagrant racism in Cuba but that is forcing black Cubans to say that they are Afro-cubans.”

    Sorry that phrase should have read: “Cubans are Cubans no matter their race, there is flagrant racism in Cuba but that is NOT forcing black Cubans to say that they are Afro-cubans.”

    • My Name January 25, 2018

      Tito, I agree with you on almost everything except the fact of Afro Latinos only to be a thing in context with American culture. You see , Afro Latinos know they are different be cause they are treated differently. Perhaps it hasn’t been vocalize much in Latin American countries, however, often times the suffering is in silence. This young lady is speaking up about the experience. I loved what she had to say because it needed to be brought up. I feel like the Latin culture ignores this experience because the majority doesn’t have to deal with it. It’s something people have been silent about too long. It is a thing, it is happening and it needs to change. I am an educated African American who speaks Spanish and gets mistaken as a Dominican or Cuban often. I speak based on my experience and observations of others.

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