Kenya Moore Rubbishes ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Firing Reports

Published: Monday 26th Feb 2018 by David

‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s eleventh season will impact Bravo this November.

Will it do so without villain turned fan favourite Kenya Moore? No. For, the African-American star has rubbished reports endorsed by her rival Kim Zolciak that she has been given the boot by frustrated producers.


Several reports published within the last few weeks claim Moore’s refusal to allow cameras into her marriage have prompted bosses at NBC to fire her and place Zolciak in her spot.

Kenya’s response?

Hit the 1 minute seven mark.

Moore joined ‘Housewives’ in its fifth season to replace Zolciak alongide Porsha Williams who was ushered in to replace Sheree Whitfield.

Who do you believe?

Kenya or Kim…

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  1. China February 26, 2018

    Kenya. Porsha. Eva. should be the New show. The old 50 year old women arguing over gossip is corny. Out with those clowns, and make the show hot again.

    • Jasmine February 26, 2018

      Kenya did not shut down any firing reports! The proof is that Kenya was not on the last two episodes and will not be on next week’s episode. If producers were keeping her on the show they would have filmed some scenes with her and included them on the episodes so that she got paid.

  2. Casual February 26, 2018

    I believe Kim. I don’t like her, but I believe her in this case.

    Kenya’s exit was also foreshadowed in terms of editing by Mbele, the psychic lady that Nene took the ladies to visit.

    Marlo, Shamea, and Eva are all fighting hard for a spot. If Kenya returns, production will probably take a hard line with her about featuring her husband on the show.

    • Cbeylive February 26, 2018

      U only believe Kim because u don’t like Kenya ? girl gone

  3. February 26, 2018

    Who cares!

  4. February 26, 2018

    Who cares

  5. The Wig Snatcher February 26, 2018

    Rubbishes??? David is British now???

  6. Jamie February 27, 2018

    Ok y’all, I watch The RHOA faithfully! I have to state my opinion: Here’s my view??On last night’s episode you can tell when they where all at the breakfast and dinner table Marlo & Shamea are both bringing the shade shady Af fighting hard for a spot as a perm cast member, they are throwing shade hard to get a peach. If Kenya doesn’t returns, production will probably take a hard time flipping the coin on the decision. But my vote: I say EVA! Should Win hands down! She didn’t or doesn’t even have to try hard Chile! Eva is engaged to a politic running for mayor of ATL. She will bring elegance, beauty and class to the show! She has a successful career! And her lovely face would bring up the group average true T?! Marlo, is trash and a old shady exescort who has no business other than her fashions and I guess for her C & D list celebrity stylist career. Shamea! Known as a petty girl, with a petty body, who so happened to get professional athletes as boyfriends or some kind of business man, kinda known for “Kardashian” her way to the top. I ain’t sayin’ that she’s a good digger, but she ain’t messing with no broke n*****! What business or career does she has? OH YEAH? she’s a Dancer? ?Where? The Playas Club or Club Suga Daddy’s????? Kenya girl go love your LIFE and be happily married of camera! You deserve it!

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