Jess Hilarious Tears Into Nicki Minaj’s Career: “She’s Run Her Course”

Published: Friday 29th Dec 2017 by David

The rising comedienne Jess Hilarious has found an enemy in Nicki Minaj‘s fan base this year after she took to social media to tear into the rapper’s career.

Part of a growing list of social media influencers keen to knock the rapper’s approval ratings, Jess shocked Minaj’s fans with a series of inflammatory videos designed to convince viewers that the performer’s time at the top is done.

Will you agree with Jess’ estimation?

Find out below…

Jess’ efforts to pull Nicki into a feud come after she locked horns with Azealia Banks and Hazel-E of ‘Love and Hip Hop Hollywood.’

How Team Minaj have responded to Jess’ attack? With indifference.

Why? Their focus on the onslaught of several anti-Minaj videos and social media accounts they believe have been planted by Atlantic Records, home to her nemesis Lil Kim and newcomer Cardi B.



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  1. Bianca December 29, 2017

    Jess is a comedian she talks about everyone. I’m convinced these ppl in fanbases are very young or just young minded! Not only that everyone has an opinion what they like and so on

  2. Jusayin December 29, 2017

    So everybody, even nobodys on the payroll against nicki huh? This is why blacks cant get ahead like they should bc they will sell out in a heart beat. But its not going to work bc any dummy can see the set up here and people are still going to buy her album. Why? Because they like her.duh! Smh. And another attempt to keep negative attention off cardi and that mess of a fake relationship she got out of the headlines! Just more fu*ckery

    • TheTruth December 29, 2017

      “This is why blacks cant get ahead like they should bc they will sell out in a heart beat.” Save it!! If the b**** trash then she trash! Always want to bring race into it. Her music wasn’t hitting this yr. She had probably 3 good features and that’s its.

      • Sleazy December 29, 2017

        She had no muisc out this year just features and they were good. Yall are impressed by lines such “these is bloody shoes” lmao girl bye She still the ONLY female on forbes list and was the most succesful female rapper. Stop hating just admit you hate her.

      • Jusayin December 29, 2017

        Lies! Her music was hot, she just had alot of haters this year. She took two years off and everybody coming for her bag. Yall cant see this is about money! Geez louise!..we gotta do better.smh..why yall think beyonce never takes a break. Bc they tried her the same way. If nicki not hot, please tell me who is? This is sad man. Smh

      • Caleb December 29, 2017

        @jussayin Beyoncé does take breaks between albums though.

    • audreyherbsburn December 29, 2017

      her music was hot but this b**** bites JOJO, of all people, puts out a tringle, and flops 3x over? this is the same b**** who thought she was bigger than hip hop and could change the rules of rap beef…. ” we make hit records and diss you on them…” but none of those records were hits… then she did 4,000 features, still trying to diss remy inbetween, and none of those hit (make love, skrrt on me, and the other flops) until Rake it up… THEN the ONLY other successful song she has all year, she shades it because she’s pressed over Cardi B when she should be using the moment to get ahead of a one-sided feud that is exposing her… Nicki has sucked this year. It’s not shade, all tea. She is the reigning queen, but the reining queen did not have a good year.

      • Faf December 29, 2017

        No frauds is certified gold sis and still outcharted all females except cardi

        rake it up and Motorsport for nicki top tens this yr

        Cardi has Motorsport No limit and bodak

        She’s only one song ahead but 3 platinum albums behind

      • Caleb December 29, 2017

        Well said.

      • Sleazy December 30, 2017

        I hate this they can say Nicki was wack but praise songs like Bodak yellow with lines like “These is bloody shoes” and line like “i turn upset off Offset On” girl bye just admit you hate Nicki and move on. Dont come give your opinion like you liked her face and now you dont

    • Caleb December 29, 2017

      Is literally every post a reason for someone to say some dumb s*** like “this is the problem with black ppl.” Sheesh. It’s just a YouTube personality giving her opinion on an artist she isn’t impressed by anymore. It’s not that serious.

      • Dingaz December 30, 2017

        No frauds is noooooo where near gold certified,stop with the lies ,all 3 of those singles she drop flop ,none where certified whatsoever

  3. Adgg December 29, 2017

    But she’s not really funny?

  4. Sleazy December 29, 2017

    I need to understand this……..bishes with no careers out here saying someone with a actual career is over ? Here is something for Jess dinosaur looking. FIRST dont EEEEEEVER come for anyone looking like that Fix that face. 2ndly Get a damn succesful career your instagram videos aint much mam 3rdly if you guys want to see some REAAAAL funny sh!t watch the Queens Court. Someone give Ord tje dinosaur a seat

    • Checkmate December 29, 2017

      You dogging out Jess but what you doing? I don’t think she’s funny but she made a good ass point. Nicki will rhyme the abc’s and yall will hail her the queen of rap. I can’t wait for school to start back so you kids will get off the internet during the morning.

      • Sleazy December 30, 2017

        B**** i am studying!! I do not need to put people down for money and her to come for anyone is sad because she is NOT funny people who isnt comedians better than her . Nicki is a dope ass rapper and we all know that to say she isnt is just being Hateful. Every fan believes their fav is a good. Yall act like Kim were spittn verses with substance but mostly she spoke about her Vag, Missy to etc Why is it just a problem whene Nicki does something? That annoys me all these other female rappers in twitters world can get away with being medicore but Nicki who is actually doing something yall always have a problem with. Thats how i know yall dont rate Nicki on talent yall just dislike. It was popular to hate her in 2017 and yall run with the trend one thing is for sure yall run with trends and dont have a mind of your own. So for Jess and her extra for dragon tales looking ass to come for Nicki and yall have praising chicks like Cardi i am done!!! Be REAL and give credit where its due

      • Sleazy December 30, 2017

        Sorry for the errors i just got mad!!!

    • Jamie December 29, 2017


  5. Rhonda D Rhodes December 29, 2017

    This s*** is getting on my nerves everybody got it in for Nicki Minaj, i know this woman ain’t perfect but damn who the f*** is, everybody wanna dis, everybody tryna rip this woman apart. U f*** head need u grow the f*** up and get a life cause apparently nobody has one to keep this woman name in there mouth. It’s time out for all of this petty ass b*******, it’s enough b******* going on in this world than just to be focused on one person.

    • TheTruth December 29, 2017

      Nicki deserves everything she’s getting. The b**** fake af and it’s catching up to her. The final hehe will be when that album drops and karma shows that b**** what’s up!!

  6. Jamie December 29, 2017

    Idk why TGJ is giving Joseph a platform or an opinion. sHe’s not even funny–funny-looking, but that’s it.

  7. truthtea December 29, 2017

    Nicki has a terrible atittude so I’m not surprised! She sprung into this industry out of nowhere acting like she was the sh*t, demanded respect she hadn’t earned, and threw so much shade at other female rappers that came before her! She’s disrespected Lil Kim, Remy Ma, Mariah, etc… THEN, she showers Cardi with praise for her #1 then goes BTS to sabotage her. Nicki just needs to take a chill pill and focus on her r***** brother!

  8. iSpeakTruthNoFallacy December 29, 2017

    The whole f*ckin daycare tho! …Did Jess lie? She wasn’t disrespectful or just vindictive; rather, she gave an honest thought which is what 90% of the world has been saying since Pinkprint. Her raps, flow, lyrics, and subject matter are ALL repetitive. She’s ran her course and it was a good one.

    • January 1, 2018

      i bet you wouldn’t have felt the same if she was talking about your fav, pff just shut your bias @ss up. it’s new year yall need to get a d-mn life.

  9. Notyou December 29, 2017

    Know you that bish when you cause all this conversation ? ? all the unnecessary hate they’re sending in Nicki’s direction will backfire. 2018 will be Nicki’s best year yet!

    If Nicki wasn’t winning than there would be no reason for these clowns to try & tear her down.

    I get it, she isn’t perfect but none of these other rap chicks are any better, let’s be honest here.

    If you hate Nicki than you better hate Cardi, Remy & Kim because they are all birds of a feather -otherwise you’re a hypocrite.

    • Me Again… December 29, 2017

      Girl s*** up, y’all said that last year, and the year before that…Oh, and the year before that year! ????

      • Notyou December 29, 2017

        @Me Again & we were right; She has gradually excelled, she’s worth far more & has over 80 million followers . Y’all been claiming that her “15 minutes” were up for the last 8 years. You can keep praying for her downfall tho, let’s see where that gets you in life. ?

      • Bodaky Yakky January 3, 2018

        80 million followers BUT NO NUMBER ONE RECORD. How is this possible?? I cannot understand the logic.

  10. TT December 29, 2017

    Jess must be an undercover fan, because she’s been going after nicki all year. Why hasn’t she went after cardi. Cardi lyrics are just as basic as nicki.

  11. GurlWepa1989 December 29, 2017

    First of who is this manface looking broad? Nicki is on a Forbes list of highest earning hip hop artist list of 2017 without and album or tour and the only woman on that list. Stop trying to downplay her role in the industry. Every artist has their ups and down. In the black community, they enjoy to tear one another apart and that’s why it’s hard for many females in the industry to coexist. If u don’t like Nicki, you have a choice not to listen or support her music, no one is putting a gun to your head. Go out and support your fav.

  12. NOBITCHASSNESS December 29, 2017

    I used to like this Jess girl but this is straight bashing and hating. How can you say she’s the queen of rap and still have an issue with your statement?

  13. SMH December 29, 2017

    Sorry, jess who?

  14. We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler December 29, 2017

    we make hit records and diss you on them

    If you’re gonna say some cocky s*** like that, you better make sure the song is actually a HIT. Every track/feature that Nicki released was trash until as of recently.
    Don’t let anything distract you from the fact that Remy Ma bodied Nicki Minaj on the Ether beat earlier this year.

    • Notyou December 29, 2017

      “the term “hit” usually refers to a single that has appeared in an official music chart through repeated radio airplay or significant commercial sales.”

      Now do your research and realize that pretty much all of the music Nicki has appeared on this yr has charted on BB -which clearly fits the description of the term “hit”.

      Now ur use of the term trash is subjective, so I’ll let you have that.. Her music isn’t your taste & that’s fine, but let’s not be delusional here; we both know that most of her verses were fire this year. Honestly, her only bad verses imo were Rack it up and the song she did with future.

      And where has Remy been since shether? Didn’t her plato promo (what ever tf it’s called) flop? Didn’t her singles flop too?

      • We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler December 29, 2017

        The whole shether situation did not play out in Nicki’s favor. You cant deny that, no matter how much you love her. Nicki getting exposed was the highlight of 2017 lol

    • January 1, 2018

      the high light of 2017 is that even in 2018, you still have no life. what a sad sad hateful little punk you are.

  15. Lester December 29, 2017

    I love black people lol ? we are the only ones who hate each other so much. I will never understand the bandwagon trend.

  16. Ocean December 29, 2017

    Oh but no one posts the fact that Remus and no mama liked the shady post!

    TGJ and Shadroom are working in Tandem

  17. Lake Erie December 29, 2017

    Hey, IDK if its a conspiracy but it’s funny how the same thing happening to Nicki, SOMEWHAT happened to lil Kim. It’s really funny how history repeats it’s self.

    On another note, I have to agree with Jess Hilarious non-comedic ass unfortunately. When everybody and they momma kept saying Nicki “bodied” motorsport?! I was trying figure out how? I mean.. … It was ok, but smh. It wasn’t nothing I hadn’t already heard from her. Case and point on the bar from motorsport: “B**** you my son, go and sit on the potty”… smh. Lol. I was like smh… how many times is she going to say that? And how many different ways? She has run her course. One thing she didn’t note take from lil Kim is switching up her flow.

    • Queens, NY December 29, 2017

      Well she did more than Km can ever dream of in an 8 year span so that isn’t the best comparison. Nicki is more successful than Kim and that’s a fact. You can debate about flows & lyrics all day but most importantly, the numbers don’t lie.

      • Lake Erie December 29, 2017

        Successful? Lol. You sound stupid. Flow and and lyrics? You damn right I can talk that ALL DAY because Nicki’s hip hop card was revoked after Shether… She lost a lot of respect from the game period after that! Especially after releasing 3 flop singles… .. lmao… and those numbers didnt lie either….. Like her repetitive lyrical content, her numbers are null & void because the conversation here and the majority of the comments on this blog post? Aren’t even about numbers. Lil Kim had groundbreaking success period and is HIGHLY respected still today. Especially for her flow. Besides YA GIRL going down in history as a big booty chick who hopped on 322444521 features and bragging on the benefits of the awards etc, of them. She’ll always be a lil Kim replica.

  18. Queens, NY December 29, 2017

    And also, Jerry NotHilarious needs to go somewhere. It has become so annoying.

  19. justafan December 30, 2017

    nothing but a feature pop wrapper

  20. January 1, 2018

    Just another nobody like the regulars who always frequent this site and other just to hate on Nicki Minaj.

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