H&M Under Fire For “Racist” Ad Featuring Black ModeI In “Coolest Monkey In The Jungle” Hoody

Published: Monday 8th Jan 2018 by Sam

Clothing giant H&M are receiving a colossal backlash today after a “racist” ad on their website went viral.

Full story below…

An outpour of outrage tore through the net today when an image surfaced of a young black model wearing a hoody with the term “coolest monkey in the jungle” splashed across the front.

Many have rightfully condemned the company for (at best) racial insensitivity and (at worst) outright racism.

For, it’s mass understanding the plight Black people have experienced over the course of history – including the dehumanizing comparison to monkeys.

A spokesperson for the company issued a statement apologizing. It read:

“We apologize to anyone this may have offended.”

For many, though, it’s too little too late.  And it’s totally understandable to see why.

Said image would likely have had to go through several clearances before making its way into the public domain. So how was this “allowed” to happen?

Also, when looking at the juxtaposition of which child is wearing which version of the garment, it’s also incredibly telling (note the different phrases).

Ultimately, this is problematic from every possible angle.

If a genuine mistake, it represents an almighty screw-up and is still unacceptable. As in 2018, there’s no excuse to be so blissfully unaware of historical connotations.

Don’t even want to begin to think about it being deliberate because the thought of that is even more painful than the ad itself.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Fancy BISH January 8, 2018

    They knew exactly what they were doing! I hate when people act fake sorry! BISH, kick rocks with the bullish!t…wack asss store anyway! 2018 is the year of ZERO second chances and tolerance for discrimination, harassment, racism, gender inequality and everything else! It’s OVER…you come even halfway and you’re gone! Simple as that! Everyone deserves the best of the best!

    • January 8, 2018

      I agree they know that they will fake apologized and it will be all good, they did this for the press they don’t care about the negative backlash press is press in some peoples eyes. like I said they will apologize and everything will be black to normal it’s sad but that is exactly what is going to happen.

  2. S****** Blonde January 8, 2018

    They knew what they were doing, I mean, why let the black kid wear it, instead of the white kid, but the parents are the worst, why let them treat your child like that?..

    • Hmmm January 8, 2018

      For once I agree with yo’ hatin behind.

    • iamdiego January 8, 2018

      that’s what I was thinking.

    • Meme January 8, 2018

      My thoughts exactly. Because trust and believe the parents were there. Minors are accompanied by adults.

    • Jasmine January 8, 2018

      His parents are not to blame! You are ASSUMING his parents were there for the shoot and you are ASSUMING his parents are black. Where are your RECEIPTS?

    • Kk January 8, 2018

      I agree with you. I blame the parents first.

  3. Hmmm January 8, 2018

    Just disgusting. What I want to know is why this little boy’s parents/guardians allowed the hoody to be placed on him in the first place! I’m SURE they were present when these photos we being taken.

    • Jmc29860 January 9, 2018

      Zoom in in the kid’s hands and neck. I believe the body was of a man and the picture made smaller with the child’s head attached. The parents probably made the decision to sign over rights to his image well before this campaign. Clothing retailers swap heads, bodies and clothes all the time.

  4. Jackx January 8, 2018

    Maybe the kid actually liked the sweater and wanted to wear it?

    • Mother January 8, 2018

      Shut up, dummy. He’s a model who’s there to get styled not pick which sweater he likes. This is downright racism. F*** H&M, and you too Jackx for trying to justify this mess.

    • Hmmm… January 8, 2018

      Maybe the KID doesn’t know how or why black people have historically been likened to monkeys? We should leave these decisions up to kids now? You do know that they rely on adults to protect them from the things they don’t know that they don’t know, right?? If a child liked the way a shirt with violent, racist, sexist, or other offensive language or insinuations on it looked, but didn’t know what the words meant, we should accept it because the kid liked the shirt and wanted to wear it?? You sound dumb.

    • Jasmine January 8, 2018

      Shut up S******. Now you throw your racist b|tchy comments under the disguise of fake user accounts that only show up when there is a racial post never to be heard from again. We know that “Jackx” is you S****** b|tch.

  5. John January 8, 2018

    Did his parents get upset? Are there any black people working on the project at H&M? Why should we get upset by something that was clearly approved by his family?

    • Hmmm January 8, 2018

      Why? Because the term “m*****” is used as a racial epithet to disparage black people and it is NOT ok for a young black child to be labeled a “cool m*****” and used as a marketing tool to sell this filth to other impressionable black children. That’s why…

      • A&R January 9, 2018

        Well! TELL IT!

    • Nate January 8, 2018

      It doesnt matter if the parents approved it or not. Its still a public ad!! Even the white kid in the ad knows it wrong, look at his face!

    • I hate b. And w bitchexzz January 8, 2018

      Would you wear a sign saying your a m*****?? Ok then

  6. I hate b. And w bitchexzz January 8, 2018

    I CAN’T breathe….. I can’t breathe….his daughter just died recently too,… what a coincidence

  7. January 8, 2018

    The parents should get as much blame too because they let this happen for the money. damn sellouts.

    • Yolanda January 8, 2018

      Yep. His parents are 100% to blame. Put them on the news to explain!!!!

    • Jasmine January 8, 2018

      His parents are not to blame! You are ASSUMING his parents were there for the shoot and you are ASSUMING his parents are black. Where are your RECEIPTS?

  8. Just Saying January 8, 2018

    I’m speechless. Why? Just Why?

  9. Jay Disser January 8, 2018

    Emagine Black people thinking that about them self

  10. Oliver January 8, 2018

    This little black dude is way cuter than the other one and believe me bus skin tone is more nice and flawless than the other one . Racist biggot still trying

  11. Yolanda January 8, 2018

    It looks like the white boy can survive in the jungle like Tarzan.

  12. Kari Lehto January 13, 2018

    Wah? Y’all know that shirt is gonna be limited edition now and it’s gonna be real hot item too right? Every hood will want one to show how tough they are… Y’all don’t understand s***… Y’all just hysterical over some racism out in our imagination somewhere.
    Nothing to do with racism in that shirt.

  13. fakaza2018 November 25, 2018

    They knew exactly what they were doing! I hate when people act fake sorry

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