Watch: Mo’Nique Clashes With Charlamagne On ‘The Breakfast Club’ After Being Deemed “Donkey Of The Day”

Published: Friday 23rd Feb 2018 by David

As Hollywood embraces comedic newbie Tiffany Haddish, the Oscar winner Monique continues to hold its machine accountable for the way it may be undervaluing actors and actresses of colourful.

Her latest stop in her bid to raise awareness for her cause was ‘The Breakfast Club.’

With the support of her husband/manager Sidney Hicks on the line, she took on its host Charlamagne Tha God after he mocked her latest moves by christening her Donkey Of The Day.

An intense but insightful conversation set to shed more light on Mo’s predicament and the steps she’s taking towards solving it.

Watch below…

Early response from listenings was mixed:

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  1. Achooo! February 23, 2018

    I’m not a fan of Monique. However, I glad she is standing her ground and having a conservation openly about pay inequality, gender and race bias. This affects women all over the world. I’m glad she confront scrape toast fact Charlamagne. Many people are afraid and intimidated by outspoken articulate women of color. No more being quiet!

  2. SMH February 23, 2018

    This is exactly why folks need to stop throwing Tiffany Haddish’s name into this. I guarantee you she’s receiving way less money than her white counterparts despite all the “boss” moves everyone swears she’s making. And shell most likely be in the same spot as Monique 10 years from now when there’s a new it girl on the comedy scene making “boss” moves. Props to Monique for fighting for her worth despite the ignorance of black folks.

    • Princess Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) February 23, 2018

      Tiffany certainly is making boss moves the same as her white counterparts did. An entertainment resume shows a gradual increase in pay per project if you are making boss moves. If you are making low-pay for 20 plus years like Monique did then you are making bad management decisions like hiring your husband to manage you even thoush he has no high-paying hollywood connections or experience.

  3. pat February 23, 2018

    It’s not that she’s not rallying for a good thing, it just comes off as a desperation move because she’s not been working consistently for more legitimate reasons so now this is her go to.

    • No February 23, 2018

      I agree. Unequal pay for women of color is a legitimate concern that rightfully causes desperation. Change is due.

    • Princess Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) February 23, 2018

      I agree. Monique is the wrong spokesperson. #TeamViolaDavis

  4. jec2 February 23, 2018

    She might never work again. Negotiations are private, as they should be. And no company is ever going to offer to work with her if her MO is to publicly disclose private negotiations to drag the company. It’s too risky and not worth it on their end.

    • No February 23, 2018

      If negotiations are and should be private, how is it public knowledge that Amy Schumer was offered 11 mill and renegotiated to ultimately receive 13 mill? Amy even spoke on this issue herself. But I guarantee you won’t apply the same ominous forecast for her career as you did for Monique.

      So you all need to decide whether you’re going to continue to make ignorant and void excuses for Monique’s unfortunate situation and not mention the blatant double standard in this situation. At this point, it’s downright vacuous.

    • Shawn February 23, 2018

      The lack of transparency in a lot of industries is how certain people and peoples continue to get underpaid.

    • Superstar! February 23, 2018

      @jec – “She might never work again.” And Martin Luther King Jr said, “…I’ve been to the mountaintop.” “And I’ve looked over. And I’ve seen the Promised Land. I may not get there with you. ” “But I want you to know tonight, that we, as a people, will get to the Promised Land.”

      I want you to read that one more time very, very slowly. He said HE MAY NOT GET THERE with them but he’s seen it. I’m sure Monique is fully aware of the type of consequences that could result from her “speaking out” since she spoke out about being blackballed. Her concern as she has said many, many times is FAIRNESS and EQUALITY not just for herself but for the other “sistahs” that are coming behind her.

      • Princess Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) February 23, 2018

        At Superstar! and No. The issue is bigger than Monique and Monique is NOT the right spokesperson. Viola Davis is the right kind of spokesperson. Until Monique is able to face, accept, and excape her previous / current bad management decisions (heself / her husband) then she is an open target for critics saying it is her / her husband’s fault she has always been low paid. Monique evades those type of questions but they are certainly valid. What about black entertainers who actually play by the hollywood rules (hiring a reputable management company to get the millions per project) but the millions they receive still pale in comparison to what their white colleagues get per project?

      • trulyworthyqueen February 24, 2018

        Look. Martin Luther king was smashing white ladies the whole, time
        there’s no such person as the right spoke person. Monique is RIGHT if she took 500k then what does the next generation have coming 50k? LOOOK NOBODY STANDS UP FOR BLACK WOMEN SO CONGRATS TO MONIQUE FOR TALKING OUT

      • Superstar! February 24, 2018

        @P. Jasmine… – There is absolutely nothing wrong with Monique’s representation as I told you in another post with a clear example. (How is that representation doing for Will Smith dear? I hear he had to go to Netflix because he’s no longer seen as much of a draw for movies anymore DESPITE having a “management” or “production” company.)

        In addition, I also told YOU in that same post that the issue that Monique is fighting for is about ALL WOMEN and yes that includes Monique. Monique and any woman who has been offered less than their worth is a good representative of the plight of all women in such workplace situations.

        As far as the “black people” in Hollywood that hire a management company to get these millions of phantom dollars then I suppose those “black people” are just as NON-EXISTENT as the monies. It doesn’t work the way you are making it out to be.
        #WOMEN ARE GETTING SCREWED – Especially Women of Color

      • Princess Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) February 24, 2018

        Superstar! It worked out very well for Will Smith which is why I used him as an example. Entertainment careers are like a ^ shape. Will Smith and Monique are both way past their primes so the salary potential is on the downhill slope, unless they produce and distribute their own projects. You can easily find Will’s salaries and see that at his prime he was earning up to 30 million plus up to 30% of gross revenue per film. His management company negotiated very well for him. For Monique, she did not have good management so at her prime she was still low-pay. I said that Viola Davis was a much better spokesperson because Viola is still in her prime, very clear / articulate with her words, and people at large like Viola more naturally. It took about 6 interviews for Monique to finally explain that the Netflix contract prevented her from doing stand-up tours on the road when a more articulate person would have explained the full scope of the contract right away on the first interview and the reasons why the contract was undermining her financial potential.

      • Superstar! February 24, 2018

        @P. Jasmine – No, you used Will Smith because I brought him up as example of how having a management/production company DOES NOT help you anymore than what Monique has currently. As for your statement that it has worked well for Will Smith, that’s a lie. He’s on a downward slope because HE SUCKS. There are very few things that Will Smith can do well.

        Everyone knows that Will Smith is a sub-par actor but the PLOTS of his movies are what make them great. He constantly sounds like he is reading lines from a page when he “delivers” his lines on screen. In addition to that, at this point he is choosing movies with SUCKY plots so when you combine the two you have a SHEE-UUT show. That’s going to cause his salary to decline because he no longer has the ability to draw an audience to the theater. Age be damned.

        In his prime, Will Smith was able to command a LARGE salary because of what he did in TELEVISION and MUSIC prior to his movement to movies. They saw that he ALREADY HAD a strong audience and they were WILLING TO TAKE THE RISK on him. It just happened to pay off with about 75% of his movies due largely BECAUSE OF THE STRENGTH OF THE PLOTS (well written scripts with great story lines.) Again, Will Smith’s acting ability has NOT gotten better, but are now in an era in film where audience goers want MORE for their money when they decide to go to the movie theater. A familiar face is NOT enough. They want bang for their buck.

        In regards to Viola, Viola isn’t any more in her prime than Monique is. They are around the same age the only difference is that one primarily works in television and the other in comedy. The MAJOR difference is one is more LIKED than the other. They have the same attitudes when it comes to their thoughts about their talent/abilities which are debatable on both sides. Both are articulate and strong.
        But the common thread among both women is their desire for fair pay for their time and talents.

      • Princess Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) February 24, 2018

        Superstar! I’m starting to suspect that you are Sidney Hicks (just joking man lol). I completely get what you are saying but it seems you have the same mindset as Monique and her husband…unwilling to listen to other people’s opinions when they differ with your opinion. Everything you said about Will Smith is simply an attack on his lack of talent but nothing to do with his ^ shaped salary history and how his management team negotiated for him. At 49 years old, Will has accomplished tremendous success in the industry but like other older men in hollywood (regardless of race) he simply is past his prime. Monique’s salary history has been – shaped because at her prime in 2009, she did not capitalize on the success of Precious and derailed her own career by not having a good management team get her better deals with higher salary. You can argue all day long about what a good manager you think her husband is but the proof is right on IMDB and other websites which prove Monique has never made 500K for a gig her whole career.

        Now Viola Davis, is indeed in her prime. Her salary history has been / shaped which means each role she takes on right now and each season she signs on for results in pay increases. Monique and Viola DO NOT have the “same attitude” or abilities when it comes to articulation. Viola is very clear and articulate in her message. Monique’s articulation is not clear. Someone else pointed out that when asked what Monique wanted she said for Netflix to pay her what she deserves instead of stressing on fair pay for women of color. Furthermore, when Viola Davis compared herself to Meryl Streep, Viola had already proven that she acts on Meryl Streep’s level AND Viola proved she can pull in Meryl Streep box numbers in her recent film roles like Fences and the Help. Monique kept comparing herself to Amy Schumer but it was only Monique’s twisted view of Amy Schcumer that she seems to grasp and not the views of other people who would compare. Amy Schumer sold out Madison Square Garden twice while Monique is only doing club dates and Amy Schumer was cast as lead in Snatched while Monique was cast as supporting cast in Almost Christmas. When you make comments like “the common thread among both women is their desire for fair pay for their time and talents” that is also not correct. Studios pay you for the amount of revenue you bring them (for example Will Smith in his prime). Studios do not pay you for your actual talent unless your talent means huge audiences. The other factor you don’t address is the target audience for Netflix. Netflix does their own research and they already have a set audience they are hoping to pull in and get new subscriptions before they consider making contracts with anyone. Perhaps the audience they planned to target with Monique was much smaller than Amy Schumer but you and Monique only see it as Netflix overlooking the possible audience Monique could draw when that may or may not be what Netflix was going for businesswise.

      • Superstar! February 24, 2018

        @P. Jasmine – As I stated before, there is no difference between the team that Will Smith has and Monique’s. Will Smith was able to command MORE MONEY base on his RESUME in MUSIC and TELEVISION as I stated earlier. I have no problem with anyone having an opinion different from mine nor listening to it. The thing is you aren’t right. Sorry not sorry but had Will Smith NOT had a success career in TELEVISION AND MUSIC BEFORE moving to movies he would have gotten low offers for the roles he was offered as well. (All of this was stated earlier, but of course YOU IGNORE IT because I’m right.) In fact, HE DID, because he’s done smaller movies EARLIER in his career in which he was NOT paid millions of dollars but he did get paid well for those movies because he had an audience PRIOR TO FILM that you keep ignoring.

        As Monique said, you have to look at the RESUME and Monique, just like Will Smith has a resume. Will Smith sold millions of albums PRIOR to acting. His audience in television commanded MILLIONS of viewers PRIOR to movies. You keep ignoring THESE FACTS. That is a HUGE leverage that he could and I’m sure DID USE to command an appropriate salary for his work but he didn’t get millions for ALL of his roles however he was paid well, again why, due to his RESUME IN MUSIC AND TELEVISION prior to his movements in movies.

        As I stated in my earlier post, Monique AND Viola are both in their prime. They are both articulate. Viola command MORE MONEY per season because the show is hot and she does well in the show. This is all a no-brainer but she wasn’t getting this kind of money in the beginning of her career. It didn’t matter that she did Law and Order and bit parts PRIOR to Law and Order. It didn’t matter that she went to The Julliard School. She had to work, get opportunities and make the most of them JUST LIKE MONIQUE has done.

        You can argue until the cows come home that Monique didn’t include all women but it’s a lie because she has said time and time ago that if she would have accepted the offer of $500k for (2) years of work which prohibited her from doing outside activities as a veteran, decorated female comedian WHAT WOULD THAT MEAN for the generation that comes behind her. What affects VIOLA, when she said something to the effect of “If I’m the Black Meryl Streep then pay ME like her” affects ALL WOMEN of COLOR in acting. You can’t be this dense bro. You are really trying to be an a-hole. Just come clean and simply say that YOU don’t like Monique and call it a day but don’t deny that the fight for EQUAL PAY/FAIRNESS for one woman (especially a public figure) is a leverage play that can and WILL be used by ALL women, especially of color which is what VIOLA is doing when she tried to liken herself to Meryl and demand a pay on par with her (which I personally find ridiculous.)

        As far as Amy Schumer comparison, Monique was a cast member, not a lead, but walked away with an OSCAR if that doesn’t speak to the command that she has as an actress or her “stage” presence then I don’t know what does. The other point that can be made that Amy was given opportunities PERIOD, because she’s a white woman. I’m speaking PRIOR to her doing Madison Square Garden.

        In regards to what I said about the common thread among ALL women, specifically in my example of Viola and Monique, remains. The common thread among Viola and Monique is Fairness and Equal pay. This has zero to do with what the studios are willing to pay because if the studios could get away with it they would pay ZERO dollars and reap as much in profits as possible. When you mention about the studios paying for what a person/actor/entertainer etc can command…DUH! This is what I said when I spoke about Will Smith and his RESUME of commanding MILLIONS (sales and viewers) in music and television.

        Again, in regards to the audience, it’s ALL what I’ve ALREADY mentioned. Jesus, you a really are a blockhead who is trying, miserably, to sound as though you are intelligent. You aren’t. I’ve already addressed the audience issue. This is one of the main reasons why Monique was ADVISE WELL to do a SMALL INDEPENDENT film like “Precious” which went on to make critical acclaim. She made a name for herself and she NAILED it.

        Kevin Hart, request MILLIONS MORE to tweet and promote a film and the studio executives said, in writing because the emails were read, that he was an a-hole and ridiculous (or something to the effect) but the public thinks it’s great. Monique wants to be compensated for doing something that’s NOT contracted, that is INTERNATIONAL and on her personal time and on her own dime and it’s a freaking problem. Monique wants a salary that is worth or time and talent and it’s a problem but someone like the Rock (Dwayne Johnson ) for example makes such a demand and it’s just business. The bottom line is she is making business decisions and if the offer is not sufficient (as far as compensation is concerned) for her time and talent she has a right (as such is STANDARD BUSINESS PRACTICE) to push back.

        Netflix is just like any business and if they wanted her, they knew her audience. They already SAW HER work because they came TO HER SHOWS and WATCHED HER so stop stating the audience. It wasn’t a matter of being a draw of some sort because THEY WANTED HER. The issue was/is the amount of compensation based on her experience and talent GIVEN the fact that she has proven that she can command and audience WITHOUT BEING CENTER STAGE. That things she associates herself with produce revenue AND garner attention of people who are willing to spend their money.
        #Save Your Book Of BullShee-Uuttt (Because I ALREADY read you)

      • Jasmine February 25, 2018

        Well if I am a “blockhead” what do you think of Whoopi, Oprah, and the black directors who refuse to work with Monique? In your opinion, we are “blockheads” but perhaps the real “blockheads” are you, Monique, and her fairy queen husband.

      • Superstar! February 26, 2018

        @P. Jasmine.. – I’ve listed what I think about Oprah, Lee and Tyler. They blacklisted her and they did that in a two fold manner, I’m sure, by bad mouthing her to the press and by letting others know behind the scenes she not to work with her. In regards to Whoopi, I have nothing to say about her because the interview got cut short and all she DID say was promoting the film was standard. Then Monique responded that she did that DOMESTICALLY after which the interview was cut short. In addition, please don’t lump yourself in with the aforementioned as you are just a hateful, pigheaded blockhead who is anonymous on a website.

        As I stated you hate her husband and that hate has consumed you and skewed your point of view. This is about FAIRNESS/EQUALITY in pay for ALL WOMEN, but the will definitely benefit women of color as I have stated many, many times.

  5. Gee February 23, 2018

    It’s nothing wrong with speaking out against racial and or gender bias but in Mo’ Nique’s case it comes from a place of wanting to be looked at as the victim yet every platform that has been open to her she has been combative and rude and this why alot of powerful people and entities who can help her refuse to work with her.

    • No February 23, 2018

      It’s so funny how you speak like you know the thoughts of Monique’s potential employers. Unless you’re a mind reader, you don’t know what people in the entertainment field will or will not do in regard to working with Monique.

      And who refuses to work with her? We need validated names. Even Lee Daniels, on record, said he’d would work with her again.

    • Shawn February 23, 2018

      She’s not wanting to be seen as a victim. She wants fair pay, not your pity

  6. Lee February 23, 2018

    I’m here for it. Go Mo’Nique! Black women in the industry will be in the same place 20 years from now, overworked and underpaid, compared to their “lighter” counterparts. Smh. And, it’s sad that the black people are basically telling her she’s not worth it. That’s gotta hurt.

    As far as Tyler, Lee, Oprah and nem…I’m sure they use their power in negative ways when they want to. A voicetress and opinionated black woman ain’t never been popular in Hollywood….

    • Len February 23, 2018

      I absolutely agree with you and it’s not just in her career but in every field of employment where black women get paid the lowest of everyone. I see it everyday at work and witnessed it myself!

  7. Shawn February 23, 2018

    I think I love this woman and I’m the gayest man you’ll ever meet. She is unwilling to accept less than she’s worth and equally unwilling to bow to bullying or even suffer it in her presence. We need black entertainers like her or we will forever have to create our own platforms while others view giving us access to their platforms a favor. Mo’Nique would be doing netflix a favor by doing a special.

    • Princess Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) February 23, 2018

      The problem here is that one could tell Monique that she has never earned 500K in the past for any of her film work or stand-up gigs so why did she not build her salary up in the past? Why is she using her husband, who is inexperienced, to manage her career instead of a real management company with years of successful history? If you want high paying deals in hollywood you have to get a good manager. That is just how it works in show biz.

      • trulyworthyqueen February 24, 2018

        You must not know how management companies work…they work by invoice’s and stealing so shes probably in safer hands with her husband. its 0 surpirse a lot of people are managed by relatives as a result

      • Princess Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) February 24, 2018

        Of course I know how management companies work. I manage entertainment acts. First, you are only speaking of the shady / bad management companies. Good management companies make their bread and butter off of getting their clients high paying gigs. The goal is getting the high paying gigs, expanding the talent’s star power, and building the talent’s career to its full potential. Invoices are required by law to keep accurate bookkeeping and stealing is not applicable to every manager. When you hire relatives you are putting your career in the hands of a person that does not have the entertainment connections, experience, or successful negotiating track record to handle your career.

  8. StarXavi February 23, 2018

    Finally, this interview gave me what I needed from Monique. I just wanted her to make it clear it’s not about just HER payday….its about the systemic inequality in pay that Black females receive. It’s easy to say that she is just being delusional or desperate, but she does not come off as such. There will be plenty of Uncle Tom individuals that will try to devalue the point she is trying to make with questions about her stats and what has she done lately, but they will be wrong.

    This makes think of the Black Panther cast, who, though their movie is outdoing any previous Marvel movie and is setting records left and right, are extremely underpaid compared to their white counterparts in the MCU. Will the studios do the right thing and retroactively pay these amazing black actors what they have SHOWN is there worth or will they have to fight tooth and nail for the same treatment there white counterparts have not only come to expect but demand. We need to stand with her and call out these inequalities when we see them.

    • Princess Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) February 23, 2018

      You and Monique are forgetting that an entertainment industry resume shows a history of salaries. The more your earn the more you will get. That is how show business works! Monique has never made 500K from any film or stand-up project. So what makes you think she will get millions of dollars now all of a sudden?

      You have to have proper management and build your career salary up like Chris Rock and Will Smith did. Will Smith only earned 5 million for Independence day. He went on to earn 20 to 28 million per film and 25% to 35% of back end royalties for his film projects like I Robot because his resume shows that is the salary he climbed up to gradually. If you stay low-pay you will not get a super high raise all of a sudden. It is a gradual process, that Monique never experienced thanks to her inexperienced manager husband destroying her career the past 10 years and signing those low-pay contracts which makes her resume read that she is low-pay! I do not see inequality here and I certainly am not an Uncle Tom. I just see bad management all the way around. Monique wants to shove her husband in these production companies’ faces as her manager but that has caused her salary to stay low. Whatever happened to getting a good manager that is experienced to do the negotiations and deals for you? That is the way everyone does it in hollywood!

      • Superstar! February 25, 2018

        @P. Jasmine – No just don’t like her or her husband. You’ve been tooting this management bull crap up and down the board and I’ve blasted that theory to smithereens yet you keep bringing the bullshee-utt. Let it go.

      • Jasmine February 25, 2018

        Superstar! I love Mo’Nique but I dislike her husband. Only I can tell the world how I feel (not you). You cannot explain how a good manager would have Mo’Nique do Precious for a measly 50K in 2009. You cannot explain how a good manager would not encourage Monique to go to the Cannes Film Festival because of all the potential producers the act could meet. You cannot explain how a good manager would let Mo’Nique blackball herself and get fired from BET. Thus, you have not done anything here besides repeat what Monique’s opinions and attack people for not taking Monique’s opinion as the gospel truth. Similar to Monique, you are very combative. Learn something for once. Learn that being “right” really does not matter in the bigger picture of things if you come across as difficult, confrontational, petty, combative, and unable to grasp the bigger-picture.

      • Superstar! February 26, 2018

        @P. Jasmine.. – I already stated that she hate her husband as that is evident by your posts, but here’s the thing. I couldn’t care any less than I already do how you feel about it. It doesn’t negate the fact that he has helped Monique’s career in a POSITIVE way as I listed in my other posts on this page. She went from stand up only, to The Parkers, to movies: Precious and received and Oscar and he was there every step of the way. First as her friend and then as her husband.

        Monique had little to NO acting ability and as I remember it ALL of the people who did the film were taking pay cuts to varying degrees because it was an independent film. Ultimately any decision is Monique’s to make despite what management may or may not advise. She chose not to and that was her right. That should NOT result in her being blacklisted for 8 years. The same goes for BET.

        As I’ve stated your hate for Monique’s husband and your DISLIKE of her has you spewing THE SAME hateful and ridiculous speech up and down the message board. In addition, the only person who has been attacking anyone is YOU. You’ve responded to just about EVERY COMMENT on this board especially those that are in agreement with Monique’s position. THERE-IS-A-PROBLEM-HERE and it’s YOU.

        You are combative and pigheaded as I’ve stated in many of the responses to you directly and indirectly. Just because you are incessant and a nuisance that does NOT make you right. I suggest you take all the words that I have posted and LEARN SOMETHING FROM THEM. Learning that being a nuisance and jack@** does NOT make you right. Look at the bigger picture as I’ve stated REPEATEDLY. That this issue is about EQUALITY/FAIRNESS for WOMEN more so for women of COLOR.

        I suggest the next time you attempt to post that you are less confrontational, petty and combative as this will allow YOU to grasp the bigger picture and YOU will learn that there is more to life than YOUR LAME ATTEMPT at being right because in THIS INSTANCE you are NOT.

      • StarXavi February 26, 2018

        @ Jasmine – I never said anything about how much she should get paid or her management. That’s not what this post is about. I just stated that I was happy to finally understand its about the systemic underpayment of black females and black people in general. Believe me, I don’t think Monique is innocent in all of this and she really has yet to take responsibility for her predicament, but that does negate the fact that black folks are underpaid in comparison to their white counterparts systemically.
        Are you in show business? Are you a decision making executive? Just wondering.

  9. eric February 23, 2018

    Did no one see her on The View Thursday? Joy Behar asked for her response to people who say the issue has more to do with the opinion that she is difficult to work with. Mo’Nique then talked about where it all started and Whoopi was quick to shut her down and tell her she handled it wrong. Mo’Nique was full of excuses. She needs to learn to listen more. I don’t want to hear her mention Amy’s name one more time. Mo’Nique knows full well if given the opportunity she would NOT sell out Madison Square Garden like Amy, so stop making comparisons and look at what’s wrong with YOU Mo’Nique.

  10. Princess Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) February 23, 2018

    I love how Monique put that queen Charlemaign (who has more makeup on than me and Monique combined) in check!!!! One of the comments she said which bothers me though is that in response to whether or not Monique could sell out Madison Square Garden…she kept saying if given the opportunity. I feel like Monique could easily do well at Madison Square Garden if she had the right management and promotion team. There are tons of Monique fans in the NYC and northern NJ areas that would support. Monique does not need to feel like she has to be given a job or contract to be a leader in black comedy. She has the talent. She just needs better management.

    • Superstar! February 24, 2018

      @P. Jasmine – She said that is the promoters responsibility to sell her, NOT her management. Had you listened to the interview you would have heard that and not come across as a colossal moron and first class hater.

      • Princess Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) February 24, 2018

        Superstar! I do not know why you are name calling me “colossal moron” and “first class hater” just because we disagree about your fav Monique. I usually enjoy reading your comments on here because I find them insightful and I usually always agree with you except on this. I am NOT a hater. I love Monique and I want her to win. That does not mean I have to be a fan of her husband manager though. Also, I clearly heard Monique say “it is the promoter’s responsibility to sell her” but I have the right to disagree with her. It is NOT the promoter’s responsibility to elevate a comedy act from small clubs to arena settings. That is a management responsibility. Promoters follow orders from management and not the other way around. Management is responsible for getting the talent gigs. Be reasonable and nice man. You have never seen me calling you names ever.

      • Superstar! February 25, 2018

        @P. Jasmine – Monique has been elevated and she also mentioned why the momentum STOPPED. Cue my posts about Oprah, Lee and Tyler. Again, you are first class hater. You remind me of the Suzie Orman chick how keeps pushing TERM LIFE INSURANCE when she knows damn well that the MAJORITY of people will BENEFIT from whole life because guess what? They aren’t going to have it all together in their old age (golden years.)

        Again, her husband did a great job getting her moving in the right direction from comedy clubs, television, movies UP UNTIL THIS happened: the blacklist. Again, promoters do just that based on the talent. Again, stop with the pseudo business talk because you really have NO real understanding of the inter-workings of business. You keep posting and you aren’t saying ANYTHING that hasn’t been refuted and refuted QUITE WELL. You keep subtracting factors. It’s not the promoters job to find the talent work. It’s not the management’s job to promote unless you have a manager that is your PR person and manager in one.

        In regards to name calling, I’ve not called you one. I’ve described you and if you internalize the adjectives and nouns used to DESCRIBE you as “name calling” then so be it. As far as your writings with others, I don’t know your work that well but I DO KNOW that I can’t agree that you DESCRIBE others in way that is to YOUR liking.

      • Jasmine February 25, 2018

        Superstar! You cannot explain how a good manager would have Mo’Nique do Precious for a measly 50K in 2009. You cannot explain how a good manager would not encourage Monique to go to the Cannes Film Festival because of all the potential producers the act could meet. You cannot explain how a good manager would let Mo’Nique blackball herself and get fired from BET. Thus, you have not done anything here besides repeat what Monique’s opinions and attack people for not taking Monique’s opinion as the gospel truth.

      • Superstar! February 26, 2018

        @P. Jasmine…– Again, ultimately any decision is Monique’s to make despite what management may or may not advise. As I’ve stated your hate for Monique’s husband and your DISLIKE of her has you spewing THE SAME hateful and ridiculous speech up and down the message board. You’ve responded to just about EVERY COMMENT on this board especially those that are in agreement with Monique’s position. THERE-IS-A-PROBLEM-HERE and it’s YOU.

        Just because you are incessant and a nuisance that does NOT make you right. I suggest you take all the words that I have posted and LEARN SOMETHING FROM THEM. Learning that being a nuisance and jack@** does NOT make you right. Look at the bigger picture as I’ve stated REPEATEDLY. That this issue is about EQUALITY/FAIRNESS for WOMEN more so for women of COLOR.

  11. Herb Wright February 24, 2018

    Monique claims that she is leading a cause. She barks like a pig. What Ali, Paul Robeson and other greats did is sacrifice money and status at the height of their fame for others.Ali gave of millions and his title, Robeson had wordwide fame but had all of his albums and concerts cancelled in the US because of his political views, views he continued to maintain. People recognize the difference between that and acting for yourself to get yours. She said on SQAY’s show when asked what would resolve this for you, she responded, “If Netflix’s would pay me what I deserve.” Nothing about her “Sisters” in the industry.” She is either self-interested or self- deluded. In any case, as a Black man with two daughters, a wife and two sisters, I am aware of the real bias our woman face, it should not be played with and trivialized. It ain’t no hustle. Peace.

    • trulyworthyqueen February 24, 2018

      If your a black man with two daughters why are u on that grape juice ? A stan site…please your a gay racist white teenage boy kmt

      • Herb Wright February 24, 2018

        SWAY( Calloway) has been hosting rappers since 1993 has nothing to do with white teenage boys and gave her the forum which she chose to hang herself. You said nothing to challenge my logic because there is nothing to say. You chose to classify an argument about Ali’s and Paul Robeson’s commitment to others as things Gay, racist, white teenage boy would say. Please, Queen, you are out of your depth and out of your mind.

  12. Shaquiiii February 24, 2018

    Ok. She keeps bringing up the fact that “Almost Christmas” made more money than “Snatched”. No it didn’t. Internationally “Snatched” crushed “Almost Christmas”. Snatched made $11,999,999. Almost Christmas $422K…

  13. InvestiGator February 26, 2018

    Let’s address the Elephant in the room. MONIQUE IS NOT FUNNY!!!! Period. Nobody wants to see her. From a business standpoint why would I pay her millions to do a Netflix special and nobody tunes in???? Now, if she wants to show her worth, go out on tour and sell out areas, and I’m not talking about the Improv! She won’t do that because she can’t! If she wants to speak about pay inequality then she can do that, but don’t lump that in with Netflix. Viola Davis is showing her brilliance every single day so we know what she deserves. I really wish Monique the best, but she is going to have to do this one her own, don’t ask me to boycott anything so you can fatten your pockets.

  14. Ofure Ogbeiwi March 1, 2018

    Thank you Monique for your class and grace. Thank you for speaking for me and the future generation. You are absolutely right about Lenard, he doesn’t like women and he damn sure don’t like women of color. He is a ignorant ass who needs to go sit his Uncle Tom coonin’ ass down somewhere. Yes Lenard is a tool for white elite and his role is to get their message and agendas accomplished.

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