Jealous Of Beyonce? Twitter Slams Kim Kardashian Nude Stunt

Published: Wednesday 31st Jan 2018 by David


Despite attending to support her husband Jay-Z, Beyonce dominated headlines over the Grammy weekend by stepping out in ‘Black Panther’ inspired style for several events.

Shortly after, Kim Kardashian uploaded a semi-nude snap online.

What one has to do with the other? Talk that Kim is making a habit of trying to steal Beyonce’s press thunder.

Full report below…

Thousands took to social media to share their observations.

Do you agree?

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  1. blue January 31, 2018

    the hive is truly pathetic, bey wore some clothes so no one else can do anything else?

  2. IAMME January 31, 2018

    I love Beyonce and all, but these people need a hobby.

    • Rosy January 31, 2018

      I agree kim does this everytime beyonce in the news the kardasdhian is obsessed with bey and rih kylie is stalking rih and kim stalks beyonce its sick and everytime rih release something here comes kylie she went so far to get pregnant by Travis Scott the thirst is real I do believe kim is jealous of beyonce

  3. A Bey Thang January 31, 2018

    It’s not a lie. The Kardashians have a weird obsession with black people. I don’t think it’s sinister but I do think it’s misplaced admiration.

    • Caleb January 31, 2018

      In their case it seems like more of a fetishization than admiration.

  4. China January 31, 2018

    The Kardashians are Fame-H***. Not one of them has ANY talent other than picking GREAT plastic surgeons. They are boring and disgusting. While no fan of Beyonce’s OVER-RATED talent, she has worked hard to get to where she is and deserves every single ounce of love she gets. Beyonce put in work. Kim is basically a p*** star who wants to be “that girl”. Shes a gold-digger.

  5. Stephy January 31, 2018

    Sam, why would you allow this to be posted on your site? smh

    • Meme January 31, 2018

      Beyonce they are trash and will post anything to make Beyonce look good.

      • Strawberry. January 31, 2018

        It must be a Kardashian that wrote that. If you really think that dimestore cyberspace prostitute looks better than the breathtaking Pop goddess, Queen Beyonce.. then u seriously need to have yo eyez checked. #a pornographic mind is a terrible but predictable* thing to waste.

  6. Meme January 31, 2018

    People can’t be serious. Y’all are so petty.

    Kim is beautiful, wildly successful and has gorgeous children. I’m not sure why she would be jealous of Beyonce.

    • A Bey Thang January 31, 2018

      Because she doesn’t have talent. Money isn’t everything. When will you learn? Then again, what would Rihanna be without money? Certainly not naturally gifted.

      • Meme January 31, 2018


      • Hunter January 31, 2018

        @A Bey Thang, exactly.

    • Rosy January 31, 2018

      Kim is trash period no one cares to see her naked anymore if they need to go on pornhub watch her and ray j now rih outselling them in cosmetics they trying to steal black women style really kim go slither somewhere with your sticky p****

    • Strawberry. January 31, 2018

      Hey Meme, that fake behind Kim k IS jealous of Yonce. So are YOU and if that’s really you in the photo it’s easy to see why.

  7. Rolls eyes January 31, 2018

    You asshole the beautiful s*** smart business woman Kim Kardashian is no way in hell jealous of Beyonce are you insane?!?!

    Kim Kardashian West is 1,000,000 times more beautiful, sexier, smarter, friendlier and more humble than stuck up Beyonce

    Stay in your motherfucking lane and stop riding Beyonce p****!!!!!

    The hive so disgusting and pathetic I swear

    • Mother January 31, 2018

      The absolute lies. Kim is a culture vulture and appropriator, she needs to have several seats with her “bo Derek braids,” and you can take a seat next to her. She’s trash.

      • Strawberry. January 31, 2018

        If you think you actually think that internet cyberspace- prostitute looks better than the breathtaking Pop goddess Queen Beyonce.. then you, sir seriously need 2 hav yo eyez checked. SMH. #a pornographic mind is a terrible but predictable* thing to waste.

    • Rosy January 31, 2018

      She maybe beautiful but she is trailer park trash mentality no class stfu she ain’t no business person her mother is the mind behind everything those slores of Babylon does kim is trash and low class the only men that want kim is low self esteem black men who thinks she will get them somewhere in society she is famous for screwing on video and has not evolve into a mother or business woman she is showing p**** all over the internet for attention kim needs to realize there are plenty of thots posing on the net they all look the same big b*** big boobs nothing to see here horny men will look at her and masterbate she is s****

    • RF January 31, 2018

      Because you met her…. and you may think shes more beautiful, but that’s a matter of opinion. Some prefer natural beauty over plastic

    • Caleb January 31, 2018

      This has to be a joke right?!

    • Oliver February 11, 2018

      You delusional at the best . None of the whoretrashians will be sexier than beyonce none of them posssesss even 1% percent of beyonce talent . They want to be her but your s*** will be memorized for p*** s** tape . At least you know your value.for sure trash will defend trash that I applaud you for

  8. Suicide Blonde January 31, 2018

    I can’t believe y’all are defending that woman, yes, the Hive is pathetic but that woman wishes she was Beyoncé, she’s trash, Beyoncé is a goddess in comparison to that trash.

    • Rosy January 31, 2018

      She do wish she was beyonce with a career kim is insecure white woman all of them are trashy women kylie with her uneducated ass self use se their body to make money their careers are like a stripper or pornstar but they get a pass because they are white pathetic bunch kloe and kim are known for smelly vaginas these white women would not know a shower from a bed bath white women don’t like to bath they hair smell like wet dog no wonder they want to be like black girls white people stay stealing other people culture when they want to make money they go in and out then realize oops I’m white when black issues comes up

    • Jasmine January 31, 2018

      SHUT UP SUICide. YOU are a racist tranny! You are not permitted to speak on black people and every time I catch you doing it I am coming for YOU ugly f a g g o t B|TCH!

    • Caleb January 31, 2018

      Omg I can’t believe you of all people can admit this.

  9. Whoops January 31, 2018

    I think Kim is jealous for attention no matter what. She does seem to pull a stunt to shift the conversation back to her anytime Beyoncé’s in the news. Maybe she’s jealous that her husband wanted Beyonce all along but she was taken so he settled for her. He did everything in his power to convince us (himself) on how great she is too and it dodnt take. No wonder she’s insecure about Beyonce…

    • Rosy January 31, 2018

      Kim and kylie are obsess with rihanna and beyonce it’s pathetic they trying to compete in the black market but fail to realize these two queens black women will always support them rih came out with a product for black women she knows what we want and put the effort into making a good product these kardashian do not care about doing anything of quality all they do is steal from the culture for attention I wish people ignore them she knows showing her p**** will get attention trump maybe kanye ain’t getting it up for her no more with all the medication he taking

  10. Michael Okoro January 31, 2018

    Emmmmm I think all the pics from Kim this week has been a marketing strategy towards the unveiling of YeezySeason6 …not everything revolves around Beyoncé you know.

  11. Achooo! January 31, 2018

    Ant Body Kim Trash has no talent so she has to resort to pathetic means to receive attention and the idiots keep falling for it. She not even good at s e x she has no rhythm don’t forget that horrible s e x tape with Ray J. However she is a true testament of one being successful for NOTHING

  12. Davii January 31, 2018

    Lmfao these b****** really think ppl care about Beyoncé like THAT

    • Hunter January 31, 2018

      You obviously do, which is why you constantly troll every single Beyonce post. That being said…”I know you care”.

      • Davii January 31, 2018

        Would care more if she finally died

      • Hunter January 31, 2018

        You poor thing, you sound hurt. When you hate someone that much for no reason, the problem lies with you. Seek that much needed help.

      • Blessed January 31, 2018

        Davii, let’s hope your mother goes first, or someone else your close to.

      • Blessed January 31, 2018

        Davii, let’s hope your mother goes first, or someone else you’re close to.

    • Meme January 31, 2018

      Exactly. The delusion is real.

      • Blessed January 31, 2018

        Meme, girl, you think that coke head in your avatar has talent, that alone speaks of your delusion. So your opinion is null & void.

  13. Allure Searles January 31, 2018

    People need to chill and stop attacking Kim why would she want to be beyonce lol

    • Strawberry. February 2, 2018

      Umm..because Beyonce’s NOT an untalented Prostitute.

  14. Boss January 31, 2018

    I think kim likes beyonce howver kanye wants his girl to be like her.
    I know one thing beyonce aint worried about them h***

  15. Cough Cough January 31, 2018

    Ppl on Twitter are such losers

  16. January 31, 2018

    these individuals need to get a life.

  17. SMH January 31, 2018

    Just when you think the roach nest couldn’t get any more pathetic.

    • Strawberry. February 2, 2018

      ..says the jealous, lonely, DESPERATE internet troll who can’t STOP sniffin’ afound the roach-nest.

  18. Latina chick January 31, 2018

    B**** please black people stole hair braids from the Indian people just like they stole Africa from the Indian people, dirty thieving barstads. ??????

    • Suicide Blonde January 31, 2018

      They stole Africa from the Indian people
      Girl, where do you get this from?, Sub-Saharan Africans are the only indigenous people of the African continent ??‍♂️

      • Jasmine January 31, 2018

        SHUT up Suicde you tranny f a g g o t racist!

    • Jasmine January 31, 2018

      Latina chick = Suicide the racist F A G G O T. YOU are STUPID AND A PUNK F A G G O T. WHY are you still using fake accounts to spread your racism and hate you piece of SH|T F A G G O T? YOU are racist tranny TRASH!

    • Caleb January 31, 2018

      You are dumb af. African culture started before Indian. And btw the Dravadians were there before modern culture vulture ‘indo-aryans’ now predominant in the north.

    • Oliver February 11, 2018

      Latina go back to school .. you ain’t make no sense.

  19. TMM January 31, 2018

    Not everything is about Beyoncé.

    • Caleb January 31, 2018

      Tell Kim k. That

  20. Bettie Clayton January 5, 2019


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